Grey’s Anatomy has brought on Hilarie Burton to play Dr. Lauren Boswell. See what the actress has to say in defense of Lauren and how far the flirtation with Arizona could go.

On Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Lauren Boswell came to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to help Arizona treat a patient. But instead of helping her, it seems Lauren is only making Arizona’s life more difficult. At first, Arizona seemed flattered by the flirting coming from the new doctor. But later felt the need to let Lauren know she was happily married. But that doesn’t mean the flirtation will be stopping anytime soon.

Burton reveals to TV Line that she feels awful portraying a character that wants to break up a marriage. In defense of her character, she says that Arizona is “everything that you’d want in a woman” and that Lauren has just found a wedge in her marriage.

“I know people are hating my guts,” Burton said. “But I hope that I’m portraying Lauren in a way that she’s engaging and fun, and that it makes Arizona’s decision hard.”

Burton also seemed to hint that the super storm that is making its way to Seattle may play a role in how close Lauren and Arizona become. She explains to The Hollywood Reporter, “In any kind of a stressful situation, it either forces people to bond or it makes people butt heads. Everybody is locked in so there’s no escape from everything that is happening during this tornado of a hospital. Those close quarters certainly play a part in the last two episodes.”

Of course, the actress couldn’t reveal exactly how far the flirtation between Lauren and Arizona would go. It certainly seems as though Arizona/Callie fans should be worried for the couple. This isn’t the first time the pair will have had to deal with another person possibly coming between them. Sloan once commended Arizona for how she dealt with Callie having his child. Now fans will just have to wait and see if she is strong enough to resist the same urge her spouse had.

In a final tease, Burton says, “Threats exist everywhere and Arizona has some big choices to make and my goal going in is to facilitate her character’s choices.”

What do you think will happen between Lauren and Arizona on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Photo credit: ABC/Ron Tom

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