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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×07, ‘Station 19’ 2×06, and ‘HTGAWM’ 5×07

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 15×07, Station 19 2×06, and How To Get Away With Murder 5×07. Here’s our thoughts on what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×07 ‘Anybody Have a Map?’:

Catherine has a special patient in L.A. and flies both Tom and Meredith out to help. When they arrive, Catherine reveals she’s the one they’re there to treat and she has one hell of a tumor.

Of course, Meredith and Tom are both in shock, and to make matters worse, it’s clear that Catherine doesn’t plan on slowing down or telling her family. What she wants is for them to get a biopsy quickly so she can get back to normal.

Back in Seattle, Maggie and Jackson make up for lost time and have some sexy time. But when Jackson goes to shower, Maggie hears his phone blowing up and find they are texts from another woman.

While they wait for the results, Catherine isn’t about to sit around in a hospital bed. They go out to a bar and talk over the different options they might be facing. Catherine also admits to Meredith that she hasn’t told Weber because she’s worried about his sobriety.

When they get the news back, it isn’t good. But Catherine still wants Tom and Meredith to try even though they’re up against impossible odds. And when she goes to call Weber, he doesn’t answer his phone.

Shady Jackson tries to brush it off with the usual excuses at first, but then he finally gives Maggie more details about how he met the mystery lady while he was on his trip. He says that nothing really happened, but that they spent a lot of time talking.

Eventually he also ends up admitting that he’s been talking to April about his spiritual thoughts as well. Of course Maggie is shocked and hurt that he’s been keeping this a secret. Somehow Jackson turns it around and says the reason he talks to other women about his feelings is because Maggie won’t do it with him.

Jackson also ends up admitting that part of his inner turmoil is the loss of his chance with April now that he believes in God when that was the only thing they really disagreed on. Of course that’s extremely awful for Maggie to have to hear, and she leaves. I just want to know why Grey’s Anatomy has to be like this and write off April only to make her an important part of this storyline?

Nurse Frankie suddenly starts having pains when she’s in the middle of a conversation with Weber, and it has all the nurses freaked out. After an ultrasound, Weber discovers her spleen is flipped, but she doesn’t want to have surgery and risk something happening.

The next time Weber gives Frankie an ultrasound, it looks like her spleen is starting to go back to normal. But then suddenly things start to get worse and Weber has to rush her into surgery anyways. When Alex joins Weber, he wants to take the baby out, but Weber disagrees. Even after the spleen is out, Frankie starts to crash so Alex takes the baby out after all.

When they can’t bring Frankie back, it’s a very emotional moment for both Weber and the rest of the staff. It drives Weber to go to his first AA meeting in a long time, but that doesn’t seem to help at all, and he leaves to go to a bar. But instead of drinking, he ends up smashing all the alcohol in there. This is quite the scene!

At the very end of the episode Meredith gets a call from Weber, and he admits that he’s been arrested.

This episode was a tough one for me! Although the story writing for most of the characters was amazing, I can’t help but be extremely frustrated by Maggie and Jackson. One of my biggest issues with Sarah Drew being written out from the show was that they were going to make it seem like the two could have worked, and that’s exactly what they did.

Fans wanted nothing more than to see April and Jackson get back together, but now that won’t ever happen. And I don’t know if I can ever get over that. Also, Maggie deserves a lot better than what she’s getting from Jackson.

– Sonya Field

‘Station 19’ 2×06 ‘Last Day on Earth’:

This episode is one of those that doesn’t have one disaster that the story is centered around. This is more of a collection of moments, highlighting the different bonds that exist within the Station 19 crew. We’ll try and hit the highlights of all of them.

After last episode’s dramatic confrontation between the Captain and Andy, we have all been awaiting their contentious talk and Andy’s ensuing punishment for what could be seen as insubordination. That discussion is postponed time and time again throughout this episode as calls come in, interrupting any chance they have to talk. They do finally get to the big event, but we’re gonna save that for later.

Andy and Maya spend the majority of the episode together on Aid car duty. Since there aren’t any major calls, the ones that do raise the alarm only require parts of the crew to respond at a time. They have a couple of major saves, requiring them to break through a wall, scale a mountain, and save Ryan’s father when he stumbles into the station with a host of seemingly minor injuries.

Herrera and Ryan’s dad get a moment alone at one point, and Andy gives him a piece of her mind, accidentally letting Ryan know how she believes Ryan was broken by his father’s mistakes. It isn’t until his condition takes a turn for the scary that father and son stop bickering about their differences.

It’s been unclear what role former Captain Herrera would play in Captain Sullivan’s Station 19, and until this week, it looked like he was going to be sidelined. Unexpectedly, Pruitt arrives at Sullivan’s request, and rather than be told his time at the station is done, Sullivan asks Pruitt for his advice as to how he can bond better with his team.

Warren, Montgomery, and Miller get called to a residence to help a woman who’s hand is stuck in her garbage disposal. Keeping her calm while they dismantle the disposal around her hand is key, and that’s no easy feat while her daughter remains in the room. At one point, mid-fight, the daughter hits a button on the blender to scare her mother (and everyone else in the room). Funny in hindsight, yes, but absolutely terrifying in the moment.

Ultimately, Warren is able to use his current situation with Bailey to bond with the victim. He sort of outs his problems to the guys in the moment, but they wait until they’re back in the truck to confront him. Montgomery and Miller learn that he is sort of floating rudderless without Miranda, so they take him under their wing.

Vic spends the majority of the episode freaking out about how she snuck out on Ripley while he was in the shower. She doesn’t know how she feels, but she decides Gibson could possibly be helpful. While they spend their day cleaning the station from top to bottom, we see Hughes and Gibson talking in circles a bit. We don’t see these two together often, so it’s an interesting dynamic to have at play in this episode. Their thread of the episode ends with Gibson seeing the name on her phone as they discuss her mystery guy. Gibson knows that she slept with Ripley, so that’s bound to hit the fan soon.

It’s worth noting that we are definitely getting a slow escalation of Gibson’s mental state. Every episode has at least one mention of him not acting like himself, so that is definitely something to keep an eye on as we move into the fall finale next week.

Herrera presents a calm but firm face when she and Sullivan finally talk it out. She admits her fault in the incident, but makes it clear to him that she is ready to fight for this job that means so much to her. Sullivan surprises her by not punishing her, but instead, requesting that they find time to bond as people outside the firehouse. Herrera and Sullivan are going to get coffee. That should be a fantastic scene to watch.

All in all, this episode didn’t really feel like it had much of a climax. It feels more like a precursor to the fall finale next week. There are certainly more than a few loose threads that would be nice to see get tied up, but with a huge storm moving into Seattle, it’s unclear how much time this crew is going to have to devote to their personal problems.

It’s hard to believe next week is the fall finale already, but it’s bound to leave us with all sorts of questions and cliffhangers until the show returns again, most likely not until 2019.

– Kristen Kranz

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 5×07 ‘I Got Played’:

How to Get Away With Murder season 5, episode 7 seemed to mostly serve as a bridge between the Nate Sr. death and the mid-season finale, but it was still packed with some important punches for the season, as a whole.

First of all, I definitely didn’t see it coming that Annalise would start drinking again, and I’m definitely not happy about it. She’s been doing so great in How to Get Away With Murder season 5, and I’m not ready to see her fall from grace again. Hopefully she puts that list of AA meetings to good use and finds her footing going into the second half of the season.

We especially need her to get better because Frank was just about to tell her whatever secret he has about Gabriel! Could it have something to do with the adoption paperwork?

I have to admit, I didn’t expect Michaela’s “fabstinent” vow to last this long, but I was really hoping she’d break it with Asher or Tegan. She came so close, but then she walked across the hall. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how mad we should be about her potentially growing feelings for Gabriel.

How to Get Away With Murder season 5, episode 7, was unfortunately a harsh reminder about how much progress is still to come when it comes to race and sexuality inclusion in the world. The injustice that Nate Sr. and Connor and Oliver faced in this episode was unacceptable, and that feeling was palpable throughout the episode.

It’s tragically too late for Nate Sr., but luckily, Connor and Oliver aren’t going to let a few bruises stop them, because they’re going to be getting married in the next episode of How to Get Away With Murder.

It seems like we’re no further ahead in regards to who died at the wedding, but Bonnie certainly seemed to be using her Annalise voice at the end of this episode. Thankfully, we’ll finally discover everything next week, on How to Get Away With Murder.

– Kendra Cleary

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