Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×20, Scandal 6×10, and The Catch 2×06. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×20 ‘In The Air Tonight’ – Sonya Field

Meredith and Riggs end up on the same flight for the same medical conference, and only one of them is happy about it. Somehow annoyed Meredith turns into horny Meredith and they hook up in the airplane bathroom. But she still tries to shut it down and tells Riggs it didn’t mean anything.

Then they hit a bunch of turbulence and everything goes to hell. Meredith starts having flashbacks from her crash with the other doctors but worrying about people that are hurt snaps her out of it. Riggs and Meredith split up to help different passengers that were injured.

When things calm down a bit, Meredith and Riggs get a chance to talk. She opens up about losing Lexie and how everyone around her dies. He understands more why she wants to protect Maggie from everything.

The passenger Meredith is keeping an eye on starts to convulse and they realize he has a brain bleed. The pilot can’t land though so they have to figure out how to relieve some of the pressure in his skull while up in the air.

Things get even worse when the obnoxious guy on the flight starts having issues and Riggs has to try and save his life. The rest of the episode is very tense as they struggle to keep them both alive while turbulence keeps rocking the plane. They finally land and everything is better, except it’s not because Meredith is still denying Riggs.

‘Scandal’ 6×10 ‘The Decision’– Brittany Lovely

Scandal episode 100 recap

Happy Scandal 100, all!

Jake, Fitz, and Liv argue for three hours about the fate of everyone’s future. But what if Mellie did just go into the White House? And What if Scandal celebrated its 100th episode in a parallel universe?

Well, Scandal is done asking “what if” and instead takes you back to the campaign trail that started it all. What does a world look like without Defiance? Fitz doesn’t take the Oval, nor does he take Olivia. The alternate OPA is in a grimy office with Abby popping in for work and Liv talking about dating… Leo? But even in this version of Washington, Fitz shows up to declare his love. And yeah, we’re still suckers for those early day butterflies.

There is a lot going on in this episode, so let’s run through them– James is alive! Huck has a TON of hair! Olivia and Fitz throw the wedding of century! Mellie kisses Cyrus! Abby smiles at David Rosen!

One year into their marriage, Liv’s fighting for those without a voice, and Fitz is hosting The Grant Report. AND MELLIE AND CYRUS ARE MARRIED. Huck, Abby, David and Liv work around the TV while Quinn, er sorry, Lindsey, fights for love on The Prince.

Across town Mellie is gearing up for her run for the Oval with James as the reporter to break the news. Too bad his closeted past with Cyrus might throw a wrench in her plan. Meanwhile, Liv is taking pictures in the White House like a tourist. Nothing blissful lasts and as Liv and Mellie’s love lives fall apart, their ambition and resolve strengthens against their male counterparts.

Eli, or Damascus Bainbridge, tries to put Mellie ahead by outing Sally Langston’s husband, but she refuses. Lindsey appears on The Grant Report before she goes on to become the next Princess. Fitz calls the whole thing off before he gets the behind-the-scenes exclusive in his dressing room.

Cyrus lays down a familiar tale for Mellie Grant– she choose her life with Cyrus as an arrangement for the White House. Mellie takes her dismay to Liv and tries to give her some comfort in knowing that she saved Fitz. But that is not reality, nor is anything that we saw this evening. There is no house in Vermont and no townhouse in Georgia.

Cyrus is in jail, everyone is still being blackmailed, and, yet again, Liv chooses the path everyone walks down.

‘The Catch’ 2×06 ‘The Hard Drive’– Kendra Cleary

the catch 2x06, margot

Alice and Val dove head first into their past lives in The Catch season 2, episode 6. Val’s former partner, Nick, asked the firm to look into anything that could be used against him during the election, and the first incident involved Alice’s previous love, Ethan.

Not only did The Catch show us how Alice and Val met as a result of the case, but we also got to see how Danny was brought into the fold! Valerie and Nick suspected Ethan of a murder, so the gal pals met when the police interrupted Alice and Ethan’s pillow talk to arrest him. Alice lied about Ethan’s alibi, so he hired Danny to ensure that she wouldn’t change her mind about protecting him.

In a very Margot-esque move, Alice turned things around by hiring Danny to keep her own secrets! Obviously they worked well together, because she kept him around. In the end, it turns out both Nick and Ethan were completely innocent.

Should we be worried about feelings sparking between Ethan and Alice once more? Maybe, now that she’s realizing the lengths that Ben went to to con her, and that falling in love with Christopher was basically just falling in love with Ethan all over again.

Margot, Sybil and Tessa engaged in a power struggle, which surprisingly, Margot and Tessa worked together to win. Margot had been losing interest in motherhood, despite Ben’s protests, but that could all change now that she has a true partner in crime.

Among Ben’s countless other problems in The Catch season 2, episode 6, he also had to deal with the fact that the Blackwells found out about his position with the FBI. Luckily, they were able to locate and free the human flashdrive with the life or death information. The fact that he has knowledge of Justine’s husband’s whereabouts might even mean that he gets to remain free!


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