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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×09 and ‘HTGAWM’ 5×09

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 15×09, and How To Get Away With Murder 5×09. Here’s our thoughts on what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×09 ‘Shelter from the Storm’:

Grey’s Anatomy 15×09 “Shelter from the Storm” picks up right where it left off! The storm is still ripping Seattle apart, there’s still ambulance sex going on, and a bunch of surgeons are still stuck in elevators!

There’s still a bunch of angst going on with Teddy’s pregnancy having just been revealed to Owen, and then Amelia gets thrown into the mix and it’s a big hot mess of emotions in one elevator.

Owen is kind of upset that Teddy had been in Seattle for so long and didn’t tell him about the baby. But then their patient starts to crash and so they get all distracted, but it also shows once again how compatible Teddy and Owen are as they work together as a team.

Meanwhile Bailey and Taryn are stuck in in an elevator and are quick to panic about being trapped. Bailey tries to stay calm and collected but Taryn doesn’t make it easy with her obsession about something bad happening. Then it starts to make Bailey freak out.

Meredith and DeLuca have a much sexier situation going on in their elevator. With Meredith freaking out about getting to her surgery, DeLuca tries to save the day and find a way out but it doesn’t work.

Even though Meredith is annoyed about being trapped, DeLuca is adorable as he can’t stop looking at her. He’s also able to calm her down a bit by reassuring her that someone else is probably helping out Cece.

Then they get to talking about their families and DeLuca admits that his father was a famous surgeon but had a darker side. Speaking in Italian, he tells her the truth about his father’s mental illness. And these writers really want to tease us about these two almost kissing, why why why.

DeLuca is all of us when he questions Meredith why they can’t kiss. She tries to get logical by saying she’s his attending but he calls her out about it. Things get all sexy again when she asks him to speak Italian again and he talks about how badly he wants to kiss her. Then Meredith admits she can speak Italian too!

The fandom gods are unkind to us and the power comes back on for the elevators meaning that DeLuca and Meredith pull away from each other right when they were finally about to kiss. I am ready to riot. This is just cruel and unusual punishment.

Cece start’s having pressure issues while she waits for her transplant, and of course the hospital is worried about their resident matchmaker. Only for them to find out about Bailey and Taryn. So Jackson, Dahlia, and Link try to get them out of the elevator by bashing at the door with help from the building manager.

They actually manage to get it open and help Bailey and Taryn get out of the elevator. But then the power in the elevator comes back on when the building manager is trying to get out and his legs get crushed and this is truly grossing me out.

After surgery, Owen and Teddy seem to work things out a little bit. He wants to be involved and she wants him to be involved. But it’s also obvious that there are still feelings involved despite what they’re denying. If these two aren’t end game, then love is truly dead.

Amelia isn’t dumb and knows that there’s a chance they want to be together. So she gives Owen time to think about what he wants which means she’s moving out again. And also, Betty is off to rehab because she only came back to the hospital to look for drugs. Yikes.

Cece gets her transplant finally and it all seems to be going smoothly until it suddenly isn’t anymore. They try their best to save her but it’s too late and they have to let her go. It’s an emotional goodbye from the doctors that bonded with her so much.

If there’s anything good to get out of the situation, it’s that it seems like Meredith is more determined than ever to keep her promise to Cece to try and find love again. Though she’s still not sure if it will happen, she admits that she’s happy trying.

What’s going to happen with DeLuca is still up in the air! He wants them to try and spend time together outside of the hospital. But they get interrupted by Link and Meredith walks away from both of them without making a decision about who she wants to go out with. I don’t want a love triangle though, I just want her to go be with DeLuca!

– Sonya Field

‘HTGAWM’ 5×09 ‘He Betrayed Us Both’:

htgawm 5x09

Sam, Eve, long haired Bonnie, long haired Annalise, long haired Frank, the gang’s all here for the How to Get Away With Murder mid-season premiere!

I really loved the flashback scenes of the trio in this episode. Not only did we learn that Bonnie and Fran’s weird and quickly forgotten love affair has been in the works for quite some time, but we also got to see some foundational moments in their relationships. Annalise has always had such a deep trust in Bonnie. Frank has always been fiercely protective. Bonnie and Frank have been through so much more than we’ve come to realize.

It was certainly a surprise that Annalise actually tried to adopt Kristoff, but it’s not really shocking considering the fact that she was still looking out for him into his adulthood. This story would be so different if that had worked out!

I find that the more I see Sam on How to Get Away With Murder, the more I realize how much he sucks. The mid-season premiere certainly was no exception, but even I have to admit the scene when he met little Gabriel was pretty damn cute. It must’ve had something to do with the fact that the actor was Tom Verica’s actual son, Dante, which I thought was an amazing touch, on the show’s part.

Everywhere that Sam failed, Eve thrived in this episode of How to Get Away With Murder. She could have given Annalise that letter at any time and won her woman back, but she knew that Annalise needed Sam at that time. Instead of using it to her advantage by telling Annalise, she told Frank in order to protect her. Only now is she coming forward, but it’s to protect her, yet again.

Poor Gabriel doesn’t even know how little he’s missing. The question now is, will Annalise try to become a mother figure in his life? Would that be good for both characters, or would it just lead to Gabriel asking way too many questions about Sam? We know Annalise doesn’t always make the smartest decisions when she’s feeling maternal, so the answer could be both.

The Bonnie that we saw in this episode was not who I expected to see. She didn’t carry any of the anger or madness that we saw in the mid-season finale, when she killed Miller. She was just deeply upset. It’s possible that a large part of her regrets, or at least questions, what she’s done, and either way, she lost someone who she’d loved in more ways than one.

I don’t think Nate taking responsibility is going to go too far in making her feel better, but the gesture was sweet, nonetheless. I hope these two continue to work together in How to Get Away With Murder season 5, and that Nate keeps his new, more interesting story line up.

Could Michaela and Asher actually be on their way to reconciliation? it sure looks that way! Will they manage to rekindle their love again, or is it just friendship in the cards? Only time, and How to Get Away With Murder season 5 will tell.

-Kendra Cleary

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