Grey’s Anatomy previously explained that Lizzie was coming to Seattle in order to help with Derek’s surgery but no details were revealed. However, in an interview Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, and Neve Campbell revealed that she comes to Seattle Grace in order to donate nerves to help repair Derek’s hand.

Fans knew that Lizzie was arriving at Seattle at the time when Derek would be preparing for a risky surgery on his hand but ABC did not reveal her exact reason for paying a visit. Others, like us, may have assumed that she was coming for emotional support. However, it’s now been revealed that she’s a crucial part to repairing Derek’s hand as she seems to be the only matching and willing donor for a nerve transplant! While Lizzie agrees to come that doesn’t mean she’s going to be happy about it.

Speaking with Huffington Post, Patrick Dempsey reveals that it’s actually Meredith who calls Lizzie and gets her to donate the nerves. Two of his sisters weren’t matches and the other refused to donate so Lizzie was his last hope. Meanwhile Derek might not even agree to have the surgery. Fans are going to get a lot better look at the issues surrounding the Shepherd siblings.

Dempsey reveals that he’s very protective of his sisters and doesn’t want to risk putting one of them in jeopardy or pain. He helped raise them as children which is part of the reason his sisters tend to resent him. Neve Campbell explains, “In this scene she feels that he was trying to rule her life in a way, and that he ruined it. Not sure where that comes from, but we’ll figure it out.” On top of that Campbell says her character can be quite annoying sometimes because of her outspoken manner. There’s also the problem that the Shepherd sisters have been mostly locked out of Derek and Meredith’s lives.

In another tidbit of information Campbell tells that she was told Lizzie is either a therapist or OB/GYN.

What do you think will happen between Derek and Lizzie? Can they resolve some family drama?

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