Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×19, Scandal 6×09, and The Catch 2×05. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×19 ‘What’s Inside’ – Sonya Field

Arizona and Eliza are giving their relationship a real go but keeping it a secret, except that Riggs finds out when he sees them arrive at work together. Now that he knows, Arizona can’t stop talking to him about it.

Maggie has her first day back at work and swoops in on a case involving Owen’s friends from the VA. Everyone’s worried about whether or not she can handle it and it creates tension. They end up leaving the choice up to the couple, who pick Maggie after she convinces them she’s the best.

Her friends still aren’t convinced, though, and hover around to watch the surgery in case Maggie freaks out. The surgery seems to go well at first, but then the baby starts to react after the tumor is removed and Maggie freezes up. Everyone around her freaks out, but then Maggie calmly says the baby just needs a minute to adjust. She’s right and the baby’s heartbeat goes back to normal.

After seeing Maggie is okay in the surgery, Meredith tells Riggs she wants to hang out. He wants to call it a date, but she doesn’t. So they’re kind of a thing but kind of still not.

But then Maggie admits to Jackson that she’s not fine, she feels awful, but she’s doing her job. Then the conversation ends up being about why Jackson couldn’t save her mom. Uh oh.

Before Meredith can go out, she finds Maggie crying on the doorstep of the house. So Meredith reschedules last minute on Riggs and it definitely bothers him. It doesn’t help that earlier Arizona had went on and on about how Derek was Meredith’s epic love story.

Jackson wings by the house later with all of Diane’s charts. They reveal that she knew she was sick long before she came to Seattle. She also completed a bucket list of sorts with travel and sky diving. It seems to help Maggie accept her mother’s death a bit.

‘Scandal’ 6×09 ‘Dead in the Water’ – Brittany Lovely

First, let’s be clear, HUCK IS ALIVE!

But that does not mean that the entire episode Olivia and the rest of OPA is off the hook. They suffer, pull out all the stops and make sure that Huck is found. The episode opens with Huck performing some Beautiful Mind math on the windows of OPA in a hallucination to figure out a plan to get out of the car. Calling upon all of his faculties, memories, and clinging to the hope that his team is out there working as hard as he is, Huck makes it to shore.

Abby continues to deal with her own demons after the close of last week. She hears that Huck is dead, but she demands details. When she gets less than satisfactory answers, Abby takes her concerns to her only friend, Fitz.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Charlie go off in search of their pal, Huck. Even Marcus takes leave from the White House to help OPA locate their missing friend. Once a Gladiator, always a Gladiator. He provides Liv some comfort, but Jake brings in some solid answers. Abby arrives at OPA, but she is not exactly welcome. Jake and Abby piece together all the backdoor deals from the last few months, which leads the team directly to Meg.

Liv does not care about what happened with Abby and her deal to get Cyrus off of charges. If she cannot help find Huck, she is worthless and doomed to whatever fate Quinn has in store for her former coworker once she finds out. And if it is anything like Meg’s plastic-wrapped, drilled, and amputated body, then it is not going to be pretty.

Even in that much pain, Meg manages to get under Quinn’s skin and pushes her to slice her throat. Liv is not amused by Quinn’s lack of self-control. Surprisingly, Charlie takes initiative and gets Liv to fix the team. Even if she won’t get Huck back, she needs to at least provide a body. And she does — get a body, and unite the old guard.

Gathered in the hospital, everyone waits to hear that Huck is stable, but may suffer some extensive damage. And then… Fitz shows up to convince Liv that she needs to forgive Abby. Not now, Fitz. But when Huck does wake up, Quinn and Abby both find a piece of themselves they’ve been missing for a quite a long time.

‘The Catch’ 2×05 ‘The Bad Girl’ – Kendra Cleary

Chloe Jackson is back in town in The Catch season 2, episode 5! Okay, so admittedly that meant absolutely nothing to us before this episode, but it definitely means something now. We didn’t think Rhys had any weaknesses, but we finally found one in the fun-loving, criminal mastermind that is Chloe. Luckily, he loves his Benji more than any woman, and he finally chose the good side in the end!

Who’d have thought we’d be getting our tender moments from the Kensington firm on The Catch? Between Margot, her mother, and her daughter, it was starting to feel like an after school family special! Hopefully Margot’s daughter has dropped her plans to kill her mother now that they’ve had a heart-to-heart. As long as Margot still has time for Danny, we can’t wait to see her navigate this new challenge.

Ben still has a hefty sentence left with the FBI (even heftier if Justine has her way) but he’s making plans for the future. He’s hoping that future will take him to Belize, but daughter or no daughter, we really don’t see Alice dropping everything to go on a permanent vacation. Good thing their lives just got a whole lot more complicated, so they’ll be calling L.A. home for a while.


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