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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 16×04 ‘It’s Raining Men’ review: Meredith causes more trouble

Grey’s Anatomy 16×04, “It’s Raining Men,” turned the drama up a notch this week, and the result was an episode that was impossible to look away from!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 16×04, ‘It’s Raining Men,’ review:

With the lackluster storyline that was Grey’s Anatomy 16×03, I was worried how this week would shape up. After only a few minutes, though, it was clear that Grey’s Anatomy 16×04 “It’s Raining Men” was about to make up for the prior week!

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Meredith was kind of sidelined last week, but she was very much the center in “It’s Raining Men” thanks to the articles she was working on. On top of that, there was a lot of interesting shifts made during the episode, thanks to people looking at Grey Sloan Memorial in a different light.

At the very start of the episode, Meredith and DeLuca are enjoying a lazy/sexy morning together. However, they’re interrupted by her sisters knocking on the door, and they don’t have good news. The publisher that Meredith was working with took her list of ideas and published it as is with a sensational headline.

Of course, the article circulates fast and everyone sees it, thinking that Grey Sloan Memorial isn’t the same amazing hospital that they thought it was. A lot of their friends and family are split on whether the article is awesome or terrible.

It naturally creates a divide in the hospital, which doesn’t help the separation that’s already begun thanks to Bailey getting rid of Meredith, Weber, and Alex. Even the residents are torn on how to feel about the article. While many of them think that it’s powerful and look up to Meredith, others are worried about their future careers.

DeLuca tries to play the middle ground, not wanting Bailey to be mad at him but also wanting to defend his girlfriend. He tries to explain to the others what happened and how Meredith didn’t know it was going to happen.

Bailey doesn’t want to hear it, though. She’s convinced that DeLuca should have given her some kind of warning about what would happen. She also makes him become chief resident since theirs quit after seeing Meredith’s article.

Meanwhile, Meredith does her best to work on getting the article fixed. She’s basically out-powered by the publisher, who offers to look into getting it fixed, but things don’t look well.

Instead of waiting to see what would happen, Meredith decides to leave her work crew even though the manager warned her not to go. Meredith just seems to keep digging herself into bigger legal problems.

The first person to see Meredith at the hospital is Jo, who gives her a rundown of what’s been going on all day with Bailey. Of course, she’s surprised to see Meredith and tells her good luck dealing with Bailey.

Likewise, Bailey’s also surprised to see Meredith in her office later, but she’s much less welcoming. She does let Meredith get her explanation out, and even though it’s emotional, Bailey still isn’t having it.

As Meredith is leaving, after being kicked out of Bailey’s office, she sees DeLuca and starts to tell him what happened. Instead of being supportive, DeLuca isn’t happy that she got in trouble again and has to go to court because of it. He tells her that she’s being self-destructive, and even though Meredith doesn’t want to hear it, he’s kind of right.

On the one hand, Meredith is trying to do some good, but at the same time, she’s not really thinking about any of the consequences for herself or those around her. Either way, it looks like this could be a big issue for them.

Meredith seems to think DeLuca doesn’t know her, but she’s also unwilling to listen to his opinion. Perhaps it’s partly because of their age difference. I’m not sure what this will mean for them in the long-run.

The other big divide going on in the hospital is created by Tom. In order to combat the bad publicity, he coerces a family to let them film their story about their daughter’s surgery, which he was going to give them for free. The only problem is that Tom didn’t tell Jackson about it ahead of time, and the way that Tom handles the situation rubs everyone the wrong way.

Jackson isn’t happy to see how Tom treats the family, like he only cares about what they’ll do for the hospital, instead of caring that their daughter is important. He ends up taking some inspiration from Meredith and flips the table on Tom. He still does the surgery for free, but he has Amelia help him so he can do the whole thing without Tom.

Tom isn’t happy about it, but Jackson doesn’t care. He’s more than happy to remind Tom that he owns a large portion of the hospital and brings in a lot of money for them, so he really has more power than Tom in the long-run. It’s just another example of what’s more important: the patient or the hospital.

Meanwhile, Owen spent the episode at Pac North with Alex after bringing a patient there. Alex gives him a little tour and tells him all about the changes that he’s trying to make to help the hospital get better. When a patient starts to crash, they end up jumping into emergency surgery together and Alex manages to talk Owen into taking a job from him.

And Owen is more than happy to rub the news in Tom’s face. He’ll be taking over the Trauma department for Alex, and he gets to stay away from Tom as well. It looks like more familiar faces will be heading over to Pac North, which will make the situation even more interesting! I hope that we’ll keep seeing this happen on Grey’s Anatomy because it’s really entertaining.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 16×04, ‘It’s Raining Men,’ extra thoughts:

🚑This is the first episode in a while that hasn’t made me dislike Jackson. I think that’s because the main focus wasn’t on his situation with Maggie and Vic, but actually his views as a doctor. It was a good reminder that he’s a good doctor even if he’s kind of a jerk in his relationships.

🚑Cristina texted Meredith!! I still miss her, but this was a cute little mention/reminder of her.

🚑In addition to everything Bailey is already dealing with, she learns that she’s pregnant. I’m really shocked by this one. I was not expecting it, and I don’t know what to think about it just yet. We’ve already seen Bailey dealing with pregnancy and her job, but a lot has changed since then. I guess we’ll see where this goes.

What did you think of ‘It’s Raining Men’?

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