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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×15 and ‘HTGAWM’ 5×15

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Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 15×15, and How To Get Away With Murder 5×15. Here are our thoughts on what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×15 ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’:

Grey’s Anatomy‘s landmark 332nd episode (which makes it the longest running medical drama on TV) brings all the fire, literally.

Jackson is finally getting to throw his mother her celebratory party, with all of her specifications. But what he doesn’t know is that she’s about to do everything in her power not to show up, including talking Bailey into drinking with her in her limo.

Before going to the party, Meredith tells Alex that she’s dating DeLuca. They have a funny little back and forth about it and Alex reminds her how mean she used to be about him dating Jo. He also has to get serious as the current chief and tells her to let HR know about the relationship.

Alex’s mom also shows up at the hospital. But when the intern tells him that “Mrs. Karev” is looking for him, Alex thinks she means Jo. So he has the intern tell her that he’ll meet her at the party.

Jo ends up running into Helen before she leaves and gets confused as to why Alex wants her at the party. Since she can’t get in touch with him, she brings Helen along for the ride to Jackson’s party.

Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia are dealing with having to say goodbye to Betty and Leo as they leave to go back home. Things get even more tense when they get to Jackson’s place only to run into Tom and Teddy making out. Owen isn’t happy to learn that they’re also planning on taking a trip while Teddy is seven months pregnant.

Meredith and DeLuca are excited about the possibility of having her house empty for the night — until they find out how upset Amelia is about the situation with Owen. It already looks like Meredith is going to be stuck taking care of someone instead of having fun with her boy toy instead.

Amelia continues getting annoyed with Owen as they fight about basically everything they always argue about. It definitely doesn’t help that he can’t stop staring at Teddy with Tom. He accuses her of being insecure and they fight even more, so Amelia tells him that she wants out of the love triangle.

Since Meredith thinks she won’t be getting any alone time at her house, DeLuca decides to sneak away with her into a guest room. Things get hot and heavy until Weber walks in on them and then things get really awkward.

Alex is shocked when his mom shows up at the party with Jo. As they’re talking privately about what might be going on with her, Helen disappears into the party. So of course they freak out and look for her everywhere.

After searching for a while, Alex finally finds her talking to DeLuca. She breaks out a bunch of scarves that she knitted for him and he cutely picks out his favorite. Worried about why she showed up, Alex tries and fails to get in touch with her doctor. When he tries to talk to her, she’s obsessing over the smell of something burning.

Of course he thinks it’s all in her head. Until later on they do realize there’s a fire in the kitchen and everyone has to leave immediately. But not before Tom punches Owen for saying he’ll never be a father. And Teddy scolds Owen because Tom already is a father.

Oh, and all of that madness happened just as Catherine showed up to her party.

Meredith and DeLuca feel guilty once Ben tells Jackson that the fire was caused by a tray being put into the oven. When they’d been trying to act casual and help in the kitchen, it looks like they also almost burned the place down.

In what seems like a bit of luck, Meredith learns that Amelia isn’t going to her house after all, so they get to sneak away to DeLuca’s house. Only to find that Carina has shown up with their father!

And Amelia went back to Owen’s after all: When he gets home he find that she’s there with Leo. It seems like the family decided it was better to focus on Betty and getting her better. That means Leo is back with Owen and Amelia gets a proper goodbye from Betty, who says she just wants to try to live normally.

Despite the party being ruined, Catherine is happy celebrating in her limo with her favorite people. Together with Weber, Jackson, and Maggie, they drink and eat fast food to celebrate her surgery. She seems more hopeful about the future even with all the uncertainties surrounding her tumor.

It was good to see the episode weighted more on character development than an actual disaster like it seemed at the start of the episode. It looks like we’re about to see a lot more family drama going into the rest of the season.

While the weird love triangle/love square with Teddy/Owen/Amelia/Tom will continue to baffle us all, it’s clear Owen and Amelia still have a ton of issues but it’s not clear what will happen now that Leo is back.

And Teddy and Owen still have to figure out how to co-parent in a way that isn’t Owen just trying to run the show. I’m still trying to figure out exactly why Teddy is with Tom while all her friends are creeped out by it. For now is seems like this drama is long from over.

– Sonya Field

‘HTGAWM’ 5×15 ‘Please Say No One Else is Dead’:

htgawm 5x15 season finale, laurel castillo

Like any How to Get Away With Murder season finale, the final episode of season 5 was full of twists, reveals, and an epic cliffhanger.

Wow! That was a wild ride. As far as How to Get Away With Murder season finales go, this was probably one of my favorites. And not even just because Nate Sr. was back in all his epic, adorable glory, although that equals a win any day, in my books.

Knowing Nate Sr.’s fate, it was so heartbreaking to see how fervently he stood up for Annalise, and how much he appreciated what she’d done for him and believed in the possibility of a better life. He had truly come out of the cycle he’d been living in prison and was ready to start over. I’ll never forgive anyone who had a part in ruining that for him.

Unfortunately for Bonnie and Nate, that list does not include Miller, although they don’t know it yet. It really looked like he was going to be guilty at the beginning of this episode, but I’m really glad it didn’t actually go that way. It just wouldn’t have added up. But seriously, how have Annalise and Frank not learned to not keep secrets from the group? That was a bad call on everybody’s part.

The actual twists in the How to Get Away With Murder season finale were some of my favorites of the series. Specifically during the conversation that Annalise and Laurel had with Xavier. I think I changed my mind about what was happening approximately 45 times during that two minute conversation.

I love that they make Xavier incompetent as a juxtaposition to Jorge’s supreme proficiency. While Jorge seemed to be untouchable, Xavier was clearly floundering. Then, we found out that he was simply a step below the Governor! I had actually come to trust her in the previous episode of How to Get Away With Murder, so it completely threw me off when they brought it back around to her.

The twist that I didn’t love was the final cliffhanger. Taking Laurel and Christopher went too far, I think. The show is best when the group is all together. It’ll be cool to see Laurel fight for herself and her son, and hopefully to figure out who’s behind their capture, but I’m skeptical about how this will play out in How to Get Away With Murder season 6. And that’s if the show even gets a sixth season! We all need to cross our collective fingers hard and often, or Laurel stays missing forever.

Outside of the main twists, there were a few moments I really liked in the season 5 finale. My favorite quote of the episode (other than Annalise’s, “You are my rock,” to Tegan) was Frank saying, “Maybe everybody else is better if I’m just Frank.” Frank was indisputably best in season 1, so maybe he’s right! Everyone was better off when he was filling his role on the team, and at least now he actually seems to be happy about it.

Rather than fully being Annalise’s minion, he’s in control of his own actions. As long as he has the group to keep him in check, I think Frank’s on a good trajectory for the future. I really, really hope we get to see how he reacts to Laurel’s disappearance, as well.

I’m still on the fence about Michaela and Gabriel, but I’m very intrigued by this news of Michaela’s birth father. I’m sure that will continue to play out in potential future episodes as well. Other than that, I was very happy when Connor told the group to stop giving her a hard time about Simon. Michaela is fully back in the fold, and whatever ostracism Laurel was feeling in this episode will definitely be forgotten now that she’s been captured. I just love when the Keating 5 loves each other.

Do you have any huge questions from the How to Get Away With Murder season 5 finale? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

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