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9 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ couples we’ve loved through the years

Grey’s Anatomy has never lacked in drama or romance, but not all couples are created equally. We like to see couples that build each other up and complement their strengths.

There have been plenty of pairs that are hot and heavy, making them fun to watch. The ones that stay in our heart have built each other up and made the other better. Not everyone will agree on the best couples, and we dare not try to rank them in order, but here are some of our favorites from across the seasons that have aired:

Meredith & Derek

Derek and Meredith Grey's Anatomy

Since much of the show, prior to this season, has focused on Meredith and her on again/off again romance with Derek, it’s impossible not to mention them. Honestly, their relationship is far from perfect but then again are any perfect? We liked them most in the early days when Derek was championing for Meredith to do her best in the intern years and encouraged her to step up. He mostly accepted her flaws, even when he didn’t really understand them, and never tried to come between her and Cristina. Their inability to stay away from one another, even when they were in relationships, made us swoon.

It’s too bad that in later seasons Derek began to put his needs before Meredith’s, which was when we started to like this pairing less. Maybe they could have gotten better, but we’re kind of excited to see how Meredith has taken charge of her life without anyone holding her back!

Lexie & Mark

Mark and Lexie Grey's Anatomy

Lexie and Mark had the whole forbidden romance thing going on that really drew us in. Derek had forbidden Mark to get involved with “little Grey” because she was Meredith’s sister. Derek didn’t want Mark to mess things up with Lexie and then turn around and upset Meredith. Looking at this couple, you wouldn’t expect them to be able to last but they were true loves, only really breaking up when Lexie realized she wasn’t ready to become as serious as he was. It was clear that they never really got over one another. The only silver lining to Lexie’s death was that she got to do it with Mark by her side.

Maggie & Andrew


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This couple is a lot newer than the rest, and they’re not even officially labeled. However, we’re totally loving their chemistry. In fact, we wish that we got to see more of them and can’t wait to see what happens in the future. Although they both seem content with hiding their hookups, we think they could work in the long run as something more serious!

Alex & Jo

Ever since Jo arrived on Grey’s Anatomy we loved her, and we love her even more when she’s with Alex. They really complete each other because they understand what the other went through growing up. You can’t truly get someone in the present unless you get what they went through in the past. Despite having dark pasts, they both know how to have fun, which lightens up Grey’s Anatomy when it can become too dark.

This past season has seen ups and downs for them, mainly because Alex has been focusing on helping Meredith, which left Jo feeling abandoned. Alex did propose to Jo, but with no changes in sight, it looked like Jo had turned him down. With Alex looking to make up, could an engagement be on the horizon for them? We hope so!

Callie & Arizona

callie-and-arizona-Grey's Anatomy

Callie has been on Grey’s Anatomy since season 2, and we’ve seen her in a lot of relationships. She went through a period of being in love with George, who was really in love with someone else. Then hooking up with Mark, who’s always been something of a player. To then discovering that she’s bisexual and starting to venture into dating women. Although Arizona wasn’t the first (or last) woman that Callie has been with on the show, she’s definitely our favorite pairing with Callie overall.

April & Jackson

April and Jackson Grey's Anatomy

Looking back on Jackson and April’s introduction to Grey’s Anatomy we might never have expected for these two to come together. April was quickly judged as being annoying and maybe not as bright as the rest of the doctors in her program, while Jackson’s always had it easy with the ladies and a laid back attitude that makes him easy to be around. They have continued to be there for one another and their friendship turned into something much deeper. With such different outlooks on life it hasn’t been easy for these two, and we’re anxious to see if their marriage will last or not, but we’re rooting for them!

Ben & Miranda

Ben and Miranda Grey's Anatomy

Let’s be real, Miranda Bailey is a force to be reckoned with. The other doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have always been a little intimidated by her and we can’t imagine that it’s easy for a guy to come close to her level either. She has definitely been with a few duds in her time, including her first husband who tried to guilt her into having a busy career.

Ben has never been a guy to try to get in her way or put her down. He’s always supported her and been able to keep her grounded when things become stressful. Not to mention their chemistry steams up the camera when maybe Miranda felt unsure of her sexiness. We’re so glad to see these two have made it last and love seeing them together both at work and at home!

Richard & Catherine

Catherine and Richard Grey's Anatomy

Richard had two great loves who also happened to very full of drama. First, Richard was married to Adele. Although he clearly loved her, he also wasn’t faithful to her and ended up hurting her for a very long time. Richard did love his mistress, Ellis Grey, as well, but apparently not enough to end his marriage with Adele. Both women seemed quite dependent on him too, Adele never had a career of her own and focused her life on Richard, and while Ellis did have her own family and career she always put him first.

In contrast, Richard’s relationship with Catherine has been a lot more easy going. As a strong willed woman with a busy career of her own, Catherine doesn’t necessarily need Richard. Instead they balance each other out and keep each other happy.

Cristina & herself

Cristina Yang Grey's Anatomy

We love Cristina, we really do. She’s an amazing doctor, friend, and lover. Relationships, however, never really seem to work out in her favor. Even though Cristina never pretends to be something she isn’t they always end up expecting more from her. That’s why we don’t have a favorite pairing for Cristina. Our love for Cristina demanded that she be mentioned, and really isn’t the most important relationship the one you have with yourself?

What couples do you love from ‘Grey’s Anatomy?’

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