Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×21, Scandal 6×12, and The Catch 2×08. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×21 ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – Sonya Field

Meredith has decided to break the news to Maggie that she’s with Riggs but first they have a press conference to do about the lives they saved on the flight. As Maggie watches on, Riggs and Meredith get touchy feeling during the press conference and she realizes what’s going on.

Understandably, Maggie gets upset to learn about Meredith and Riggs. Instead of having a nice heart to heart they get snippy with each other about the big secret. When they finally talk about it, Maggie can’t believe how long it’s been going on. There’s lots of tears and heart breaking things said. Later, Meredith convinces Maggie to go out to dinner with her and Amelia so all might not be lost.

Bailey realizes that Weber and Catherine are still having problems and goes on a mission to help. She enlists April’s help who is working with Weber on a gross case of a young woman with a bunch of worms in her intestines. But Bailey’s attempts to talk to Catherine crash and fail. April doesn’t fair any better with Weber.

Once April points out how similar Catherine and Bailey are, she realizes how to talk to her. Catherine finally tells Weber she was wrong and they start to bond over pictures of his surgery on the worms.

Alex, Arizona, and Amelia are working with a patient that chose to skip cancer treatment in order to save her babies life. The cancer is spreading faster than they anticipated so Arizona needs to deliver the baby to make sure it stays healthy.

The delivery goes fine but then the mother’s stats start to drop. Instead of getting surgery to prolong her life a little bit more, the mother wants to just be let go. So Amelia talks her through her final minutes of her life. When Owen finds her crying later they hug it out but don’t talk.

‘Scandal’ 6×12 ‘Mercy’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal 6x12 tgit

Fitz, Eli, Jake, Cyrus, Mellie, Olivia, David, and Marcus walk into a room. Yes, that’s right. No one is armed, except with their words and everyone is ready to unleash whatever comes to mind. Nothing is off limits– Defiance, respect, murderer.

But, “Mercy,” the title of this episode, is the one that Eli wants everyone in the room to focus on. Outside the walls of the White House, an unidentified drone, flown by Huck and Quinn touches down. That buys the people gathered in the room over an hour to conference under lockdown away from Marjorie Ruland and Peus.

When the episode reaches a breaking point, Scandal continues on it’s incredible character building streak. Cyrus and Eli go off together and explore the wine cellar and lament over their respective falls from grace. Fitz gives David advice about embracing the fact that he’s attracted to powerful women.

Jake and Liv find their way into a discussion about what Liv is truly fighting for. Is she fighting for Fitz, her life, her country? Marcus puts on a brave face for Mellie to empower her to get back the Oval.

As the drone clock runs out the group comes back together. Mellie comes in ready to take one for the team– she is naming her new VP. But her first choice, Cyrus Beane, turns down the job. Her second choice is not only the best for the country, but for the people in the White House, Mrs. Vargas.

Liv comes to collect a very, very angry Marjorie. Arresting Marjorie is her way of stealing Helena of Troy. War is coming and it’s not going to be pretty.

Stray Observations: Charlie is having a bit of a problem with Huck spending so much time with Quinn. But Quinn and Charlie love is an entirely different and better thing.

‘The Catch’ 2×08 ‘The Knock-Off’ – Kendra Cleary

The Catch 2x08 tgit

It turns out, Tessa isn’t only great at working for the Kensington firm! She got to try her hand at the world of private security in The Catch season 2, episode 8, when Margot dropped her off at AVI to be babysat by the unwilling Alice and Val.

Ethan brought Alice’s doppelganger his fiance into AVI to ask for Alice’s help with vetting an investor. Thanks to Tessa, they figured out that his fiance was actually married to someone else, and she was just using Ethan for his money. He totally got Christopher Hall-ed!

This whole retainer deal screams trouble. We’re definitely not sad that we’ll get to keep seeing Ethan on The Catch, but if they’ll be spending all this time together, things could get complicated for Alice and Ben. Ben already sees it, but Alice isn’t quite ready to hear him just yet. We just have to hope that she smartens up in time, especially now that Ethan has made his intentions clear to Ben.

Tessa? Danny? Ben? Now that Felicity’s back in town, Margot’s forgotten about everyone else. Since we were pretty certain that Felicity was dead in The Catch season 1, it was amazing to see these girls back in all kinds of action. Too bad Felicity was just playing Margot the entire time. We’re sure they’ll find a way to stay together though. Maybe they’ll develop an arrangement like Margot and Danny. Hate sex evolving into real romance.

Speaking of Danny, he’s got it bad for Margot and he doesn’t care who knows it! Okay, so he still doesn’t want Alice and Val to know it, or anyone else for that matter, but he’s come to terms with Sophie knowing. So that’s a step forward. Finally, everyone on The Catch is realizing what a queen Margot is!

When Justine first brought Ben and Rhys on board, she hoped that they would fall in line with the FBI’s methods. However, it seems like the opposite has happened! Justine went off book and let the boys plan the covert op to extract her husband from his undercover mission.

She planned to take things one step further, by doing what the FBI had failed to do in the first place. She wanted to take down the leader of the group that her husband was undercover with. It sounded like a great plan, until she told him about it. He pulled a gun on her, and told her that he got rid of the leader long ago…right before he took his place! Rhys isn’t looking so bad now, eh Justine?


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