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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×12, ‘Scandal’ 7×11, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×12

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×12, Scandal 7×11, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×12. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×12 ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’

greys anatomy tgit

After a few heavy episodes Grey’s Anatomy 14×12 brings the show back to a lighter, fun feeling. The hospital is filled with the surgeons getting ready to start the contest.

But first, many of them still have to settle on what projects they want to work on. For Meredith, Weber, and Arizona this means waiting to be inspired by their patients. For Jackson it means trying to decide between the project he initially came up with or the new one presented to him.

It was fun seeing Meredith continue to work her genius, despite the pressured that she feels. Meredith is literally elbow deep in a surgery when she’s inspired with the idea to create mini kidneys to replace failing kidneys in patients. Much like the friend of Weber that she’s been helping.

What I really loved seeing was Meredith continuing to grow closer to Jo. Though Paul may be gone, he’s still affecting Jo mentally with her paranoia refusing to go away. Not only does Meredith comfort her, but also assure Jo that she’s a worthy partner to work with on the project for the contest.

Arizona is inspired by the guilt she still feels from losing Karen (Mathews wife) to preeclampsia after it went undetected. She wants to resolve the problem that the U.S. faces with higher mortality rates for maternity patients. Which means working with Carina at a closer level, and also trying to convince April that it’s not her fault about what happened to Karen.

Weber’s idea comes from talking with Maggie about her mother’s death, which has reached its one-year anniversary. He wants to work on a pen that can detect the difference between healthy cells and cancerous cells on contact so that surgeons can use it while they’re in the operating room. There’s also some added humor thanks to Maggie and Weber’s continued awkward-ish relationship.

The struggle with Jackson continues to be his mother trying to interfere with his life. This time, Catherine wants him to put aside the project he was already working on to one that her friend has come up with.

Candis Cayne makes her first appearance in what is going to be a multi-episode arc. However, it’s a bit disappointing that we get to see such a short amount of her in this episodes. It seems obvious that Jackson is going to choose to work with her on the new vaginoplasty method so I’m excited to see more of her.

As an added bonus to the episode, the interns got a good amount of screen time thanks to all the research work they do for the attending surgeons!

The one dark cloud hanging over the episode is April’s continued downward spiral. She’s still not the same April we’re used to seeing but I’m enjoying seeing her getting a more prominent storyline because Sarah Drew’s acting is phenomenal.

‘Scandal’ 7×11 ‘Army of One’

Scandal 7x11 cyrus olivia tgit

The perception of Olivia Pope has shifted in the West Wing, in OPA, and in her childhood home. Liv continues to be the wedge between Jake and the White House, between Quinn and Rowan, and between OPA and their desire to get back to work. It may appear that Olivia is throwing her modus operandi out the window.

Olivia has power. She has the fear of those around her. And she certainly is not out of the White House just yet. Unfortunately, Liv isn’t seeing anything in her life as a success. And as weekly viewer, it’s been more than frustrating watching every single person draw the same conclusion before the smartest person in the room.

Scandal started to feel more like an episode of Tom and Jerry.

But finally, something started to shift in week’s episode. Everyone, including Olivia, finally gave up on this cat and mouse game. And all I can say is, “THANK SHONDA!”

Our hero has been away for quite some time. And her journey through the episodes of season 7 has been a tedious and challenging one.

Things got bad. Treason, killing heads of state, threats over dinosaur bones. At times, I felt as if I was grabbing for any shred of hope this show had left. My first hope was for Jake to get a decent storyline. He didn’t. My second hope, for the heroes of QPA to rise up and march on with their pristine white hats.

That also didn’t happen. The group tried, but failed to separate themselves from Olivia. Olivia wanted to watch the world burn. And the world burned. Along with my patience.

But so goes the hero’s journey. Which leads us to episode 11. Olivia finally makes it into what is called, “atonement with the father.” And yes, there was a literal atonement with her father. But the entire episode can be seen as the moment where Olivia confronts who and what holds power over her life.

At one time that was Eli. In this moment, it’s B613. It’s the White House. And it’s everyone, except Olivia. She couldn’t even call off her own army of men to save Quinn. She is wounded, in need of a support system. And just like her father, she realizes that she does not have one readily in place. What she once had, she lost in the mountains of Vermont.

It’s time for Liv to carry on into the final steps of her journey. Scandal and HTGAWM are about to crossover. I hope this does not cloud the tremendous amount of work the former series has left to do in its final hours.

Some new hopes for series include, letting Mellie and Cyrus duke it out for the White House. Fitz possibly never coming back. And, ultimately, Liv sitting down to a Sunday dinner with Eli and Jake, building the family they want.

As a bonus, this episode also gave us the best line of the series — “Shut up, Robert. Eat your melon.”

‘HTGAWM’ 4×12 ‘Ask Him About Stella’


How to Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 12 seemed to hit the reset button on many of the season 4 storylines. Things looked pretty awful for most of the episode, but in the end, things turned out to be refreshingly hopeful and positive.

One of my favorite things about the episode was how hard the women brought it. Annalise had her character completely attacked by someone who’d been helping her and who, in turn, she’d helped.

Instead of breaking down and turning to her vices when Isaac turned against her, she held her ground and contacted the only person who might be able to help him in his current state. I don’t want to believe he’s really a murderer but…he’s getting creepier by the second. And he was sufficiently creepy from day one.

Bonnie was also on her A game in How to Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 12. She showed Denver who was boss with her little contingency plan, but unfortunately, Jorge is likely way more powerful than she’s giving him credit for.

Sure, having Frank as a live-in bodyguard might help her overall safety, but I’m seriously getting worried for Bonnie. Her storyline has been so drastically different in season 4, and I’m starting to wonder if she’ll be meeting her demise soon.

The third lady to steal the show in this episode was Michaela. She had a really strong start in season 4, but was beginning to crumble after losing her job. I was concerned that she was headed for a fall, just after becoming such an amazing leader for the Keating 5. Luckily though, it looks like she’s back on track. When Annalise was ready to give up on the class-action lawsuit, she had the solution. That brilliant solution was (drumroll please), Olivia Pope!…?

Laurel didn’t necessarily have a stand out moment of strength in this episode, but now that she’s met her baby, she should be back on a better track. Things are looking up for her, as long as Frank doesn’t uncover anything too sinister regarding her mother. Since it’s How to Get Away With Murder though, that seems unlikely.

It was absolutely cool to get a sneak peek of the crossover between How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal, but the set-up for this felt a little clumsy. However, the circumstances that brought Olivia to the show are intriguing.

It looks like she could be the one to help Annalise and the Keating turn things around with this lawsuit. If it means we get to see more adorable scenes with Nate and his father, I’ll accept help from anyone.

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