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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×09, ‘Scandal’ 7×08, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×09

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×09, Scandal 7×08, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×09. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×09, ‘1-800-799-7233’:

The episode picks up right where it left off, with Jo running into her creepy ex Paul. He introduces her to his new fiancé and wants to talk, but Jo freezes — until Weber interrupts and reminds her that Alex needs her for their patient. When Jo gets to Alex, she tries to tell him what happened with Paul but their patient starts to get worse, and Alex’s attitude is no better.

As Alex is prepping for his surgery, he runs into Paul and is 100% confused. He has to get into surgery but tells his intern to find Jo and bring her right to him. Paul ends up joining Meredith in her surgery. When Meredith tells him she’s friends with Jo, he starts to spout some lies about Jo running off with his money. What he doesn’t know is that Jo is listening in.

Of all people, Meredith ends up comforting Jo when the surgery is over — Alex doesn’t seem to know what to say. Jo tells them she wants a divorce so she never has to see Paul again. Alex wants to stay with Jo through it, but Meredith doesn’t think that’s a good idea and volunteers instead. After the paperwork is done, and Jo tells Paul he’s a monster, she tells Meredith that she’s not done yet.

First, they need Arizona’s help to distract Paul. Then Jo tells Paul’s new fiancé Jenny that they need to talk. Evil Paul finds out, though, and confronts Jo about it. Meredith intervenes and pretends to call security so that Paul scanters off. Not without threatening to keep track of Jo, though. Now Jo is worried that she’s going to have to constantly worry about her safety, even though Alex promises to take care of her.

Bailey finds a new issue with the hackers; they now have control over the heating/cooling system in the hospital and have jacked it up. Meanwhile, Owen and April have started to transfer patients to other hospitals since they’re locked out of their blood-bank.

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That is, until intern Parker uses a defibrillator to break the security on the door of the blood-bank and gets them access. Bailey is impressed and wants to know how else he can help. Interestingly, Parker reveals that he’s not supposed to be hacking anyone thanks to using his skills to help himself with DMV issues. But Bailey is frustrated with the FBI and gives him access to her personal computer so no one will know he helped.

After fixing everything, Parker admits to Bailey that the reason he hacked into the DMV all those years ago is because he’s trans. The DMV wouldn’t change his gender on his license, so he did it himself.

Grey’s Anatomy is still trying to make Maggie and Jackson a thing and I’m not here for it.

Twist alert: the next morning Meredith arrives at the hospital to discover that Paul was brought in as a hit and run victim. And it looks like Jo and Alex could end up getting the blame for it!

‘Scandal’ 7×08, ‘Robin:’

Scandal 7x09 jake liv tgit

Quinn is dead. And the blood, while literally on Rowan’s hands, is staining every inch of Olivia. As the group processes her murder, Huck turns to the coroner’s report and table. Charlie turns to coffin shopping and planning the funeral for a warrior.

Huck’s allegiance to the coroner’s reports digs up dirt faster than Liv can cover her trail. He spirals into thinking that Olivia killed Quinn. And he’s not far off, but Abby refuses to see his spiral as anything but that. A spiral.

Liv is tasked with writing the eulogy, a job easier thought than put on paper. And while we’ve been watching Olivia circle the drain for so long, it’s refreshing to see Huck do something about his pain. He goes to an AA meeting (because there is no AA for murder), he doesn’t take his red toolbox over to Liv’s apartment, he takes a breath.

When was the last time we saw Liv take a breath? In her latest lap around the downward spiral, she tries to don a white hat (literally) one more time. I’m continuing to have a hard time taking her grief seriously. But maybe this week is the breaking point. The place where Liv finally stops, takes a look around, and takes a second to recalibrate.

At the burial, Olivia delivers Quinn’s eulogy. She says, “There’s no silver lining. There’s no hope.”

And a montage of flashbacks immediately proves Liv’s point inaccurate. There’s always hope if there are Gladiators willing to be there for each other.

Of course, OF COURSE, Olivia goes to Fitz’s apartment. Say it with me, folks: “He cannot fix you. Fitz is not the answer!” Will this be the final time? Will the Fitz that everyone boasts is the best, finally arrive? Or can she finally throw herself off the course her life is on?

Charlie closes off the episode by sending David and Abby to clean out the apartment full of baby stuff, while he goes off in search of death. Death by duty. Rowan won’t give it to him, not just yet.

But then a baby cries! A USB drive is found! And Scandal snaps out of its doldrums.

Meanwhile, in a plot line that had no reason being a part of this episode, Fenton is back in town and wants nothing to do with Cyrus. And he cannot help but wonder why? Maybe it has something to with being kidnapped by Charlie and beaten with oranges? But who knows, it’s probably Jake and B6-13’s fault.

‘HTGAWM’ 4×09, ‘He’s Dead’:

how to get away with murder 4x09, laurel

The How to Get Away with Murder winter premiere gave us a better look at the night we’d been building up to in the first half of the season. We thought we got most of the required information in the mid-season finale, but season 4, episode 9 proved us very wrong!

We left the mid-season finale thinking that Simon, and possibly Laurel’s baby, were dead. However, it looks like they’re both alive! We still don’t know what kind of condition Simon will be in when he wakes up, but at least the Keating 5 can avoid having to cover up another murder. Well…not Simon’s murder anyway.

Apparently, Dominik might not be such a bad guy. He actually called Laurel to try to warn her about her father’s knowledge, and he was even Wes’ emergency contact, for some reason. Unfortunately, he received the ole Frank Delfino special when he started questioning Frank’s relationship with Laurel. Aside from the murder, Frank was very sweet to Laurel in How to Get Away with Murder season 4, episode 9, and I hope they don’t fall apart again over the rest of the season.

Laurel’s dad reached an all time low in the winter premiere when he faked Laurel’s drug addiction and gained custody of her baby. I’m seriously worried that Mr. Castillo is going to come for the whole group, and the baby, this season. His secrets are out and both his business and his friends have been compromised, so he has more incentive than ever before.

I thought some of the season would be focused on getting Asher out of jail, but thanks to Bonnie, that’s already been accomplished. Now she and Annalise just have to make sure nobody takes his place. Sounds a lot like what they always do, though, so I have at least some faith.

What did you think about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×09, ‘Scandal’ 7×08, and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×09?

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