Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×08, Scandal 7×07, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×08. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×08, ‘Out of Nowhere’:

greys tgit

The day starts out pretty average at Grey Sloan Memorial. Ben continues to train, Meredith has an interview about winning the Harper Avery award, Jo prepares to be chief resident, DeLuca and Sam continue to hookup, there’s an awkward elevator ride with exes.

Bailey and Weber argue about who will run the upcoming contest because they both want to compete in it. Bailey ends up winning the argument and gets Weber to take over.

As the doctors are taking care of their patients, all of the monitors start to show flatlining. Something is wrong with them and they can’t tell who really needs their help now. Just as Meredith is about to preform her surgery, the monitors in there start to act out too. Then the patient charts go down as well.

As Bailey is trying to figure out what’s going on, they discover their servers have been hacked and the hackers are demanding ransom. The FBI comes in to investigate and makes them shut down all of the computers and phones until they figure out what’s happening.

They come to the realization that the hackers have come after them because the contest was announced, so Bailey and Weber turn to Jackson to see if he can fund the ransom to get out of this mess. Even though Jackson agrees, the FBI won’t let them because they believe if the ransom is paid then hackers will continue to go after other hospitals.

With everything shut down, Weber gets to teach all the other doctors the tricks that they used before modern day technology. In the middle of Meredith’s surgery the power goes down and her intern freaks out so Bokhee has to help her open the patient up.

All of the blood banks are locked down so they can’t get to the blood that Meredith’s patient needs. That’s when Meredith starts asking if anyone in the room matches the blood type that they need. Luckily, the intern is a match so they hook him up to get that blood out.

Meanwhile, Bailey decides she’s done playing games and calls Jackson for the money. But he can’t pick up because his phone is in a giant puddle of blood thanks to an accident they had on the helicopter with his patient.

In the final moments of the episode, Jo is running to tell Alex not to give his patient medication that could kill the child when she runs into her abusive husband!

‘Scandal’ 7×07, ‘Something Borrowed’:

Scandal 7x07 tgit

There are many different ways to cope with a missing loved one. Huck designs fidget spinners with blades. Charlie imagines the death of Quinn’s captors. And Liv goes back to work.

But everyone wears a mask. Liv can barely get into her apartment after talking to Charlie about the possibility of Quinn being dead. Charlie is slowly deteriorating with every Jane Doe he views. And Huck listens to all the chatter on the dark web.

All the while, Quinn is still MIA. But surprise, surprise, Papa Pope is pulling the strings. He has Quinn and will only give her back if he gets his freedom and his dinosaur bones. Yes, he is still going on about those damn bones!

Across the White House, Cyrus was about to talk Fenton down from charging Charlie with, you know, assault and kidnapping. One word sets Cyrus on edge — Ballard. Cyrus interrogates Jake in his own way. No accusations, just polite “FYIs” that let Jake know he is onto the fact that he is trying to cover up the assassination of Rashad.

And one other person has intel — Olivia’s secretary, who happens to be the perfect pawn to lure Curtis Pryce to a hotel to die. Jake provides a very effective cleanup service. But there is one loose end he needs Olivia’s permission to tie up — Quinn Perkins.

Command may have a lot of perks, but Papa Pope knows where the flaw resides. In Olivia’s heart there is a soft spot for her friends, her chosen family. So she consults the only bloodline she has left, Mama Maya.

“I got cable, food, and no complaints.” Mama Maya not only just wrote my new dating bio, but as far as eternal imprisonments go, she kind of has it made. Her daughter, however, only arrives to lament about how her dad is being mean.

Jake and Maya give Olivia two different approaches. One, kill Quinn. Two, kill Eli. Olivia cannot have it all. She cannot be Command and have a loving relationship with her father. She cannot be Command and keep her friends safe. Olivia cannot win every battle. The problem has to be eliminated.

It is about cutting off the head of the snake. Eli crafted Olivia in his own image, and so after a game of who is bluffing, Olivia pushes Eli to kill Quinn. But since it happens off screen, we’ll have to wait until January to find out if he did!

At least Fitz and Mellie can work together again, right? Thanks, Marcus!

‘HTGAWM’ 4×08, ‘Live. Live. Live.’:

Believe it or not, the mid-season finale of How to Get Away with Murder was actually murder-less. Does that mean everything’s great? Hell no. Let’s take it back to the beginning of How to Get Away with Murder season 4, episode 8.

Last week ended with Connor discovering the truth about Wes’ killer, resulting in yet another redacted Coliver proposal. It was crushing to see Connor, who had finally achieved some level of happiness, learn that he and his friends still weren’t out of the woods. He just wants them to be safe!

Connor wasn’t crazy about the group’s plan, but he decided to attend the Caplan and Gold party anyway, to keep an eye on his friends. The plan, which involved stealing Tegan’s key card to retrieve Antares’ files, was far from foolproof, but it seemed to be going okay, in the beginning.

Everything went downhill when the file retrieval took far longer than expected. Asher wasn’t able to return Tegan’s card to Michaela, so they planned for Oliver to plant the card on Simon. This might’ve worked, since Simon had just confessed to having feelings for Oliver, effectively coming out of the closet.

Unfortunately, Simon’s liberation was short lived. He overheard the group talking about their plan and got suspicious. When he took Laurel’s purse and found her gun, he accidentally shot himself.

And that’s it! The Keating 5 weren’t directly responsible, so they just called the police and everything was fine.

But of course that’s not how it happened, because this is How to Get Away with Murder.

Michaela did everything she could to help her friends, including getting Laurel out, sending Connor to help her, and recreating the crime scene that Asher had tampered with. She also put on the performance of a lifetime for her colleagues, pleading for help. At the end of the day, though, it wasn’t quite enough.

The only thing that could’ve made Asher’s arrest more heartbreaking is the fact that he only moved the gun because he was afraid of Laurel getting in trouble. I’m guessing the second half of How to Get Away with Murder season 4 will put a large emphasis on getting him out of jail, hopefully successfully.

Laurel headed home, but when Annalise (whom Connor had filled in, from the party) called, she went to her hotel instead. That elevator scene was truly one of the most painful moments in How to Get Away with Murder history. Both Karla Souza and Viola Davis knocked it out of the park. And, if the cry that played out the episode is any indication, everything may have even worked out for them!

Tragically, the same can’t be said for Simon, who died from the gunshot wound. In equally distressing news, Dominik, aka Mr. Castillo’s minion, now knows everything. Looks like the Keating 5 will have their hands full in the second half of How to Get Away with Murder season 4.

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