Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×22, Scandal 6×13, and The Catch 2×09. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×22 ‘Leave It Inside’ – Sonya Field

Oh my, Meredith gets rid of the tumor drawing from Derek and gives it to Amelia. She seems to really be moving on, and even plans to have Riggs over but doesn’t want to weird out Maggie. But when Maggie realizes that her sister is really moving on she wants to be supportive and makes it clear that she’s going to be gone all night. Instead of taking the chance to see Riggs in private, though, Meredith cancels the date.

Eliza makes a strong move towards Arizona, which has the later hesitating. When Arizona ends up cancelling, Eliza gets worried. But then Arizona admits how much she looks forward to seeing Eliza and it’s clear they’re both crazy about each other.

April gets an interesting case of a women with an inoperable heart tumor that accidentally broke her arm after falling down the stairs at her one-night stand. Maggie wants to try and help but the patient just wants to enjoy what life she has left.

Even though they get the patient to agree to the surgery, Maggie can’t get all of it out so`even though her life has been prolonged it’s not a cure. It does give Maggie the push to have some more fun and for Meredith to embrace moving on with Riggs.

A little boy rides a train an hour into the city to get help without telling his parents. It turns out he has a tumor but his parents don’t want it operated on because of their beliefs. But the next day the boy comes back again because he’s losing his eye sight.

So Alex and Stephanie work together to find a way to help him. The dad threatens to sue Alex for operating and Bailey is worried he could go to jail again, but Alex doesn’t regret helping the boy. He even suspects that the boys mother actually helped him get to the hospital.

It’s Stephanie who ends up getting in trouble when she gets angry at the boys father and yells at him. Eliza is worried that Stephanie is burnt out and wants her privileges taken away, but Stephanie says she just lost control. Stephanie isn’t the only resident she’s worried about, Eliza also thinks that Ben has some issues with playing it too safe.

‘Scandal’ 6×13 ‘The Box’ – Brittany Lovely

“You believe that Rowan doesn’t know anything?” The country is under attack with nine drones hovering over nine cities ready to detonate with the click of a button. But Rowan remains tight-lipped about his six months under surveillance with Peus. Olivia is not done fighting for her peace. But without answers from her father, America remains in a state of unrest.

While Olivia listens in on two attacks — Dallas and Philadelphia — Fitz invites Cyrus back into the Oval, leaving Abby to flounder in her office. Jake takes on interrogating Samantha, Marjorie Ruland, I mean, Grace. Look, a lot is going on in Scandal season 6. But I would watch an entire series of Jake Ballard interrogating people while dressed in fine suits.

He uses the fact that Grace does not know what is going on outside her cell to his advantage. While Grace starts to think that Peus is captured, Jake cuts out her transmitter with a knife handing it off to Huck. David Rosen finds some purpose in this episode and raids the fake Super PAC office discovering that Rowan got some strange packages in the mail during his tenure as a prisoner.

Rowan’s loss of control, especially his crumbling as he waits for each package, is due to his control being stripped away. Each box, weighing 8-11 pounds, either contained a brick or Olivia’s head. Fitz tries to break through to Rowan and appeal to him as a fellow control-less soul, but Rowan has no time for that. Who does Fitz think he is talking to?

But he does find a window into Rowan’s soul. The thing both of them want to protect the most is their legacy. Fitz relates that to his presidency which is now clouded by domestic terrorism and 63 dead bodies (and the sex scandal). But for Rowan, his legacy is Olivia.

As all attempts to remove the drones begin to fail and the group is no closer to finding Peus, Rowan takes action. He goes to see Grace and takes her hostage in return for his freedom. And he leaves Olivia behind.

Mellie heads to Liv in order to surrender to Peus’ demands. After all, people are dying. But Liv continues to rally and gets Mellie’s mind in the right place. Rowan bring Samantha back and demands Peus grant him emancipation from his reign.

But, of course, Rowan has another idea. Jake tails Rowan and shoots Peus, while Rowan puts Samantha’s head in a box and completes his dinosaur. Two survivors in a room who were once thought to be extinct.

‘The Catch’ 2×09 ‘The Cleaner’ – Kendra Cleary

Are. we. dating. Those three little words that are usually surprising, but are a double-take-worthy level of shocking when said by Danny to none other than Margot Bishop! We’ve never known quite what was happening between these two, but we definitely didn’t expect to hear him say those words so soon. And we definitely didn’t expect Margot to say yes!

We’ll never be over Margot and Felicity but since the latter is currently trying to murder the former, we’re loving these new developments between Margot and Danny. It’s so crazy that it just might work (it probably won’t but it’s still fun for now). The only question now is, when will they say those other three little words?

One of the best things about The Catch season 2 has been the constantly changing teams. In The Catch season 2, episode 9, we had Ben and Justine working with Ethan, Alice teaming up with Rhys, and Danny joining the mother daughter duo. Now that we love all these characters so much, the lines between good and bad are getting pretty blurry, but it’s still cool to see members from every side working toward a common goal.

Overcome with jealousyWorried for the safety of his fiance, Ben had Justine take a deep dive into Ethan’s life. They thought they’d found something on him, but in the end, Ethan turned out to be the victim. Rhys might be wrong about tigers changing their stripes, because Ben didn’t waste any time in helping Ethan. If there’s still a bad guy in there somewhere, Ethan wasn’t able to find it, so he bowed out gracefully.

If we’re not mistaken, that was absolutely the most shocking ending that an episode of The Catch has ever had. First, Felicity shot Sophie and took Tessa, and then it was revealed that Tommy is the mockingbird…what?! We can’t wait for the finale of The Catch season 2, next week, to find out how all of this plays out.


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