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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×14, ‘Scandal’ 7×13, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×14

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×14, Scandal 7×13, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×14. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×14 ‘Games People Play’- Sonya Field

It’s game night on Grey’s Anatomy! Not only are Meredith and her sisters hosting a get together to judge Maggie’s new boyfriend Clive, but they’re also learning lessons about games people play on each other too.

Maggie has been pretty happily dating Clive, she’s even had a sleep over with him, but she’s still unsure about him for some reason. That’s why the sisters decide to have a game night so they can judge Clive without him knowing it. What Maggie didn’t realize though, is that Clive has been lying to her all along. Maybe the fact that he seemed so boring lured her into a false sense of security.

Whatever the case may be, Clive’s wife showed up in the middle of game night and dropped the big bomb. Of course, this gives Jackson the perfect opportunity to come in like a knight in shining armor and make Maggie feel better.

The writers have been trying to make the storyline between these two angsty, and drawn out. I’m sure that the intention is to draw viewers in and have us rooting for them. Instead it’s just creepy to see these two kind-of brother/sister pair kiss.

With the fresh news that April’s character is going to be written off this season, it’s also very poorly timed. The fandom is angry and sad that we’ll be loosing April and on the same night the show is pushing Maggie and Jackson together. Basically we’re being given one thing we don’t want and having another thing we love ripped away.

So while I’m not exactly happy to see Maggie get played by Clive, I don’t want to see her with Jackson either. Like at all.

Maggie wasn’t the only sister getting played though. Meredith and Jo were also shocked to discover that the person they were meeting about the patent was none other than Meredith’s “Aunt Marie.” Marie was one of Ellis’ close friends that watched Meredith growing up. Until one day she disappeared and Meredith never knew why.

Meredith and Jo spend the entire day trying to woo Marie, telling her all about their research. They even show her the mice that they’ve been testing on, which they technically weren’t supposed to do without the patent. It’s not until Marie leaves that Meredith learns the truth from Weber. Marie stopped talking to Ellis after they had a falling out. Now Meredith is worried that she got played and rushed home to try and find answers in her mother’s journal.

Amelia did a little playing of her own, but in a much more fun way. Ever since they split up, Amelia and Owen have been getting along great. So much so that Amelia feels totally comfortable telling Owen that she misses sex. Owen admits that he’s grateful for how well they’ve been getting along. Naturally, they decide to bang.

Overall, the episode was good but I couldn’t help feeling like there was a dark cloud over the entire thing. Learning about April and Arizona getting written off this season just soured the episode for me. It’s too fresh on my mind to really enjoy what’s going on.

I’ve definitely appreciated the show’s move to become lighter and more fun. However, I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to these characters for what seems like no reason. It seemed like April spent the entire episode getting treated badly, and I don’t like feeling as though Maggie and Jackson are being pushed on viewers. Right now, I’m not super excited to see what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes and that’s just sad.

‘Scandal’ 7×13 ‘Air Force Two’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal 7x13 cyrus tgit

Lisbon pirate fight. Scandal sets up a nice throw away joke to kick off the episode. Then Cyrus Beene uses the word boondoggle in a sentence. But what came next, was a lot, even for Scandal standards. As a season comes to a close what better way to test the loyalty and emotions of the characters than with a plane hijacking via hackers?

Scandal is great at running in circles while making you believe progress is being made. And “Air Force Two” is a great example of what the series is great at — building suspense and delivering major plot advances in the final two minutes of the episode.

As the series comes to an end, an episode like “Air Force Two” made me consider a few things. Namely, that we are likely saying goodbye to some characters’ in upcoming episodes and that Scandal’s formulaic storytelling continues to work in its favor as the clock ticks down.

First, David Rosen is likely experiencing his curtain call. Now, I never thought David was the shining star of group. That doesn’t mean he was a throw away character by any means. He had love, he had moments of being an asset (remember when he wooed Susan Ross?!), and he was the center of a major cliffhanger (RIP James). It’s a nice moment when a series can take the efforts to bring someone who has been there for it all, into focus.

Second, Jake Ballard has been unhinged for a long time and I finally feel vindicated. Full disclosure, I think Jake is one of the most interesting characters on Scandal. He fades out of the picture at all the right moments.

Jake needs to be in the pocket of someone. Right now, he is free. Sure, Mellie is in the Oval, but Jake Ballard is untamed. “Give me an order.” That sounds like a stable man, happy in his job.

Mellie may kick him out of the Situation Room, but by the nature of his position, until he is fired, he will find a way back. When will I get the declassified files of Jake Ballard? WHEN? No one, not a single person, knows what he is doing.

Third, Cyrus Beene has seen some… stuff. And I’m happy he got to have his civil servant moment that shows his commitment to his country. It was a moment where he composed himself, spoke to the people without the thought of being watched. Without an ulterior motive. And, boy, was it one of his greatest scenes in the entire series.

So, with very little time left in the series, there is a lot of leg work. Not just for Olivia Pope. And “Air Force Two” is a strong example of the people who make this show work. It’s bigger than Olivia and Fitz’s will they or won’t they. It’s better than mocking the 2016 election.

The people make the most impact when they act as a collective. With that, a reporter does her job — albeit under circumstances that would never come together — she delivers the truth of a story to the American people. Or at least one version of the truth.

But this is Scandal. So you know everything falls apart with 2 minutes left to go. And if every emotion, every character connection, every assumption has to be built up only to be torn down before the credits, then so be it. If it means there are more episodes like “Air Force Two” coming my way, all I can say is, bring it on.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×14 ‘The Day Before He Died’ – Kendra Cleary

The celebration from the #TGIT crossover and the class-action lawsuit appears to have been short lived on How to Get Away With Murder. Now that Simon’s awake, the drama is back with full force in season 4, episode 14.

Things were looking up at first, when all that Simon cared about were his feelings for Oliver, but it all went downhill from there. I was admittedly scared when Tegan got involved. That woman is seriously badass, and could definitely give Annalise a run for her money.

However, there’s one thing that Annalise has that Tegan doesn’t, and that’s the Keating 5 (plus Bonnie and Frank). This episode really showed how strong they are when they work as a team, and how much they can accomplish. Asher and Michaela even shook off a heartbreaking, unresolved fight to help (probably for the best because I was not ready for their relationship to end). I doubt we’ve heard the last of Simon and his testimony, but at least the gang is in the clear for now.

In “awkward hospital visits part 2”…one mistake that How to Get Away With Murder season 4 is making, in my opinion, is wrapping so much of Annalise’s development up in Isaac. They’ve made his character so sketchy from the start that it’s nearly impossible to care about him now, no matter what he’s going through. Annalise is awesome in season 4, but it’s difficult to care as much about her scenes with Isaac as with the other characters. He said that would be their last conversation and honestly, I really hope he’s right.

If there was one thing I didn’t expect in How to Get Away With Murder season 4, it’s that the events surrounding Wes’ death would continue to unravel. Looks like mama Castillo fits right into the family, and after Laurel’s reaction, she could have more of the family blood in her than she’d like as well.

The worst part of this conversation for me wasn’t the realization that Laurel’s mother was involved in Wes’ death, but Laurel’s declaration of undying love for Wes. Frank is killing himself to try to help her and she might not ever be able to give him her entire heart again. It makes sense, but it’s still hard to accept!

Maybe Denver is the one we should’ve been worrying about this whole time. He’s seemed easy to manipulate in the past, but he could be the one who’s pulling all the strings. That scene with Bonnie in the car was so reminiscent of Annalise’s own car accident, and all signs point to Denver ordering the act. The Keating 5 has enemies coming at them from all sides, so maybe that quadruple marriage idea isn’t a bad plan…

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