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#TGIT recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×15, ‘Scandal’ 6×05, ‘The Catch’ 2×01

Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×15, Scandal 6×05, and The Catch 2×01. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×15 ‘Civil War’ – Sonya Field

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The civil war is still on at Grey Sloan Memorial, but it’s losing steam now that Meredith is back. More people are beginning to like Eliza’s program and Weber is losing hope. Jackson decides to take matters into his own hands and go over his mother’s head to get rid of Eliza. In retaliation, Catherine invites April to Chicago to check out another Avery hospital.

Amelia comes back to work to help Maggie out with a surgery, but she isn’t ready to see Owen yet. Until she actually sees him in action and jumps in to help. He’s heartbroken that she’s avoiding him and confused about where they stand in their marriage.

Alex and Riggs are working a case together, but disagree on how to handle the newborn’s heart failure. DeLuca is given different instructions on what to do but ends up following Riggs’ orders and putting the baby on the transplant list. Meredith tries to talk to Riggs about it, but it only pisses him off. Even when a perfect match comes in, Alex still holds a grudge about it.

Despite getting upset with her earlier, Riggs still wants Meredith. He lets her know he’s all in and just wants her to let him know when she is too.

Eliza and Arizona actually end up falling asleep together in an on-call room and Weber catches them about to kiss. The battle against Eliza seems to be falling apart, but Weber still isn’t ready to go home with Catherine.

‘Scandal’ 6×05 ‘They All Bow Down’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal 6x04 jake liv

After weeks of wondering where Jake Ballard disappeared to on election night, we finally have some answers!

“They All Bow Down” picks up on the night Jake joins Mellie’s ticket and traces the path from the first debate through the present day. Huck calls Liv just before Jake, aka the NSA boy toy, and his wife Vanessa are due to appear on The Liberty Report with Sally. Vanessa’s relationship with Jake is crumbling, but she and the bottle are hitting it off quite well.

When her drunkenness leads her to crash her car into a tree with a bartender riding shotgun, Jake finally loses it. Olivia tries to keep the peace long enough for America’s shining couple to give an interview. However, Vanessa lets a tiny detail slip as she rants about Jake’s lack of devotion — Jake was texting someone before Vargas got shot.

Turns out it was Eli looking to help his son tie up loose ends and earn his place back at the right hand of power. Liv and the team dig into Jake’s whereabouts and pin him at the scene of the cabin explosion. While OPA runs circles around Jake and secret motel rooms, Jake delivers a fatal blow to Liv’s dream to run a clean campaign and atone for fixing the first election.

A wire transfer appears in an offshore account that could pin Vargas’ murder on Olivia. Naturally, she runs to dear old Dad, but Eli seems just as shocked that this trail exists. Liv and Eli are pawns in a bigger chess game. One where they are disposable.

Jake essentially kidnaps Liv and takes her on a trip into the woods to confess to the murder of Jennifer Fields. Well, the Jennifer Fields that exists on paper anyway. Turns out our bad boy of the NSA could not kill again and hid her away!

Stray observation: Bless Mellie Grant for being Mellie through and through. “Suck it up and RUN. THE. WORLD.”

‘The Catch’ 2×01 ‘The New Deal’ – Kendra Cleary

the catch 2x01, ben and alice

The Catch season 2 begins approximately 72 hours after Ben’s grand confession, and subsequent arrest, at the end of season 1. He’s been rotting away in prison for three whole days, so Agent Dao and Agent Diaz rush in to get him a deal. He’s expecting they’ll be able to get him out in three to five years, but they tell him they can get him out the next day if he’ll agree to work with the FBI.

He’s reluctant to accept, knowing that the consequences for getting caught would be severe, but he agrees to do it for 18 months. When Rhys breaks Ben out of jail before the FBI can, he gets roped into the deal as well!

Alice may have escaped jail time, thanks to Ben, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely off the hook. Even AVI’s most committed clients are jumping ship, since the firm is still under FBI investigation. Luckily Alice’s little brother is in town and he has a problem that everyone could use. Someone put three million dollars in his account, and he needs to figure out who.

Margot finally got the position she always desired in the Kensington firm, but she’s having trouble commanding the respect her other family members were readily granted. Her employees are insubordinate, they’re missing payments, and one of the firm’s hotels was burned down. She believes her mother’s behind it, but Sybil divulges that the hotel was their insurance policy, with literal cash stashed in the walls, and tells her that someone must be coming after them.

This is unequivocally confirmed when Margot’s henchman/lover is shot and killed through the window of her bedroom. Frightened for her life and the future of the Kensington firm, she turns to the one person who can crack the case: Alice Vaughan!

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal,’ and ‘The Catch’?

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