Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale and Scandal season 6 finale. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 finale – Sonya Field

The fire overrides the lockdown and so Jackson heads out to look for Stephanie. It seems Stephanie somehow survived the explosion, and the little girl Erin is trapped under some stuff. Once Stephanie gets a good look at Erin, she realizes that the girl is severely bleeding from an injury to the leg. Stephanie has to rush to free her before the fire kills them.

Stephanie is able to get them out of the room with the explosion but out in the stairway the fire has spread. So they head up only to find that the door to the roof is locked. Just when it looks like Stephanie is ready to give up, she goes back down to get her badge and unlock the door. But then Erin passes out from blood loss and it takes the firefighters and Ben a while to find them. When Bailey and Weber operate on Erin’s leg, Stephanie holds her hand.

Bailey gets really upset when she finds out that Eliza forgot to tell the officers to look for Stephanie. She got so caught up in protocol and helping patients that it slipped her mind. Deciding that she doesn’t want to train doctors obsessed with protocol and without feeling, Bailey fires Eliza.

As Stephanie gets her burns treated, she decides to tell Weber that she wants to travel and see the world outside of the hospital. Her whole life has been spent inside of hospitals and now she wants more. So Stephanie quits the program. I have to say that this is probably the best send off Grey’s Anatomy has done, and I’m glad they didn’t just kill her off.

Meredith is still looking for Riggs to drop the big news that his former fiancé/Owen’s sister Megan is still alive. When things start calming down, Meredith gets to tell Riggs the news and he needs oxygen. Meredith offers to drive him and they get to celebrate that he’s getting his dream of a second chance. But as he’s driving away, Meredith does watch her happiness leave with him.

April is upset that Jackson is missing; it reminds her of when he ran into a burning bus to save some kids. I’m pretty sure she thought it was heroic back then, but now she just thinks he’s being dumb. When he gets back outside, Jackson is treated to being yelled at by April and Maggie. Later, April tells Maggie that if she likes Jackson she should just tell him — but obviously it bugs her.

‘Scandal’ season 6 finale – Brittany Lovely

TGIT finale Scandal

Can you believe it STILL is not inauguration day in Scandal-land? With Olivia’s mother on the move, Eli and Olivia are on the hunt to track down Mia Pope. Jake catches Mia in record time, but her imprisonment reveals nothing. Eventually she keeps “tick-tocking” until the clock in her mind finally expires.

Both Mia and Eli are great at talking in circles. Their family, if you could call it that, revolves around Olivia and her safety. Eli’s “retirement” a few episodes ago took away Liv’s bodyguard. He was ready to hang up his protector hat and give Liv her own shield. After all, as Mia points out, he deserves some happiness.

Did you catch that not-so-subtle dig at Trump thrown into this episode? With Mellie gearing up to take the Oval as the first female leader, a reporter notes that the turnout for the Inauguration would be the largest in history. Olivia’s warning to Mellie about the possibility of an attack on Inauguration Day leads Mellie to consider cancelling the ceremony.

Fitz is completely on Liv’s side on this issue. And not because they are still enjoying their fling. He remembers, with excruciating detail, the moment he was shot. He does not want Mellie to experience that. Ever.

Across town Huck and Charlie realize that Quinn is settling nicely into her new abode of Liv’s old office. But the other Gladiators do not seem to be taking it as well. With Quinn running the show, she brings in Abby, whose connections to the money-laundering arm of the operation prove to be useful. With Abby back in the room, the collective minds of OPA start to draw some connections.

Cui bono — follow the money. It turns out that Mia is not in charge of the assassination. But she is the assassin.

Liv’s great plan to keep the Inauguration on schedule? Release Mia. Another mid-episode bombshell: Quinn is pregnant! Oh, you want one more? Sure. Eli tells Fitz to reinstate B613 with Fitz as Command! Someone needs to keep Olivia’s power in check.

Part II — let’s role.

scandal finale tgit

Security is heightened, Mia’s chip is cut out, and funds are reallocated for B613. Inauguration Day and it’s the end of an era, the Fitz Presidency has come to an end.

As Mellie takes the oath and is sworn in, Liv gets a call from Mia, who reveals that her target is not Mellie. But who is it? Before Liv could get a name, Mellie’s sworn in and Eli has taken out his ex-wife.

Eli might have a point with keeping Liv in check. She is going crazy hunting down and threatening David Rosen to get answers. Unhinged Liv is not someone I want running around D.C. But Fitz tells Liv that he got rid of B613 before boarding Marine One to Vermont.

In a romantic grand gesture moment, Liv runs across the lawn in front of the press to bid farewell to the President one last time on White House property. “It’s been an honor.” No jam making for the two of them… yet.

The work on the Inauguration Assassination is not over for OPA. But Quinn wants to bail as soon as it is and head back to the vanilla-life of bake sales and PTA meetings. And no Charlie.

Marital problems aside, it’s time for the hammer to drop on Vargas’ widow. The entire season, every beat, she executed. Mia was right: she was not aiming for Mellie — she wanted to take out the mastermind, Luna.

But with the first woman President in the Oval there can be no mistakes. And thus, Luna stays.

Mia reignites that fire in Liv’s soul by asking one simple question — Why do you care? Liv is the product of Mia and Eli. No one can stand in her way from getting what is hers. Even the Vice President.

Everyone gets dolled up for the Inauguration Ball, including Cyrus Beane, who is shaken out of his sugar coma by Mellie to be her date. Quinn and Abby make a pact to get through whatever obstacles arise in D.C. together. And Charlie could not be happier about the baby news. Huck, however, could use a hug. Jake shows up to whisk Liv away, but she has one pitstop to make on the way to the ball.

“Raise your hand if you’ve killed a Vice President before.” Even if they are Argentinian it counts. Liv and Jake provide Luna with a way to atone for her sins — kill herself.

Liv moves right into the Oval to get a card signed and an executive order while she’s at it. Cyrus Beane hears Pentagon funds and knows that B613 is back on the table. Olivia still wants Fitz out of the picture and she will be running Command with Eli around, but only for Sunday dinners.

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Cyrus and Liv share a bottle and all the secrets of the last few weeks. But she has an ulterior motive — get Cyrus to confess to using Luna as a pawn. Now that they both have what they want (B613 and the Oval) what could possibly go wrong?

“How does it feel to be the most powerful person in the world?” – Cyrus

“Right. It feels right.” – Olivia

Onto the seventh and final season!

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’?

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