Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 14×04, Scandal 7×02, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×03. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×04 ‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’:

In preparation for her surgery, Amelia shaves off her hair, but she doesn’t want Meredith calling her mom. She also gives everyone instructions on what to do if something happens during surgery.

Ben is up to something, he’s leaving home early in the morning to go and work out. She’s surprised to find him later, napping in the hallway at the hospital. He does end up telling Jo a bit of his secret but not all of it. He knows that if Bailey finds out she will not be happy.

Bailey and Weber are interviewing new interns since the ones that Eliza picked out were awful. They don’t have much more luck themselves though.

Meghan is starting to get a fever during her recovery, but isn’t worried about it. She notes that Owen is avoiding his wife during her surgery. When Meredith checks her out, she’s worried too since Meghan’s white count is elevated. They also talk about Riggs, he’s MIA and neither of them have heard from him.

When Meghan hears that something is wrong with her son she tries to leave the hospital. Luckily Owen and Meredith are able to stop her from leaving.

Somehow, Riggs manages to get Meghan’s son into the country with a bit of help from Meredith. When they’re reunited – Meghan is both surprised and elated. But Meghan still thinks that Riggs is in love with Meredith.

April spends her time praying that nothing happens to Amelia, since she’s the power of attorney. She’s also still adjusting to her new custody arrangement with Jackson. Going home when her daughter isn’t there isn’t something April likes or is used to yet.

Amelia does wake up from her surgery, but when she tries to talk nothing comes out. Even though she’s not talking, DeLuca sticks to the protocol that Amelia made him promise to do. And although Amelia is in excruciating pain, she’s also made them promise not to give her any opioids.

When Amelia does start talking it’s only in French, before that she didn’t even know she could speak French. Luckily, Maggie can understand her.

Once Amelia starts speaking English, they discover that she doesn’t remember Derek’s death. As soon as they remind her he died, she remembers. They’re hopeful that her memory loss is temporary – but they don’t know for sure.

Eventually, Amelia gets cleared to go home but she thinks something is still wrong. She refuses to go home until DeLuca does more scans on her. Finally, DeLuca is able to talk to Amelia and make her realize that she’s not in danger any longer.

She also makes the big decision to go home with Owen instead of her sisters, even though she’s not sure if she fell in love with Owen because of her tumor or not!

The most awkward dinner ever takes place at Weber and Catherine’s place. Maggie and Jackson are super weird around each other and Jackson also learns about his massive inheritance – which he doesn’t want.

Later, Catherine refers to Maggie as Jackson’s sister and that totally weirds them out too.

‘Scandal’ 7×02 ‘Pressing The Flesh’:

scandal 7x02

The State Dinner, a tradition. A chance for a head of state to invite another head of state to celebrate their nations. Or create new ties. The latter of which Mellie Grant is endeavouring to secure with President Rashad of Bashran.

“Being a woman doesn’t make you original. You sound just like Fitz.”

In the midst of trying to get a nuclear arms deal off the table in Bashran, Mellie goes OFF about not getting any action as President. And it is priceless. The rant leads to some much needed laughter from both Liv and Mellie. For all that they have been through, it’s nice to see them take a minute to just be girlfriends.

But it’s back to work as soon as the tears dry from their eyes. At the state dinner Mellie cannot rely on her charm to get a peace treaty on the table.

“Do you miss it? The White House?” Huck’s nerves are getting the best of him in this episode, but he still manages to check in with Abby. Once inside Huck finds bigger fish to fry. A man dressed in his army dress clothes has something off about medals. Luckily, he gets word to Liv in enough time to prevent an assassination.

Meanwhile, Abby is still charming the pants off of David. Well, for clients. In order to get clients, the members of QPA infiltrate the White House (with invitations!). David, of course, reads too much into it and tries to take hold of Abby’s hand. Or maybe he didn’t.

Jake is able to unearth some information about Rashad’s niece studying in the states against the values of his home nation. But with the warnings of his Ambassador, Rashad does not flinch at Olivia’s threat. Her willingness to poke her nose in other’s business, make threats, and reveal in her own successes reveal her true character.

After the assassination attempt, by a member of his own country on foreign soil, Mellie and Rashad has out their fears. Not death, but failure. Letting their people down. What would make both of their nations have a bright future? A peace treaty. And what would make both of them feel good about themselves? Having a bit of a flirt.

Cyrus “stop calling me Mr. Vice President” Beane is sitting next to Fenton Glackland. Who wants to run for Governor. And while Cyrus is unimpressed by the man who eats bugs, he is intrigued by the man who wants to seek public office.

But he is immediately turned off by Glackland’s complete dismissal of the Office. I feared for his weak heart in that moment, but also for the fact that his argument against Fenton was just proven true in November.

Miss Fitz? Well guess what? He’s BACK!

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×03 ‘It’s For The Greater Good’:

If How to Get Away With Murder season 3 was Annalise v. the DA, it looks like season 4 is shaping up to be Annalise v. the world. All of these little cases that she’s been taking on (and knocking out of the park) could ultimately just be stepping stones in her plan to overhaul the systematic oppression caused by the justice system.

While her tenacity is definitely admirable, I’m kind of with sketchy therapist on this one. She might be jumping into this just a tad too quickly. So far she’s kicking ass, but in How to Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 3, she had to deal with both the betrayal of Nate and Bonnie and Laurel’s reminder of Wes. She got through it, this time, but I hope she can keep it together.

Annalise is jumping back into her career, head first, but Connor is sprinting in the other direction. Following his less than inspiring responses to the interview questions in last week’s episode, I probably should’ve guessed that he’d drop out. Admittedly though, it came as a huge surprise. However, that surprise had nothing on the double shock that came when his dads showed up!

I’m thrilled that Michaela has decided to help Laurel, because those two are just the best, but I really hope she manages to keep it under the radar. Even though her internship just started, I’m really loving the dynamic at her office, and I’d love to watch her grow as a lawyer under a new, completely different mentor.

Unfortunately, if the flash forward is any indication, things won’t be going quite so smoothly for Michaela, in the future. The girl looked like a complete mess in that hospital. Hopefully she was just disheveled from helping her friend through labor, though.

Michaela Pratt wasn’t the only member of Team Laurel in How to Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 3. Frank obviously still cares for her (and miraculously seems to be winning everyone over) and since Bonnie cares for him, Laurel got a job at the DA’s office!

Things are bound to get interesting now that Bonnie, Nate, Laurel, and sometimes Oliver will be working together. I love all of these different pockets of lawyers that they’re setting up, and I can’t wait to see how they play off each other, moving forward.

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