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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×11, ‘Scandal’ 7×10, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×11

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×11, Scandal 7×10, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×11. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×11 ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’


The day starts off normal for Bailey, dropping off Tuck at school and arguing with Ben. Then she makes up an excuse to stop at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital when really she’s worried that she’s having a heart attack. All of EKG tests come back normal but she refuses to go anywhere until she’s had a full workup.

Bailey gets understandably frustrated when the doctors refuse to listen to her, and instead blame her symptoms on stress. When she wants a second opinion from a cardiologist, they send down a psychologist instead. Bailey gives in and calls Maggie, asking her to come down to the hospital.

When Maggie arrives at Seattle Presbyterian, she unexpectedly runs into Weber, who is also there to check on Bailey. They walk in to find her saving another patient one moment, and the next she’s passing out. Maggie checks the EKG and is immediately worried, she wants to take Bailey to the OR right away but isn’t given privileges. So instead Bailey berates the staff of Seattle Presbyterian while they treat her blocked artery.

As Bailey is arguing with Weber about returning to work quickly, she starts to have another episode. Finally Weber convinces them to give Maggie privileges so that she can treat Bailey properly. But before surgery this time, Bailey asks Maggie to call Ben and have him come. Ben runs all the way to the hospital but when he gets there Weber tells him that she’s already in surgery and they’re not sure how much damage has been done.

The next time Bailey wakes up, it’s with Maggie by her side and to good news. Ben comes to see her next and has stern words for her about being notified first next time. He offers to quit the fire station, but she doesn’t want that either. Bailey doesn’t want Ben to waste his life doing something that doesn’t make him happy, in return she wants him to build her treehouse.

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‘Scandal’ 7×10 ‘The People V. Olivia Pope’

Scandal 7x09 TGIT

“Do you want to go to Vermont?” How long have Scandal fans been waiting to hear that phrase come out of Fitz’s mouth?

Hopefully as long as I have been waiting to get the real Olivia back in the game. It’s intervention time.

But first, Charlie knows Quinn is alive! Watching him exhale, see his daughter, fold baby clothes, and threaten to kill Olivia feels right. Unfortunately, he cannot remain with his budding family. If Liv is to pay for what she’s done, it’s going to take time.

Even David hits her with the stone cold stare. Olivia throwing everyone on her team under the bus is not a good look on her. But nothing she has done this season has looked good. And while Liv gets pouty in her dream home room, David gets another moment in the spotlight, reading off a list of her crimes through the door.

I almost forgot about Mellie and the West Wing with everything else that’s been going on. Of course, they play a key role in getting to the bottom of Rashad’s death. The person who holds the answers, Jake, is proving what we already know — he is a pawn in Olivia’s game.

What power does he have left? Mellie can simply walk into the headquarters, Cyrus doesn’t flinch when scissors literally cut into his throat. Can Jake get anything done inside the White House? The secret service won’t even tell him where Olivia ran off to.

But Mellie wants to turn the tables. She lies in wait until Jake arrives at Liv’s apartment and demands answers. The answers she gets are not quite what she wants to hear. Jake informs the President that the real reason Liv killed Rashad was because she wanted to protect Mellie from herself. Millie could not go to war for a man. And so, Liv eliminated the man.

Back at the Vermont palace, if Huck nearly breaking into tears and saying, “I’m not your gladiator anymore” isn’t enough to break Liv out of this funk, what is? Certainly not Fitz lamenting about sharing quite minutes or the first time they met.

In the early hours of the morning, Charlie attempts to say farewell to his child. A few states away, Olivia submits her official resignation for Chief of Staff and plan for Jake to dismantle B6-13. And while she won’t admit she is wrong, Olivia does apologize to her team.

And, of course, the only turn around she completed was to getting the plane back to go back to D.C. And as the title of the episode suggests, the people are against Olivia Pope. Honestly, so am I.

‘HTGAWM’ 4×11 ‘He’s a Bad Father’

how to get away with murder 4x11, annalise keating tgit

Now that Laurel has gained her freedom, all of her focus is on getting her son back. Luckily, she had a secret weapon in her pocket, thanks to her mom’s unexpected phone call.

For a second there, it looked like her mom was going to derail the entire thing. However, thanks to Annalise’s genius, her testimony ended up being incredibly helpful to Laurel’s case.

Unfortunately, Jorge can afford to hire lawyers that are even more ruthless than Annalise, so Papa Castillo won this round. More importantly, things are about to get a whole lot worse for Isaac, now that his daughter’s case has been reopened and he’s a prime suspect!

Laurel’s dad is seriously blackmailing his daughter by taking her child in return for a hard drive? There’s no question that he’s evil, but suddenly everyone is questioning if he actually had a hand in Wes’ death or not. Are they being crazy, or is Laurel’s mom, in fact, the crazy one?

While Laurel and Annalise worked on her case, everyone else concerned themselves with two things: Wes’ voicemail and the class action lawsuit. Bonnie’s work on the lawsuit led them to the revelation about Laurel’s mom, and the class action lawsuit took a very interesting turn.

This is by far the most interesting storyline that Nate has ever been a part of on How to Get Away With Murder. I was hoping for some more interesting interactions between him and his father, but then the last few minutes of the episode happened and between the kiss, the elevator stare, and the picture, I don’t know what to believe!

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