Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×18, Scandal 6×08, and The Catch 2×04. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×18 ‘Be Still, My Soul’ – Sonya Field

Diane’s cancer battle isn’t over and it’s affecting everyone. Maggie is very worried about her mother, and the others are worried about Maggie too. When the cancer spreads and Meredith doesn’t advise another surgery, Maggie and Diane fire her.

Maggie locates a trial that could help but first she’ll need a surgery to lower her LFTs so she goes to Bailey, Jackson, and Weber. Bailey finds a way, but even afterwards they don’t think the trial is a good idea. So Weber breaks the news to Diane that the trial might not be a good idea and that he’s worried Maggie isn’t thinking clearly about it.

The trial seems to be slowly killing Diane, bringing the worst side effects. Until one day she wakes up feeling great and decides to host a dinner for all of Maggie’s friends. But in the middle of the dinner, while laughing, she starts to cough up blood!

Weber is able to repair the tear that caused the bleeding, but they have to keep her sedated for the pain. Maggie still won’t see reason about the trial though and gets in a fight with Meredith about it.

It’s not until Diane accepts that she’s not going to get better that she’s able to talk to Maggie about it. This devastates Maggie who isn’t ready to let go.

After a hug from Riggs and a talk with Meredith, Maggie seems to handle things better. She’s able to talk to Diane about it, but Maggie isn’t prepared for her to pass away in the middle of having her nails painted. Even though Weber can’t do anything to help Diane, he is able to fly her father in.

Meredith also tells Riggs that Maggie needs her, so it looks like they’re putting a pause on things…again.

‘Scandal’ 6×08 ‘A Stomach For Blood’ – Brittany Lovely

Oh, Red. What have you gotten yourself into? Once again we are back at Election Night, only this time we see Abby spiral out of control. “A Stomach for Blood” fills in the gaps before the election up through her ability to call for Huck’s murder.

As Abby takes on one of her final tasks in office– choosing the location of the President Grant Library– she takes a meeting with donors to secure donors. Only these donors have familiar faces. So far they’ve blackmailed Eli, manipulated Huck, and have a bullet aimed at Olivia’s head. They wine and dine Abby with tales of her power and authority and potential as a candidate. But she refuses their initial offer to “build the library.”

But while Fitz remains steadfast on his plans to learn to make jam in Vermont following office, Abby reconsiders their offer. Election hits and when Vargas takes the stage Abby fields a call from her new donor friends with one instruction– In a few minutes she is to answer the phone again for instructions even though she will be distracted and upset.

Those instructions include shutting down the hospital, planting bullets as if they came from Vargas’ wounds (including pulling one from Vargas’ stomach), and handing them off to Meg. Their bargaining chips include a tied up and beaten Leo, funds in her bank account from a Korean laundering bank.

Abby is damn good at her job and completes each task with flying colors. In fact, it is almost terrifying how she can turn off her brain and focus on the task at hand. But she is not able to keep everything buried.

David Rosen (of course) falls for the charms of the mysterious blackmailer who wants Olivia dead. Yet again, he ruins everything for everyone. But somehow, I still feel sorry for the poor guy.

Defeated, Abby returns to the White House to see Huck waiting for her and discovers that Jennifer Fields is alive. This gives Abby something she needs– a bargaining chip. Her proposal get Cyrus out of jail and she hands over Jennifer Fields.

‘The Catch’ 2×04 ‘The Family Way’ – Kendra Cleary

Alice pulls a pretty badass move to get Tommy out of trouble, even after he calls her ex to get him out of jail. Using said ex’s influences, she tricks Tasker into confessing, leading to an arrest by the suddenly omnipresent Nick.

Even though his sister got him out of a life or death situation, Tommy isn’t able to pass up a chance at 3 million dollars, to make her happy. He breaks her heart for what we’re to believe is approximately the millionth time by leaving, cash in hand.

Since Alice won the showdown at the beginning of The Catch season 2, episode 4, they have to find another way to save Rhys. Alice tells Ben about Margot, and she puts up the money to save her brother. In true Margot fashion, though, she exacts her revenge by foiling their plan, later in the episode. She’s still not over Ben’s betrayal, and we really can’t blame the girl.

AVI was finally able to track down the person who’s been trying to kill Margot, and it’s none other than her daughter! We really can’t imagine Margot being maternal, so we have endless questions about this. The most important being, is Ben the father?

What did you think of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal,’ and ‘The Catch’?

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