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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×15, ‘Scandal’ 7×14, and ‘HTGAWM’ season 4 finale

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×15, Scandal 7×14, and How To Get Away With Murder season 4 finale. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×15 ‘Old Scars, Future Hearts’ – Sonya Field

Tonight’s episode was heavy on the romance, past and present. While relationships are shifting the show tackles the subject of giving over power to the people we love. Not only do viewers see dynamics shift for current relationships, but there’s also a significant amount of time spent on flashbacks.

To be honest, it’s an interesting theme for them to be showing but I felt like they could have done without the flashbacks. Fans didn’t really learn anything significant that we didn’t already know about. Alex is still a little messed up from his time spent taking care of his mother, Jo still has scars from when she lived out of her car, and Maggie was awkward around her peers.

Personally, I was much more interested to see the shifts in their relationships now. Alex learned that Jo was applying for fellowships all around the country, and although that’s normal it’s still shocking to him. He’s worried that she’ll leave and can’t help but start acting weird.

Jo isn’t exactly looking to leave Seattle, but she is excited to have the opportunity to go anywhere that she wants now that she doesn’t have to hide. However, Jo is reminded that the only place she’s ever felt in has been in Seattle with Alex. She’s not looking to leave him anytime soon and makes things official and proposes to him. It’s actually a really sweet scene and I’m so glad to get to see one couple get a big happy moment.

Maggie and Jackson continue to be super awkward and they dance around this non-relationship. Since Maggie is preparing for a big surgery she keeps putting off Jackson’s dinner invites. Eventually they end up spending time together when she needs help for her patient and he hears an embarrassing story she was telling Alex and Jo. Later, Maggie works to make their dynamic seem more even and gets Jackson to tell her some embarrassing things in return.

Elsewhere, April admits to Tom that she’s at a point in her faith where she wishes God was dead for what she’s had to go through. But she doesn’t seem to be ready to really deal with her issues head on yet.

And Meredith discovers that Marie wants her to make a public statement that she helped Ellis come up with the surgery she won awards for. Without any real proof, and since Ellis can’t defend herself, Meredith refuses to undo her mother’s legacy. Which means that Meredith won’t be able use the patent.

It was nice to see the episode was mostly light and had that big moment between Alex and Jo. However, since I’m really not a fan of Maggie and Jackson those scenes made it difficult to enjoy the episode overall. And it looks like viewers will be getting even more of them next week. #NotExcited

‘Scandal’ 7×14 ‘The List’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal 7x14 feature tgit

I find it truly fascinating how Scandal can manage to produce incredibly poignant episodes that speak to the truth of current political and cultural climate. But at the same time, deliver a twisted enough plotline that serves as the catalyst for the series finale.

It almost didn’t feel as if anything would progress far enough to propel the series, let alone Olivia, towards some semblance of a conclusion. But Scandal is doing just that, even if the former only happens in what feels like the final 2 minutes of the episode.

“She followed you into the swamp and it sucked her under.” Olivia Pope returns to her journey towards redemption in “The List” and a giant push forward comes from an unlikely source — a stranger. While I want Olivia’s team at QPA to be the ones to get her over the finish line, a case, a small, personal case coaxes Liv slowly back into the light.

A Washington scandal, the titler “List” refers to the age-old list of officials who pass around a ranking of interns judged and marked by the men in power. One young professional, Alisha, dies after being ousted from over 30 jobs due to a bad ranking. Olivia, her idol, wants to throw the entire lot of the harassers to the dogs.

However, no dogs are willing to fight this one. This case, though instrumental to moving Olivia along, needs to work on two ends. Liv needs a personal victory, one earned on her own. “The List” of course serves as conversation for a bigger, more public issue facing the nation right now.

And yes, Liv gets her victory in the form of one woman coming forward against her abuser. And the abuser of many other women in the field of politics. The admission of assault not just on their bodies, but on their reputations tips the scales in their favor. One admission leads to many secrets coming to light.

But Liv needs a bigger victory to happen — she needs her team to take her back. More than one person from the old guard are on Liv alert. Abby, who takes in Liv and fields her concerns about Cyrus Beene’s fight for the Oval. Huck, the man who never ever gave up on Olivia, tracks down the hackers code as quickly as the best of the NSA/B^-13 combined.

So what about the final driver that final pushes Quinn to Liv’s door? Charlie’s computer IP address is traced to the virus a full day before the hacking of the plane. Faster than Quinn can accuse Charlie, the FBI is knocking down the door and taking him away.

Well, well, well. Cyrus Beene is the big bad of the series. Did I see it coming? No. Should I have seen it coming? Absolutely.

The writing has always been on the wall (except when Cyrus takes it down and trades it for a better deal). He uses his personal tragedy, his public humiliation, even the assassination of the president elect to further his end game. Yet somehow, I always underestimate him.

Isn’t that the point though? The series keeps asking us to let people back in. Olivia’s mother, Rowan, Jake, Abby, Quinn, Huck, Fitz, Mellie, Olivia herself. There isn’t a single character who exists outside the grey area. But Cyrus’ hands are dirty and have been for quite some time.

With only three episodes left, is it time to finally turn against him?

‘HTGAWM’ season 4 finale ‘Nobody Else is Dying’ – Kendra Cleary

how to get away with murder 4x15, htgawm

Another season of How to Get Away With Murder has come and gone, and even though the season 4 finale left us with a little bit of hope, as usual, we’re left with far more questions than answers.

First things first, though. The satisfaction of seeing Jorge Castillo behind bars was oh so sweet. That guy’s been causing trouble for far too long on How to Get Away With Murder. After what he’s put Laurel through this season, I can’t bring myself to feel the least bit sorry for him, even if he was looking pretty pathetic for most of the episode. Too little, too late, Padre.

The unfortunate thing is, it’s possible that he’s actually right about Laurel. The season 4 finale of How to Get Away With Murder spent a lot of time making Laurel declare that she didn’t hurt her mother, only to make it look like she may have done just that.

They built it up to the point that I was actually terrified that Laurel was going to hurt Annalise at the end of the episode! If there’s one thing a How to Get Away With Murder finale does well, it’s create tension, and it definitely succeeded here.

Luckily, Annalise finished off the season unscathed. Now, the question remains, was I right to fear for her safety, or was the tension being built for something far more positive? Frank is back to his henchman ways, scoping out this Gabriel kid.

Could he be Annalise’s long lost son? Given his age, the only logical alternative is that he’s Nate’s son, or someone who’s not part of the main group. However, they did make it look like he was checking out Bonnie’s file when he saw the “child alive?” note. We know she has a rough history and that she was sexually abused very young, so depending how old Gabriel actually is…stranger things have happened on this show!

Laurel wasn’t the only one whose dark side was alluded to in the How to Get Away With Murder season 4 finale. Michaela has finally decided to be what everyone thinks she is, and embrace her inner “bitch.” Step one, get Simon deported!

Michaela has been on a rollercoaster for the past few episodes, after a very steady first half of the season. After losing Asher, causing Simon’s deportation, and sticking up to Annalise, I really have no idea where she’ll be when we next see her. Her character arc has been confusing, to say the least, in season 4, but she’s still always such a joy to watch. At least she still has Connor to keep her in the loop.

Although, Connor will certainly be busy if he’s successful in getting back into school, especially with all of the Coliver wedding planning that needs to take place! I’m really hoping that he’ll ask Michaela to be his “best man.” What better place for Asher and Michaela to reunite than at Connor and Oliver’s! It’s possible I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, but I just love these ships!

Could there be a new ship in the making at the DA’s office? Possibly, but I’d air on the side of caution if I were Bonnie. The last thing the group needs is someone new snooping around their business, just as they’ve gotten everything cleaned up and are potentially diving back into the class-action lawsuit.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until How to Get Away With Murder season 5 to figure all of this out. Feel free to speculate in the comments, until then!

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