Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×17, Scandal 6×07, and The Catch 2×03. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×17 ‘Till I Hear It From You’ – Sonya Field

Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 17 was decidedly slower than recent episodes. With much of the storyline centering around the romantic relationships of Meredith and Riggs, Amelia and Owen, plus the mother daughter relationship between Maggie and Diane.

Riggs and Meredith continue to dance around each other. He’s still waiting on an answer from her, but she keeps saying she doesn’t have time to think about it. Meredith then gets annoyed that he keeps joking about it when he’s never given her a reason to want to be with him. All her friends don’t like him and she feels like she barely knows him herself. Instead he tells her why he likes her and that he only jokes so much to make her laugh. And it’s enough to get her to agree to dinner.

Diane is back for surgery, but Maggie still doesn’t know that the surgery is part of a cancer treatment. Jackson is sworn to secrecy and struggling with it, he refuses to do the surgery unless Diane tells Maggie. When Diane does tell Maggie, she doesn’t believe it at first until she sees the scans.

Owen wants to know if things are ever going to get better with Amelia, and she doesn’t have answers for him! Despite this awkwardness, they’re forced to work together on an elderly couple that were also surgeons themselves.

When Amelia decides to go ahead on a dangerous surgery it only angers Owen who doesn’t agree. Talented Amelia manages to pull it off despite the odds and the couple is happily reunited. But the happiness doesn’t last when Amelia makes the shocking comment that she’d love to know how suffocated Cristina felt by her marriage to Owen, because she does every time he pushes to start a family.

DeLuca also makes the not so shocking confession to Stephanie that he thinks he’s in love with Jo.

‘Scandal’ 6×07 ‘A Traitor Among Us’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal 6x07 huck kills rowan

A lot has been asked of Huck over the years. Rebuild this computer, find this person, obey Command. But Liv offers the hardest assignment yet, “I need you to kill Rowan. I want my father dead and I need you to do it.”

But killing Rowan is no easy task. The two meet in a metro station where Rowan lays the reality of the situation on the table for Huck — Kill Rowan, kill Olivia. The people who have eyes on Rowan are ready to pull the trigger on Liv. As much as Huck does not want to admit it, they are in the same boat.

Quinn and Huck’s friendship is one of the cornerstones of Scandal. It is often overshadowed by the bigger issues facing Washington. Their relationship is a bit frayed, but it doesn’t affect their work. That is evident when he shows up at Jenny’s hideaway and they both pull guns on each other. Jake talks them both off a ledge, but the two still have plenty of grievances left to air.

Huck goes to Abby with the intel that Jennifer Fields is alive, trading it for access to Becky, the assassin who played Huck way back in season 2. She is still up to her old tricks, which is exactly what Huck needed. He needs to understand how she was able to play him. Turns out, tell a sad story and Huck folds like a house of cards.

After his encounter with Rowan, Huck spots Meg with the woman manipulating this entire charade. Huck slips back into his B6-13 ways and snaps. But as he goes to kill Meg, she appeals to the tiny bit of uncertainty left inside of him.

The beginning of Scandal season 6 felt like we were living in the past. Now that we are so grounded in the present, watching Huck trying to play catch up and convince everyone of what we already know is heartbreaking. But luckily, there is a chip in her head that connects Huck to the surveillance footage of everything from the museum.

Liv agrees to help Meg, by showing her Jenny, but it turns out that Huck was right — Meg was playing him. She shoots Jenny and Huck before reporting back to Abby that the job is done. 😶

Stray observation: Tom Verica, please take a bow. “Traitor Among Us” has some of the series’ best direction.

‘The Catch’ 2×03 ‘The Dining Hall’ – Kendra Cleary

Tommy’s keeping a low profile after joining forces with Rhys. His whereabouts would actually be a complete mystery in The Catch season 2, episode 3, if not for his crush on Sophie! Once AVI has a clue they call in Nick, a police officer from Alice and Val’s past, to help track him down.

Apparently, Tommy’s crimes were a little more serious than simply bugging his sister’s office. Alice finds out that Tommy was actually working with the cartel that killed the Kincades, so with the help of Nick, she gets him locked up for his own protection. It’s then Alice’s job to get the cartel’s money back.

That would’ve been a little easier if Ben didn’t need the exact same money! After he got to show off the fact that he’s basically a professional sushi chef to win over a diplomatic mark, he got himself, and Rhys, into some trouble with her son. With Rhys’ life on the line, who will take precedence? Alice’s real brother, or Ben’s bromance?

Before Danny/Sophie could even get off the ground, it looks like they’ve found themselves some less wholesome matches. The Hammer could be after Sophie’s heart, while Margot appears to be seeking Danny’s…not heart. The Catch loves a love story between good and “evil”, so it’ll be interesting to see how these play out.


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