11:00 pm EST, January 24, 2019

#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×10 and ‘HTGAWM’ 5×10

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 15×10, and How To Get Away With Murder 5×10. Here’s our thoughts on what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×10 ‘Help, I’m Alive’:

It’s love triangle Thursday! Grey’s Anatomy serves up all the romance drama as Meredith tries to figure out what she wants while Teddy and Owen try to get their shit together.

Now that the secret it out about Teddy’s pregnancy, she’s looking to stay in Seattle for good again. So she tries to talk to Bailey about it, but she gets directed to Alex, who then tells her to go talk to Maggie. Unfortunately, Maggie is pissed off at Teddy for causing Amelia pain.

On top of all that, Owen is sick and grumpy so he takes it out on Teddy. Even though she’s just trying to do what’s best for their baby he’s all worked up about her keeping the pregnancy a secret from him.

But that doesn’t stop Teddy from freaking out once she finds out that Owen got into trouble and was accidentally given medication meant for his patient that caused him to get paralyzed temporarily.

She stays by his bedside until he’s awake again and then they’re finally able to talk like adults. Once Teddy tells Owen that she’s given up so much to come to Seattle he realizes that he should cut her some slack. He also decides to give her the head of Trauma job so she will stay, is that even allowed?

Unfortunately for us Teddy/Owen shippers he also runs to Amelia and tells her that he doesn’t want a break. He still wants their little family to stick together. It looks like these two are back together. But Owen is also the king of jumping to decisions early so let’s see if this one sticks or not.

Meanwhile, Meredith is working with Link on a case and is surprised by how relaxed he is while working. From the way that he snacks while they wait for the patient to come in on the ambulance, to deciding not to bind her hips before going into surgery.

It makes both Meredith and Link ask Jo why she decided to set them up to begin with. It seems like they’re on totally different pages personality wise. During surgery, Jo also lets it slip that Link had cancer as a child and that’s why he decided to go into surgery.

Link also proves that he wasn’t being careless earlier. There was a very specific reason he decided not to bind the patients hip and it’s not until he stops her internal bleeding that he shows why.

Despite their bickering during the day, when Link finds out that Meredith is throwing a party that day for her son he volunteers to help. He basically saves the day because Meredith knows nothing about superheroes.

They end up learning a lot more about each other and actually having fun. When DeLuca texts her that night, happy about his first solo surgery, she doesn’t even look at her phone because she’s busy with Link.

It seems that Grey’s Anatomy really wants to tear our shipper hearts apart here.

In another notable and heartbreaking storyline, Catherine prepares to have her last big surgery before Tom and Amelia try to take out her tumor. She makes big plans to try and save a patient’s uterus but it doesn’t go according to plan.

It also launches Jackson and Weber to get into a big fight with Catherine. They’re not happy about her secrets and she’s not happy with the way they’re acting already. At least they’re talking about it though? It looks like next week we’ll find out if Tom and Amelia can save Catherine or if the show is about to kill off another major character.

– Sonya Field

‘HTGAWM’ 5×10 ‘Don’t Go Dark On Me’:

Now that all the immediate fallout from the Miller murder and Gabriel reveal is dealt with, it feels like the back half of How to Get Away With Murder has really begun. It looks like the rest of the season will be focusing on the gang getting away with Miller’s murder and, somehow, still getting away with Sam’s murder.

I didn’t know where the episode was going when it started off with that narration track, but it turns out Gabriel is just trying to stay chill after all that baby daddy drama. It was interesting to see Gabriel interact with the Keating 5 honestly in How to Get Away With Murder season 5, episode 10. He’s been such a mystery this season that it kind of felt like we were meeting him for the first time.

I’m curious to see how Gabriel fits in with the group after all the chips fall. I’m sure it’ll come down to how well Annalise can keep him off the Sam trail, and how easily he breaks down Michaela’s defenses. I really hope they don’t set Michaela up for another heartbreak like Caleb, though. She is amazing and deserves all the love in the world. I was truly in awe of how she figured Asher out at the end of the episode based on almost no information.

I was equally awe-struck when she made a stride to getting back into Tegan’s good graces. Please tell me that “personal experience” with bisexuality foreshadowing did not deceive me, and that there’s actually a chance of these two getting together. Screw it, I’ll also take the even more clearly foreshadowed Tegan-Annalise pairing! Mostly I just need more Tegan on the show, but either of these romances would be epic. Even if Frank adorably things that Annalise and Eve are “end game.”

Even though Michaela was able to crack him, Asher really showed how much stronger he’s gotten over the course of the series in this episode. He heard something shocking and even though he wanted to help his friends, he kept an extremely level head. Maybe even too level for Nate’s liking.

I love seeing Nate in full cover up mode in How to Get Away With Murder season 5. He’s been pretty hot and cold so far in the series, so it’s great to see him pick a stance and stay with it. I’m sure this will all catch up with him eventually, especially with what Bonnie just found out, but for now, I’m here for Nate 2019!

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