Meredith Grey is attacked in the first official promo for Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 9, “Sound of Silence.” Find out who comes after her!

Diffusing bombs, nearly drowning, choosing to let go of her own husband, Meredith Grey has not had an easy go of things on Grey’s Anatomy. Season 12, initially presented by Shonda Rhimes as a “lighter” season of the series has been anything but a joyful time. In the latest preview of TGIT’s medical lead in, Meredith’s latest bout of bad luck occurs when she is brutally assaulted by her patient.

We’ll have to wait for more when Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 9, “The Sound of Silence” returns February 11. But the title seems to hint at the moment in the preview when everything goes eerily silent. Judging by the atmosphere around Meredith, she is not the only one suffering from the attack. Maggie, Amelia, and especially Alex all take the pain of their friend to heart.

Speaking of pain, let’s take a look at all the pain and suffering Meredith Grey endured over the last 12 seasons shall we?

  1. She sacrificed her life to keep a bomb from diffusing in a man’s chest cavity
  2. Ellis Grey was not the “World’s Greatest Mother”
  3. Derek left her for his wife and she had to live alongside that
  4. Two half-sisters show up out of nowhere
  5. Both of her parents died
  6. One of the sisters died
  7. She lost George
  8. She lost Derek
  9. The woman who was working on Derek when he died is now working for her
  10. She was in a plane crash
  11. She drowned
  12. She had a miscarriage
  13. She nearly died while giving birth
  14. Her best friend moved away to Switzerland
  15. She lost her Alzheimer’s trial
  16. She is probably going to get Alzheimer’s
  17. She is brutally assaulted by a patient

Seems a bit unfair, right? With all of that bad juju roaming the halls, we would not trade places with anyone in the Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. Except maybe Maggie, if only to spend a moment with McIntern.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 9, “The Sound of Silence,” Thursday, February 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

What is the worst thing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has handed Meredith over the years?

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