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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×04, ‘Station 19’ 2×02, and ‘HTGAWM’ 5×03

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Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 15×04, Station 19 2×02, and How To Get Away With Murder 5×03. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×04 ‘Momma Knows Best’:

It’s Meredith’s big day to jump back into the dating pool, and everyone is making a big deal out of seeing her dressed up at the hospital! Including a certain resident DeLuca that seems to have a growing crush on his boss. Even Carina notices the difference in the way DeLuca is acting around Meredith and seems just as excited as I am to see what could happen between these two.

The fact that everyone is pointing out how nice Meredith looks isn’t making her feel any better about her upcoming date. Because thanks to the way that her matchmaker works, Meredith doesn’t know anything about who she’s meeting up with.

Once Meredith arrives at the date, it actually seems to go a lot smoother than she expected. She learns that John is similar to her, in that he’s very focused on his career and he also doesn’t seem to like dating. Things get a little weird when they find out they’re actually on the wrong date when the other dates show up. But they decide to cancel their real dates to keep their date going.

Everything is going really smoothly until John starts talking about how he doesn’t like dating single moms. It totally ruins everything and it’s clear that Meredith doesn’t want a second date despite how well it had been going before. When she gets back to the hospital, she tells Amelia she’s already done with the dating scene.

Alex continues to struggle with his job, fearing that he actually does suck at it. He already regrets taking it and misses out on just being a surgeon. Plus, he feels weird when his new wife Jo talks about some things she wants to propose the hospital buys.

Jackson is still pretty much missing in action, and everyone wants to know what’s going on. But Maggie’s only recently received a text about a tree and doesn’t have answers on when he’s coming back. She’s also still worried about the news she knows about Teddy being pregnant and how that will affect Amelia. For the meantime it seems like she’s letting her obsession about Amelia’s life distract her from the issues with Jackson.

Amelia’s family life with Owen is a little rocky when she thinks that Betty got high again and lied to her. It leads to a big fight which ends up stressing out Owen as well because it makes it harder for him to take care of Leo. Amelia even ends up bringing Betty to the hospital to get a drug test. When that makes thing worse, Amelia asks Owen’s mom for advice. And when she asks if Amelia and Owen are back together, Amelia doesn’t really know what to say.

By the end of the day, Maggie is so over the day that she ends up telling Meredith about Teddy’s pregnancy! It looks like this love-triangle storyline is about to step it up a notch.

Much like last week’s episode, Grey’s Anatomy 15×04 wasn’t exactly as fun and light-hearted as I expected. There were definitely moments of cuteness and funny parts, but the drama still outweighed them. And with Meredith’s disaster date it made me a little nervous about what’s to come with her love life. Honestly, I’m just ready for Meredith and DeLuca to admit that they’re crushing on each other and start that work place romance that everyone loves to see from the show.

The cross-over with Station 19 also felt a little bit forced with the characters from the station house sticking around longer than they needed to. I get why the crossover is happening, to help bring more fans to the newer show. But I would prefer that if it happened, it made a little more sense with the episode writing.

– Sonya Field

‘Station 19’ 2×02 ‘Under The Surface’:

Station 19 picked up right where Grey’s left off, with Max missing in action and the police and fire departments coordinating a methodical search of the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital. Ryan, aka Officer Tanner, finds Max walking down the street nearby, but before he can grab or even talk to him, Max runs off and falls down into an open storm drain. This missing persons case just became a search and rescue.

The fire department is playing a very high stakes game of leap frog as they try to get ahead of Max as he floats through the city’s sewer system. They have to find him and get him out before he is out of their reach.

Travis Montgomery is healing well after his heart surgery, but his six weeks of recuperation aren’t enough for his boyfriend, Grant. Grant just isn’t ready to watch his man run back into danger. While everyone else is in the middle of the action, Travis gets a taste by helping Warren back at the station getting as much information for the Captain as possible to shrink the haystack their needle, Max, is lost in.

Thanks to a well coordinated effort, Herrera and Gibson are present at a sewer entrance when Max shouts for help from below. Maya is harnessed up and almost ready to dive in, but Herrera decides to break protocol and put herself and the boy at risk to try and grab him before he can escape their grasp. Because of her impulse, they have to spend valuable time fishing her unmoored self out of the drain, and it costs them valuable time.

They have one last access point before Max will be out of their reach, and it’s not a full size sewer entrance. No one will be able to get down to Max, so they will need him to be brave enough to help himself. Herrera does help keep Max calm thanks to a walkie-talkie on a cable, but that’s not enough to balance her blunder from earlier.

Gibson and Bishop lower a flexible floaty ring down into the drain that Max only has to get into so they can pull him up. Thanks to a little truth from his father, Max pulls together all his courage and reaches the ring. They pull him up and his dad is there to hold him tight.

The episode wraps up with Herrera having a little chat with her new Captain. She learns that all the Spanish she’s been using to talk behind his back wasn’t so secretive, as her Captain also speaks Spanish. If Herrera ever wants to get out of the doghouse, she’s going to have to learn to play by the rules and respect his authority. She might have a lot to learn, but I believe this could make her a better firefighter, and ultimately a better leader for the team’s future.

I like Captain Sullivan. I know that’s probably controversial, but almost everyone at Station 19 has put themselves at risk for little to no reason at one time or another. I think they need a dose of the hard ass Captain Sullivan for a while.

I’m excited to see them embrace him as they start to realize that there’s a time for bending/breaking protocol, and a time to stick to the rules, which are definitely there for a reason. After all, there were definitely a few rules bent or broken for the better in this episode, what, with Max’s father riding along to the scene, Deluca and Pierce joining the operation, and even with former Captain Herrera pitching in to help. Sometimes, you have to bend a rule to do what’s best, but that has to be the exception, not the norm.

It may have been a little early for a Station 19/Grey’s Anatomy crossover, but if it makes for a more fluid dynamic between the shows overall, I’m all for it. I’d love to see a few minor crossovers go a little more seamlessly in the future, but this is a decent start.

-Kristen Kranz

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 5×03 ‘The Baby Was Never Dead’:

Another week, another awesome episode of How to Get Away with Murder season 3. I am so into the format of this season, and I’m loving all of the characters’ story lines that are heating up.

For the first time in a while, Annalise is actually one of my favorite characters on the show. Based on what we’re seeing in How to Get Away with Murder season 3, having Christopher around has really helped her. She seems happy. She cares about her job, she’s giving tough love to her students, she’s being genuinely kind to Nate and Bonnie, and she’s killing it in the court room. She may have lost this week, but is anybody really upset about that?

It was infuriating listening to Harrington attempt to tear Annalise and Tegan down with his sexist rhetoric, but it was amazing to see their strength and confidence when standing up for themselves. Just as amazing was Emmett defending them just as furiously. He’s a tough boss, but I’m really starting to like him. Hopefully he’s able to turn things around for the company without compromising his character.

Of course, no matter how pro-Annalise Emmett becomes, Tegan will always be my Caplan & Gold fav. The fact that she was able to divulge to Michaela exactly why she can’t forgive her ironically was probably the first step toward her being able to do so. At least she’s gotten past shutting her out completely, even if her confession was heartbreaking.

Did anyone else get some weird romantic vibes from Michaela and Tegan? This is like the Annalise and Wes thing all over again. However, it would actually be kind of awesome if Michaela and Tegan got together. I’m sure there’s quite an age difference, but I could still get behind it. Although, I’m definitely still holding out hope for an Annalise/Tegan pairing, and they’re warming up to each other more and more with each episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

Just like Wes, Gabriel has quickly gone from being teased by the rest of the group to being part of the inner circle. He even seems to be cozying up to Laurel! We’ll see what Frank has to say about that, but based on what’s hidden in Gabriel’s apartment, he might not be so wrong to worry.

So, I definitely can’t talk about this episode of How to Get Away with Murder without mentioning that Bonnie bombshell. She has a sister?! Just when I was wondering how they would possibly bring Bonnie back after this flash forward sequence, they go and drop that on us! The question now is, is it actually Bonnie’s sister at Coliver’s wedding, or are they just trying to bait us? Whoever it is, I think we can all agree that if they hurt Oliver, all HTGAWM fans are coming for them.

-Kendra Cleary

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