Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×05, Scandal 7×04, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×05. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×05, ‘Danger Zone’:


Meghan prepares to head to Los Angeles, where Riggs is already waiting with Farouk. But Owen is worried about her leaving. So he decides to leave with her on a whim. Of course, Owen has ulterior motives. They make a pit stop at a fun house they used to go to together to play some of their favorite games. He’s trying to convince her to stay in Seattle but it only leads to a fight.

In LA, Riggs and Farouk aren’t having much luck. They’re not used to each other yet, and Riggs is frustrated trying to find a job and fixing things up at the new house.

While Riggs is on the phone, Farouk ends up leaving without saying anything. When he finds him sitting at a food truck, Farouk says he was trying to get them something to eat so he could be helpful.

Owen and Meghan get into another fight as he drives her crazy with his insistence that she should stay in Seattle. And she drops the bomb that part of the reason she is forgiving Riggs for cheating on her in the past is because she had cheated on him first!

They finally have a chat about what will actually make them both happy. Meghan wants her dream on the beach with Riggs and she thinks Owen should re-evaluate what his future is going to look like too.

Riggs texts Meredith a thank you, and then Meghan comes home and they settle in.

Back home Owen tells Amelia that he feels like they don’t know each other and they both admit that they’re not happy. They take off their wedding rings together.


Owen is having a hard time with his relationship as his leave gets cancelled. But Meghan and Riggs get engaged after she discovers a necklace in his room he says was meant to be a surprise for her.

Just as Meghan is dealing with the shock that she didn’t get the promotion that she wanted, they find out that there’s an incoming emergency. As the wounded pour in Meghan, Riggs, Owen, and Teddy try and keep up.

As they go into surgery together, Teddy makes it clear to Riggs that she knows he’s up to something. Oh and that necklace he gave Meghan is engraved for the actual owner.

Meanwhile, Meghan finds out that Owen may not have actually recommended her for the promotion that she wanted. According to Owen, the training is too dangerous.

When Owen has to leave he asks Teddy to keep an eye on her, even though Teddy is mad at him too.

Riggs takes Teddy’s advice and goes to tell Meghan the truth, when she admits that she slept with someone else. Then, Riggs has to admit the truth about the necklace he gave her. Before they can come to a resolution, Meghan has to go check on a patient.

Meghan has to call Owen to get permission to get on the medical chopper without Riggs, so she tells him about the cheating. Owen gives her the permission, and then Teddy finds out that the patient with Meghan is actually the shooter – but it’s too late.

‘Scandal’ 7×04, ‘Lost Girls’

Scandal 7x04 recap tgit

How do you save Olivia Pope? Save a bunch of future Olivia Popes. Fitz brings a new cause to the spotlight, finding young women of color who are missing. It’s a case worthy of Olivia’s attention, but is it the right bait to save her from dark side of B6-13?

Depends on who is dangling the bait. Eli Pope admires Fitz’s attempt to bring something to the table to get Olivia to focus outside the White House. But the President is a fool to think that he isn’t the real cheese that will lure Liv off her current path. With Eli as the puppet master, Fitz plays the faithful servant, the President willing to hit the news cycle and fight for young women. There are, and have been, worse ways he’s spent his time trying to win Liv back.

And while Eli is not exactly a huge fan of Fitz — “I hate you with the passion of 1000 suns.” — he sets him up for success. After seeing the faces of the missing girls covering the window of QPA, something sets Liv off kilter. She feels connected to her roots again. And with that quiver comes uncertainty.

Who does she counsel? Not her best friend in the Oval. Not her pals at QPA. Not even her ex-beau Jake. There is only one person left in her life with whom she can be completely honest with about the push and pull of Command and Reality. Papa Pope does not appear to have time for his daughter’s complaints and cuts right to the chase — she wants Fitz.

In the coming years, when Papa Pope is no longer around, who will Olivia have then? Will she be sitting around talking to dinosaurs named Annie? She needs a kick in the pants and it’s something Eli is more than willing to give his daughter.

Cyrus being seduced with art. And it’s… working? He has his reservations, I mean, did you see his ex-husbands face?

Elsewhere, a nuclear summit is about to happen between Bashran and Dakal. Mellie and President Rashad are hitting it off and not just in negotiations. But her flirtations and negotiations are tabled when a coup in Bashran removes Rashad from power. No longer a recognized leader, Mellie must now make tactical military decisions that may push back all the progress they’ve made.

Her gut tells her to send in troops, reinstate Rashad. And while Olivia presses back against Mellie, she realizes that her gut has been fooling her for quite some time. Maybe Mellie is right. Maybe, just maybe, she shouldn’t be spending her time tailing Fitz and should be looking at the staffing in B6-13.

Ultimately, the decision is left in the hands of Mellie Grant. (With two reports compiled by Olivia, of course.)

The news out of Bashran crushes Fitz’s political move, but luckily Quinn keeps fighting like the Gladiator she is, finding one of the missing girls.

Fitz also finds a lost girl. As he fights with Olivia under the cover of the news cycle, he breaks through her icy exterior and she crumbles in his arms yet again. It would be adorable, were it not for the whole missing girls movement stunt. Fitz remains the best and the worst.

There is only one person left who gets it — Jake. He continues to dig, even when he thinks things are stupid and a waste of time. He pushes Liv when she needs to be challenged. And Jake delivers when the time calls for it. When it turns out that Fitz did everything above board and staying in Vermont, Jake discovers that someone else was not as forthcoming about what they did during their first 100 days.

‘HTGAWM’ 4×05, ‘I Love Her’

how to get away with murder 4x04, bonnie

How To Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 5 was all about Bonnie. Her story right now is getting more interesting than ever, so they couldn’t have picked a better time to focus on her.

Despite Nate’s protestations, Bonnie kept digging into Annalise’s business. Annalise was starting to make some headway with her class action lawsuit, but Bonnie did some serious lawyering and got her new clients to turn on her. However, when Annalise confronted Bonnie about messing everything up, it proved to be too much for her and she ran to Mr. Sketchy Therapist.

Sir Sketchy Shrink made some interesting breakthroughs with Bonnie, like getting her to admit that she was acting out because she missed Annalise and their “family.” That was until he yelled at her to shut up because he realized she was talking about Annalise. Apparently she’s still triggering for him.

The coolest part of How To Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 5, for me, was getting to see how Bonnie and Annalise came into each other’s lives. Young Bonnie was awesome! She stood up to her abusers like a champ. It’s interesting to compare that girl to the nervous and careful version we’ve seen at Annalise’s side.

Bonnie was even prominent in the future timeline, as she tries to solve the case of…well, whatever happened. This week, we got one more piece of the puzzle. Asher crying in that cell was heartbreaking.

The only worrisome thing now is that we still haven’t seen Connor in the future timeline. It’s even more troubling that he’s now working with Annalise (who saw that duo coming?), so he could be right in the line of fire.

Obviously, Bonnie had a great episode, but Frank and Laurel may have stolen the show with that One reveal. The baby could be Frank’s! And he wants to take care of them either way! And OMG!

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×05, ‘Scandal’ 7×04, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×05?

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