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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×17 and ‘Station 19’ 2×09

The DeLuca family deals with tension on Grey’s Anatomy 15×17 while on Station 19 2×09 Ryan’s father made a return! Here’s our thoughts on what happened on both!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×17 ‘And Dream of Sleep’

Meredith finds DeLuca sleepy after a night at the hospital and brings him coffee as a peace offering. They also sneak away to kiss and make plans for some alone time later in the week.

Maggie is debating what to do about her segment on the news the next morning. She doesn’t want the focus to be on who her parents are instead of her work. Jackson convinces her that it’s too late to cancel.

Bailey is worried about the creepy lambs in the bag and brings it up with Alex. She’s worried about what will happen when their research advances and they have to worry about legal trouble.

They’re interrupted with news that there’s trouble in the DeLuca’s lab. Carina and Andrew are arguing with their father Vincenzo about one of the lambs dying. It already seems like a hot mess.

Carina is very worried about their fathers mood swings and thinks it’s obvious that it’s unwell. But when Alex asks Andrew what he thinks, he says it’s just the dynamic between Carina and their father.

Alex wants a report on what happened to the lamb that died.

Amelia is away on a conference and runs into Link. It’s an awkward meeting to be sure since the last time they were around each other Amelia was in the middle of an emotional meltdown.

They still end up having fun doing some type of meditation class together. Afterwards, Amelia opens up to Link about everything she went through with Betty.

Even though they have a little bit of a moment together, they go off to their separate rooms alone.

When Amelia goes to his presentation about opioids though, she ends up leaving when he discusses one of his patients that died after becoming an addict. Later, they get into a fight about it but make up. And then they make out.

Jo’s DNA test comes back and a probably cousin comes back. She’s a little amazed by the news, and might be interested in looking more into it with the help of intern Casey. Who we all know is very good with computers.

When Jo finally makes up her mind about what to do, Casey has already located her mother! This should bring some interesting developments going forward!

Bailey ends up talking to Alex’s mom Helen and discovers that the reason she hasn’t left yet is because she’s nervous about making the trip back home. The whole trip has been a lot, she tells Bailey.

Of course Bailey is worried about so she tells Alex. He automatically turns it around and says she might be prejudice against people with mental illness. So Bailey unleashes her inner teacher and gives him the low-down on what he really needs to do for his mom.

He has to leave though when he gets a page about what’s going on with Vincenzo and Teddy’s patient.

Owen and Teddy are working on a couple that came in together and the woman happens to also be five months pregnant. Despite the condition she’s in, Teddy is able to stop her bleeding but wants to stay overnight to keep an eye on her. It worries Owen so he wants to stay right next to her, and rub her feet.

At some point, the patient starts to crash and Teddy wakes up Owen already working on her. They’ll have to bring her into surgery though, and Teddy is worried about being able to stop her bleeding and save the baby.

When Teddy and Carina arrive to talk to the parents about the situation, they find that the Carina’s father Vincenzo is already there. Without asking anyone he went ahead and pitched his baby in a womb to them saying it would save the baby.

Andrew and Carina freak out at their dad for what he did, and Alex walks in to tell him not to do it either. Andrew’s mad at him now too and Vincenzo is not happy.

That leaves Teddy and Alex to break the news that Vincenzo’s project isn’t ready for humans which devastates the parents who know their baby can’t survive being born yet.

Andrew goes to talk to his father and realizes that he doesn’t seem to get what he did wrong at all. Vincenzo might not realize what he’s doing, but it seems like Andrew has come to realize just why Carina has been worried all along.

After Vincenzo has a total meltdown in Alex’s office, it’s even more clear how unwell he is.

Teddy is also understandably upset that her patient lost the baby and Owen is there to console her. Timing is everything because Tom also arrives just in time to see them embracing in what looks like an intimate moment.

Alex ends up asking Bailey to help him out so that he can leave for a few days. Seeing how Vincenzo DeLuca freaked out must have made him realize that he needs to take care of his mom before anything happens to her.

Meredith is surprised to find Andrew packing up the lab when she goes to see him later. She tries to be supportive but he just wants to be alone. It’s not really clear if this will be a problem for them going forward or not!

There are still a lot of relationships in flux right now, and everything is looking like it’s about to get really messy if these people don’t figure out what they want.

It’s weird that Meredith can’t even call DeLuca her boyfriend, and it’s even weirder how quickly Owen might have set his sights back on Teddy after continually trying to be with Amelia. Hopefully next week’s episode will give more insight into what’s going on with these ships!

– Sonya Field

‘Station 19’ 2×09 ‘I Fought The Law’

It’s Captain Herrera’s last day and Gibson’s first day back, so Captain is making Gibson a little crazy with all the babysitting and hand-holding he’s trying to do.

The crew responds to a strange call in a park. A woman has a head wound, and seems to have some sort of dementia or amnesia. She has a photo of a young boy in her shoe, and it says, “I love you, Mom.” They drop her at Grey Sloan and leave on another call.

Captain Sullivan isn’t officially back on the job yet, but he’s in the station for the day so Captain Herrera can get him caught up on all the goings on while he was healing.

While it may have seemed like Sullivan was imparting some necessary discipline earlier in the season, Captain Herrera read him the riot act about his fascination with rules and uniforms and the like. There are people and important things falling through the cracks (like Gibson’s PTSD) that just can’t be missed by a Captain.

One of those things was a regular walk-in patient named Oscar who hadn’t been around in a while. Sullivan gets Warren and Gibson to come with him to do a wellness check. Oscar is not really very happy to see them, but he lets them check him out to avoid Captain Herrera showing up at his doorstep later on. He’s not in great shape, and Warren is back in doctor mode as he diagnoses him with a weak heart valve. They manage to treat him and get him ready for a trip to the hospital, so it looks like Oscar’s gonna be okay.

Andy, Maya, and Miller are leaving the hospital from another run and they stumble across their amnesia patient from earlier that day. She’s sneaking around the ambulance bay, peering into the ER like she’s looking for something. They corner her and convince her to let them check her out again. Miller learns from a phone call to Grey Sloan that the woman is a fugitive who was supposed to be sentenced in court that morning, and is, instead, using her poor memory as an rouse to keep her off the radar.

The patient’s name is Margaret. She embezzled money from her job to pay for meds and health costs her insurance wouldn’t cover. Her son is sick and about to go into surgery, and all she wants is a chance to say goodbye before she goes to prison. Ryan happens to be the cop that arrives on the scene first, and Andy does her best to reach his heart and give his mother a chance to see her son. Thanks to his dad making a reappearance that morning, Ryan is definitely feeling a little more soft-hearted toward flawed parents. He said goodbye to his father just that morning, so he helps this woman get one more moment with her beloved child.

While everyone else is out helping patients, Montgomery and Hughes are back at the station. She is desperate to find someone to talk to about her current romantic predicament, and is trying to do so without giving away who her beau is. And then she almost hurts herself on a stationary bike and Chief Ripley looks a little too familiar and comfortable touching her body when he helps her out. Montgomery is totally onto them, now.

Gibson makes a crack about not wanting Station 19 to become like the old jalopy they were trying to get started for Oscar, and it inspires Sullivan to go to the Chief and request that Maya stay at Station 19 rather than be transferred to 23. Looks like the station is going to have three lieutenants.

Pruitt takes a moment to talk to Warren before he hangs up his Interim Captaincy for good. He hears Warren’s concerns about the job and what effect it’s having on his wife, and he mentions something that Warren may not have considered. Medic One. Apparently, they are a more elite squad and probably involve less dangerous conditions. Maybe this will solve all Warren’s problems? We shall see.

Ryan stops by the station to give Andy an update on Margaret’s son, Jason, and let her know he made it through his surgery. They also have a bit of a chat about their current situation and it seems they have agreed to keep things casual and see other people.

The episode closes out with Herrera and Sullivan having a little chat about their days on the catwalk. They have truly bonded after their ordeal, and I’m really interested in seeing where it goes from here. I mean, Andy knows there is no fraternization, but the chemistry burning between them is really making it hard to keep from shipping my little heart out. I like this new Sullivan, and I think he and Andy could be really good for each other if he ever stops being her Captain. Maybe something we’ll get into in the future.

I’m glad that Gibson is doing better, but I need him to quit being an ass to everyone sooner rather than later. They were looking out for him because they care about him, and he needs to get over his issues.

I am so very, very into Chief Ripley and Hughes’ relationship. They make each other happy, and as long as that stays true, I am going to be cheering them on.

Next week’s episode looks like a crazy ride, so I’m looking forward to seeing Gibson and Maya work in close quarters. Should be a very interesting episode.

– Kristen Kranz

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