Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×16, Scandal 6×06, and The Catch 2×02. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×16 ‘Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?’- Sonya Field

Japril the Movie is back! Too bad this time we get a grumpy Jackson instead of a romantic one. They’re on their way to another Avery hospital to perform surgery on a patient that can’t be transferred. But they quickly discover they have to bear the bad news to the donor’s father that his son is brain dead and won’t be coming back. It brings up the topic of April and Jackson’s son that died, bringing the mood down even more.

April takes her turn at being grumpy when they find out the donor is no longer an option, and their patient is worse than they thought. The parents aren’t happy that they got excited for nothing only to be let down again, and April is pissed that she has to handle it alone because Jackson is busy drinking. But she’s shocked to discover that the bar owner is actually Jackson’s dad.

The next day, April tries to get Jackson to admit what she already knows. But Jackson continues to be grumpy. They get in another argument, but it gets interrupted by a message that their patient is being checked out to go see another doctor. The girl isn’t stable enough to move so the parents give them one day to come up with a plan. More arguing between April and Jackson ensues.

After a talk with April, Jackson finally gets the courage to go back and talk to his dad. The older Avery is surprised but hugs his son. Jackson is a bit thrown off when his father talks about how hard it was being an Avery and has no remorse for leaving his family behind.

Jackson’s able to open about how it made him feel to April and in doing so he comes up with an idea for their patient. It’s never been done before, so it’s risky, but together April and Jackson preform the surgery and save the girl. Later at the hotel they work together in a whole different way (sex).

Despite their differences, Jackson and April just work. They know each other better than anyone and are always there to support the other. April gives Jackson the courage to talk to his father one last time and say what he needs to.

‘Scandal’ 6×06 ‘Extinction’ – Brittany Lovely

scandal 6x06 recap

We’re back this week with another character-centric episode. “Extinction” takes us through the months ahead of the election to show how deep the corruption lies in a Scandal election. Olivia Pope may need to win the election for herself. On the surface Eli has it all. But Eli Pope needs Mellie to win in order to save a life.

A friend from grad school, Sandra, returns with a fabulous job opportunity — working with dinosaurs! It makes you wonder who Eli Pope really was before he settled into a career of killing and rigging elections. For the first time ever, we see him genuinely excited to go to work. Additionally, he HUGS his daughter.

Look, we never doubted that Eli loves Olivia. But there are times when it is questionable as to whose well-being he is has in mind. Watching him work, mentoring kids in the art of cleaning bones instead of bodies, makes him likable for a split second. But that is fleeting as he suddenly becomes paranoid after he discovers a camera in Sandra’s lab.

He quickly performs a sweep of Olivia’s apartment to ensure her safety. Then he slips back into the man we know, pulling a gun on Sandra and demanding answers. Her employer, it turns out, needs him to win the election for Mellie Grant. He starts changing ballots, arranging surveillance on Jennifer Fields. But as he starts moving pieces on the chessboard, Olivia starts undoing it to win an election fair and square.

The best parts of the episodes are watching Eli slip between caring and loving father and friend and agent. Sandra challenges him. Emotionally the two exist in a tangled web of lost love and present fear. When the election starts slipping away from him, Eli is faced with one final challenge: kill Vargas and frame Cyrus Beane. Surely, the GOAT could do that? Right?

Unfortunately, he is that great. With a sniper on the roof and Eli under the stage, three shots take out the President-elect. The most haunting moment is when Vargas maintains eye contact as he dies on the stage. As the dominoes fall back into place, it turns out that no matter how far ahead Eli feels, he is still running behind.

Eli shoots Sandra to prove he is not under anyone’s thumb. But when Olivia turns up in danger, the game continues. It’s survival of the fittest and Eli is starting to show signs of fatigue.

‘The Catch’ 2×02 ‘The Hammer’ – Kendra Cleary

the catch 2x02, alice vaughan, valerie

Rhys and Ben realize their new assignment with the FBI might not be quite as fun as they’d thought in The Catch season 2, episode 2. They’ve got their own plan of attack for their next mission, but Agent Diaz has another idea, and yes, her idea does involve exterminator costumes. It’s not exactly the go-to look for international con men. Being Rhys and Ben, they go with their own idea anyway, which leads to some pretty fun scenes between them and Agent Diaz, but ultimately, it results in a complication in the con.

Alice’s brother is still hanging around trying to find out where his 3 million dollar gift came from, and he’s surprisingly a big help. Using predominantly his ideas, AVI is able to determine that the money is something a scary drug cartel is willing to, and has, killed for. Luckily, it’s safe in Alice’s hands. Until her impressionable baby brother brings it to Rhys, that is.

Things get complicated in Margot’s case when they realize the lieutenants she’d thought were responsible are actually dead! The gal pal trio of Alice, Valerie and Margot soon figure out that she’s being hunted by a hitman called “The Hammer.” The girls devise a clever plan to catch him, but when it works, Margot immediately hires him! Who will he be targeting? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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