Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×06, Scandal 7×05, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×06. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×06, ‘Come On Down To My Boat, Baby’:

Amelia is getting ready to go back to work, and starts to go over some of her old med school notes to prep. She’s nervous even though she knows it’s silly. They also discuss where their relationship is at now, Amelia says she’s still affectionate towards Owen and wants them to be real friends. It seems like they come to an agreement to keep things civil and start to see other people.

But back at work, Amelia has a hard time getting her mojo back. She’s anxious that her former professor that saved her is going to be leaving and she’s going to be on her own. She’s also lost that confidence and bravery that the tumor gave her. It’s like she doesn’t know how to be a surgeon anymore without that extra edge it gave her. But it turns out that Amelia hasn’t lost any of her talent and still pulls off her first surgery since her tumor was removed.

Meredith lands the cover of a medical magazine and everyone’s excited for her. Jo didn’t get to have her name in the magazine like Meredith, but she is doing another experimental surgery with her. When Meredith is really nice to Jo (at Alex’s request) it weirds her out. Jo also gets some legal advice from their patient and decides to pursue a divorce.

Alex gives Jackson the idea to buy a boat and he actually does it, so they decide to take a sick day and go play on it. They invite basically every guy they find along the way including Owen, DeLuca, and Ben. Since none of them actually know how to operate the giant thing, they spend the day doing different competitions to entertain themselves. They also make some embarrassing drunken confesesions, Ben even admits that he’s been accepted to fire-fighting training.

Arizona, April, and Maggie tackle online dating until an emergency comes in. As they try and figure out what’s wrong with her, a gun suddenly goes off. It takes them a moment to realize that their patient put a gun in her vagina! (Arizona’s reaction to this discovery is hilarious by the way.)

Weber and Bailey throw a mixer for the new interns, but half of their doctors show up already drunk and Meredith has to rush to her patient when he begins to crash. It appears that one of the new interns has a history with DeLuca.

‘Scandal’ 7×05, ‘Adventures in Babysitting’:

Scandal 7x05 tgit

Privileges are for good agents. And Eli Pope is a good agent. And Olivia is in Command. But for how long?

Eli delivers Fitz one simple instruction after his late-night encounter with Olivia, “Go home.” How well do you think Fitz is going to take that direction? Shocker– not well. He runs to Mommy, err I mean Mellie and tells her everything. About B6-13, about Luna Vargas, everything.

And Mellie is pissed. After all, what’s done in Mellie’s name is done by Mellie. “There’s only us.” Mellie throws Olivia’s words back in her face and demands a war on her own terms. That means making moves on her Bashran with all the might of the United States military. But it she talking with hearts in her eyes?

And protecting Yasmeen. The President of Bashran’s niece is pulled from school placed into the custody of Quinn and Charlie. Suddenly they are playing doting parents to a teenage girl who just had her life ripped away from her. Crying, anger, no access to technology they are launched 20 years into their future.

Cyrus is meeting with Senators to convince them to vote “yes” for the war. But his negotiations on war for jobs contracts is boring for the billionaire shadowing him for the day. Or are they? Turns out Fenton has been running the numbers on this war and it’s not a good product for the American people. If you sell them something bad, they won’t trust you again. And so Cyrus, with the deciding vote, has decided to protect his future and vote “no.”

Cyrus and Fitz seem to be the only two on the defensive. They are not going to sit back and watch Command!Olivia destroy their friend. Cyrus knows what cards he still holds against Olivia. Unfortunately for Fitz, he was just forced to fold.

Mellie and Rashad finally break that tension that’s been looming between Bashran and America. And they’re not the only ones. Cyrus and Fenton examine the data of their relationship.

When she opens her eyes to the world beyond Rashad, the answer is clear. B6-13 is a necessary evil. And so are tough losses. As tough as he is in front of Liv, even stage three Fitz can’t get what he wants. It’s unclear if Mellie is truly sorry for tossing him to the curb, but she needs Olivia focused more than she needs her ex running around behind the scenes trying to help.

President Rashad and his niece board a flight back home to a country they can truly change. But the plane never makes it off the tarmac.

This act saves America a war, but reinforces what Olivia and Jake believe to be true — she is too far gone to be anything but Command.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×06, ‘Stay Strong, Mama’:

HTGAWM 4x06 tgit

Dear Sam,

Can you reveal what’s going on? No? Okay. Back to the story then.

With plenty of twists dominating the How To Get Away With Murder show cycle, it’s nice to take a step back and watch some good old fashioned character bonding. After a Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie episode last week, this week seemed to kick off in the same fashion. But a bit of exposition later and we realize that it’s Isaac’s balancing act plaguing this episode.

In Denver’s office, Bonnie receives accolades for people dropping the class action suits. But Annalise slams them down in a public outcry for justice. Unfortunately, only the people in Denver’s office heard her.

Meanwhile, there is something happening over at Antares Technologies. Jorge Costillo arrives with an interesting proposal — Antares is going public. That means a windfall for Laurel, but also makes one other thing perfectly clear, Laurel’s dad had Wes killed.

After all, Denver had files on all of the Keating kids. Between Sam and Rebecca, Laurel would have been implemented in the murder/disappearance of one of them. That would have to go away before the company went public.

Now the clock is ticking not only on Oliver to gain access to the files in order to leak them, but for Asher’s patience as well. In a fit of isolation, Asher drops by Laurel’s and plays one of the oldest tricks in the book — hide a camera in a stuffed bear. He witnesses the super-secret rendezvous his friends are holding behind his back.

Isaac’s push to get Annalise to discuss her buried trauma leads to another great scene by Viola Davis. Annalise laments that she has fought for decades to live up to the expectations others thrust upon her. She is not the mother Sam wants her to be. She is not the hero her clients want her to be. In response she tried to take sleeping pills to end her life. Where it not for Bonnie finding her on the floor, she would be gone.

She doesn’t quite make it to the place where Isaac wants her to go emotionally, but then again whose to say Isaac is any good for Annalise? Is he manipulating her emotions to pick at his own scabs? Luckily, Annalise gets out of there and gets back to work with Connor. They fight for a family, put them on public display, and win one case.

While we leave Annalise in a good place, Jacqueline, Isaac’s ex, is there the spoil the fun. Remember that spiral? Isaac is now at home drowning in his resurfaced feelings about his presumably dead daughter.

While we wait to find out what is actually going on next week, it was nice to spend some time watching Tegan and Michaela, Annalise and Connor, even Asher and Bonnie bond. They shared pints, tears, and lamented over work-life balances. But even all that ice cream won’t let us forget that Annalise is in a shower with blood running in the drain!

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