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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×16 and ‘Station 19’ 2×08

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Station 19 is back! Check out our thoughts on what happened on Station 19 2×08 as well as Grey’s Anatomy 15×16.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×16 ‘Blood and Water’:

Meredith has a weird dream about her mom that gives her the answer to something, but she’s just not sure what that is. This leads her to cancel all of her surgeries for the day so that she can work on the idea.

DeLuca goes to visit Meredith while she’s working in the lab and explains his dad is there for a pitch but thinks he’ll get bored and leave soon. They’re really cute but Meredith reminds him that they have rules about working together when he tries to get kissy.

Deluca and Carina sit in on their dad’s presentation. It is literally a baby in a bag, which is super weird but impresses Alex. His dad wants to work together on the project to help him get a name for himself and win Meredith even more.

But Deluca and Carina get in a fight about it and she says he’s being manipulated by their father. She knows him better and so she reports his history to Alex at the advice of Meredith.

Alex asks Meredith if she knew about DeLuca’s dad but says he plans on approving it anyways. DeLuca walks in as they’re talking and things get kind of weird. Meredith has her own history with mental illness, which makes her wary of the situation, but DeLuca asks her to trust him and so she does.

Maggie is being featured on a podcast and accidentally reveals that she’s related to Ellis Grey and Richard Weber. Even though she asks them to edit it out, that probably won’t happen.

Of course, Maggie worries what will happen and Meredith tries to comfort her. But Weber gets mad at Maggie for revealing his affair to the whole medical community. Even though it’s her story to tell, Weber worries how it will make him look. It really just puts a wedge between the two since he’s ashamed of the story.

Later they kind of patch things up, and Weber says he’s grateful for Maggie despite his own shame. That doesn’t stop people from freaking out about the news and creating a scandal.

Owen and Amelia meet with the social worker about the adoption and it looks like things are going to be complicated since they don’t live together anymore. They have to sit down and hash out a plan for what their custody agreement would look like.

But it just leads to Owen telling Amelia that he still wants her which leads to a fight about how she sabotaged their relationship. Really, Owen is just being a big jerk over and over again to Amelia and it’s kind of amazing that she doesn’t just snap at him.

In the end, Amelia decides that Owen should have full custody of Leo. He’s really the one that’s bonded with him and she can be there as a close friend. Amelia is still crushed about it when she goes home that night, though.

It looks like Jo and Alex might have also decided to have kids together at some point. Whether that will be sooner rather than later isn’t really clear as Jo spent almost the entire episode freaking out about Helen knitting baby hats.

The good news is that it seems like Helen really is doing well and is bonding with Jo and Alex. But they certainly won’t be able to make any babies while she’s sleeping on their couch!

After all of the character development in the last episode, it’s interesting to see how Grey’s Anatomy 15×16 begins to set up new plots to drive the rest of the season forward. There are relationships that are just getting started still and with others having ended, there are more that could be coming.

With both DeLuca and Alex’s parents in the city and dealing with mental illness, it’ll be interesting to see how the show handles that going forward. Will they both stay stable or will they start to have symptoms again? I’m ready to see what happens next!

– Sonya Field

‘Station 19’ 2×08 ‘Crash and Burn’:

And just like that, the hiatus is over! Hurray!

We pick up right where we left off. Herrera and Sullivan are stuck in the Aid Car after it tumbled off a cliff in the windstorm. I was definitely worried about them when I first saw their predicament last November, and that wasn’t eased by the beginning of this episode. We quickly learn that they are both still alive, but definitely banged up. It looks like Andy has a concussion and Sullivan has lower body numbness after Herrera helps get him unstuck from the passenger seat.

In case you don’t remember, we had just learned that Maya is going to be the new lieutenant at station 23, and there is a little celebration of that in this episode before the chaos really kicks in. Also, Gibson is still not right in the head, and Pruitt is definitely onto him. More on that later.

I have to admit, I kinda forgot what had happened on Grey’s regarding the windstorm, so Warren’s check-ins about Bailey being stuck in the elevator and later freed helped to remind me that this was a big event for Seattle.

It was about damn time that somebody read this crew the riot act for not taking care of their own. Gibson has been suffering some serious PTSD since that high rise fire, and everyone has been so preoccupied with their own drama to give him any sort of attention. That ends with Pruitt. His little impromptu meeting with the crew reminds them of their responsibility to each other as well as to the health and safety of those they are called upon to help. Gibson isn’t helping anyone with his head as screwed up as it is now.

Back in the Aid Car, we get a really touching (and heartbreaking) confession from the patient they were supposed to be transporting to the hospital. Shannon, who seems perfectly stable, requests that if she dies, her grandmother’s necklace be put around her neck. She wants her grandma to see it if she has to identify the body. If you cried a little, just know you aren’t alone in that.

We also get to hear Sullivan talk about his wife a bit, courtesy of Andy needing something to focus on to stay awake with her concussion. He’s been so resistant so far that it’s really nice to see him distract Andy with a few lovely details about the woman he loved so dearly.

The crew back at the station is just about to stage their intervention for Gibson when the Chief enters the room with news. The storm has dissipated and they are officially operational again, but they must also search for Andy and Sullivan since their Aid Car never arrived at the hospital.

As much as I love Captain Sullivan, it was really nice to see Pruitt get to don his Captain’s garb in this episode. He is such an effective leader that it was refreshing to see him seamlessly step back into his role and lead this crew. Plus, benching Gibson was the right thing to do.

In the Aid Car, things are going from bad to worse. Andy successfully sets a flare up on the cliff’s edge, but they lose their patient before help can arrive. Sullivan puts himself at risk trying to save the patient, and it definitely stresses me out. I’ve grown to like Sullivan a lot, so seeing him endanger his life and his health doesn’t sit well with me. Just when things seem hopeless, help arrives.

Fast forward four months. Andy is receiving the Medal of Valor, Gibson has been in therapy and hasn’t made enough progress yet to be reinstated, Hughes and the Chief are out on a date in public, and everyone has come together to celebrate. Of course, there has to be inappropriately timed sex, so Ryan and Andy oblige us. Not sure what that means for them since we haven’t seen what’s been going on in the last four months, but we have a few more episodes to figure all that out.

Last, but most certainly never least, we see Sullivan at the door. Not only is he alive, but he’s walking with a cane and that bodes well for his recovery from the accident.

More or less, I want to see Gibson get to the bottom of what is bugging him. I want to know what all the tension was at the end of the episode when Sullivan walked into the apartment. I mean, they all had complicated relationships with him, but it seemed like everyone was looking at him and Andy strangely. Did something happen there? I guess we’ll have to wait til next week for more answers.

– Kristen Kranz

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