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Seriously? Celebrating ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ 250 episodes

Tonight Grey’s Anatomy airs its 250th episode! Let’s revisit all the moments that made us yell at our televisions. “Seriously?”

Let’s be real, 250 episodes is no small hurdle in the world of television. ER took a bow at NBC in 2009 with 331 episodes. It certainly seems that Grey’s Anatomy is on the track to match, or even surpass, the longest-running prime time medical drama.

Over the past 12 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has made us laugh, cry, want to go into medicine, never want to go into medicine, and accept that a hospital with that many good-looking doctors does not exist.

To honor Grey’s Anatomy‘s monumental achievement, we’ve complied the top 25 moments that made us utter Meredith’s most quotable line, “Seriously?”

The alternate universe episode

Grey's Anatomy alt universe

Seriously? In an attempt to shake-up the storyline in season 8, Grey’s Anatomy took a stroll in an alternate dimension where Ellis Grey never had Alzheimer’s, Meredith shacked up with Alex, and Addison and Derek lived out their own version of “happily ever after.”

The doctors buy the hospital

Wait, seriously? Sure, Seattle Grace is more their home than any house in the area, but pooling together a huge settlement of money to buy a failing hospital where the staff makes up and breaks up more often than not is certain to cause some tension when big decisions are on the line.

George marries Callie

Seriously? Seriously. The couple that no one wanted ran off and got hitched in season 3. Luckily, this marriage was doomed from the start and George hooking up with Izzie was the nail in the coffin of this affair.

The introduction of Lexie Grey

Grey's Anatomy Lexie

A half-sister? Seriously? Though these blasts from the past are par for the course in season 12, the first introduction of a long-lost half sibling on Grey’s Anatomy caused some unease. But it all worked out in the end! Until…

Killing off Mark and Lexi

SERIOUSLY?! There are necessary deaths and departures for every show on television. However, Mark and Lexie were finally in the audience’s good graces and their relationship was stronger than ever. They were so young, so beautiful! Shonda Rhimes knows how to kill her darlings.

Owen nearly strangles Cristina

Owen was having one serious dream. Hunt’s PTSD tends to haunt him worst of all at night. Unfortunately, that left Cristina the unsuspecting victim of his night terrors during which he nearly choked her to death.

The death of 007

Grey's Anatomy George O'Malley

Seriously, give us some tissues. Who will ever forget George O’Malley, the all-time elevator heart surgeon MVP, signing “007” into Meredith’s hand as he fought for his life in the ER?

The interns cut Denny’s LVAD wire

Seriously? How did we not suspect this was only the tip of Izzie’s crazy-iceberg? The answer — Denny Duquette distracted us as the best first patient Grey’s Anatomy fans could ask for! Not only did Denny challenge the interns to band together in support of their own, but his death gave an entirely new life to The Fray’s “How to Save a Life.”

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Meredith hangs out with Denny

Grey's Anatomy season 11 drowning

Did Grey’s Anatomy seriously think they could kill off Meredith Grey in season 3? Although Meredith lived to save another life, her visit with Denny in the quasi-afterlife was an odd venture into the non-traditional storytelling Grey’s would attempt many, many more times in the series.

The musical episode

Is there anything more to say than, “Seriously?”

Arizona loses a leg

Recovering from all the “seriously” throwing that fans dished out after the plane crash, another traumatic moment was added to the mix when Arizona’s leg had to be amputated following the crash. As we learned this season, it was Alex’s call to remove the leg, not Callie.

The flood in the OR

Grey's Anatomy season 11 episode 15 flood

There are plenty of disasters on Grey’s Anatomy, but a flood that leaks into the OR and directly into a patient’s open body? Seriously? Although the patient threatened to sue, the flood did lead the doctors to find he had pancreatic cancer! Small victories.

Izzie battles cancer

The breaking point of Izzie’s stay on Grey’s Anatomy arrived in the midst of her battle against cancer. Though no one is immune to the fallout surrounding a cancer diagnosis, it turned her character into one serious monster.

Alex dates Jane Doe

Seriously, Alex? Karev asked for all the suffering and heart ache he could take in the first eight seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only does his relationship with Izzie carry on for far too long, but he takes in a Jane Doe who turns his life upside down.

Burke leaves Cristina at the altar

Grey's Anatomy cristina wedding

Burke, seriously? After getting the queen of non-commitment to the church, Burke decides to take his leave from the hospital and the series by not only leaving Cristina at the altar, but also forcing Meredith to cut Cristina out of her dress.

April’s pursuit of Jackson

The most current “seriously”-inducing moment is unfolding in Grey’s Anatomy season 12. April and Jackson’s marriage is over in Jackson’s eyes. April is not only fighting for their second shot at love, but she is doing so in a way that is making her, and audiences, absolutely insane.

Cristina leaves the show

Grey's Anatomy Cristina leaves

The only “Person” you’d want on the receiving end of a scandalous piece of gossip to utter her own “seriously” is now off saving lives in Switzerland. Seriously?

Bailey’s research ends

Miranda Bailey has put up with a ton of nonsense over the years at Grey Sloan Memorial. Finally, when she has the opportunity to babysit something other than her now-grown interns, the hospital shuts it down! Seriously? Bailey’s genome lab did save a child’s life, even though she had to access it without authority.

Callie gets pregnant with Mark’s baby

Grey's Anatomy mark sloan callie arizona

We understand that if Mark Sloan was your “friend with benefits” it would be hard to give him up. However, Callie and Arizona were just starting to hit it off when a vital protection mistake ended with Callie pregnant and Mark on the brink of fatherhood. Seriously.

A plane crashes into mommy yoga

Plane crash in the middle of Seattle aside, the crash site turned out to be a yoga studio full of near-term pregnant women. Seriously?

Derek’s death

Grey's Anatomy season 11 episode 21 airs tonight feature

Seriously? Seriously.

Callie is dating Derek’s last doctor

If Meredith does not absolutely channel her season 1 self tonight and take Callie aside and say, “Seriously, Callie? Of all the doctors in the world you chose her?” it will be a missed opportunity.

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George slept with Meredith

Ten seasons later and we are still asking, “Seriously?” Not only was this an odd setup, with George acting as the pursuer, but when he finally gets his shot, Meredith starts crying in the middle of it!

A shooter took out most of the merger doctors

The merger between Mercy-West and Seattle Grace left a sour taste in both the doctors’ and audience’s mouths. Not only were a ton of new characters coming in, they threatened the likelihood that some of our favorites were going to stick around. So what did Grey’s Anatomy do? Send in a shooter who took out some of the fresh meat. Seriously? Seriously.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is still on after 12 SEASONS

Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 5 meredith alex

Tonight when you turn on your televisions and hear the opening voiceover of Grey’s Anatomy‘s 250th episode, remember all the moments that took place in the hospital, Joe’s, and Ellis Grey’s home that led you to this moment!

Tune into Grey’s Anatomy episode 250, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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