Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×14, and the How To Get Away With Murder season 3 finale. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×14 ‘Back Where You Belong’ – Sonya Field

Liza is back to pushing the residents to undertake more roles in the operating room. This means they will be trying their hands at a kidney transplant with the help of Weber, Alex, and April. But the day starts off rough when the estranged father of the patient comes and it’s revealed he’s abusive.

Then they get worse when the mother’s kidney fails and she needs the one she was going to donate in order to live. Jo gets emotional when the father is revealed to be a match too, but she works up the courage to stay on the case and warn the father off.

Bailey decides to pay Meredith a surprise visit to talk about their current situation. They’re finally able to hear each out about what happened, but they still disagree on what is right. Bailey even offers Meredith her job back, but she won’t budge until Weber gets his job back too. When Weber himself hears about this, he goes to talk some sense into Meredith.

Meanwhile, Liza and Arizona seem to have a growing relationship but are trying to keep it hidden.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ season 3 finale – Matthew Howland

After the negligence of ADA Atwood there is a trial to get the charges against Annalise dismissed. Atwood admits in a court of law to forging Nate Lahey’s signature to move Wes’ body, but she denies ordering his cremation. After the trial the Keating crew discovers that Atwood was in contact with an unknown number the night that Wes died, the night his body was moved, and the night he was cremated.

Meanwhile, Connor grapples with the fact that he was there the night Wes died. And according to him he might even be the cause of it. You see, that night he went to Annalise’s to respond to her voicemail. When he got there he found Wes in the basement. He started to resuscitate him, but nothing worked.

In response, Laurel takes the stand in Connor’s stead recounting what happened in the house. Her testimony attempts to discredit the coroner who said that Wes died from asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. However the affidavit that Laurel signed to protect her father after being kidnapped discredits her.

After a long and grueling motion to dismiss, Annalise is denied. The case will go to trial before a jury. So Connor turns around, trying to right his wrong by taking the plea deal offered to Wes. However, while waiting in Denver’s office Asher decides to call the burner phone that Atwood was in contact with. A phone starts to immediately buzz in Denver’s office.

But before all of that, Wes and Nate have a strict conversation as seen in episodes before. As they speak someone else lurks in the shadows. While Wes makes a call, begging Annalise to come home, the figure grabs him from behind.

After being caught with the burner phone, Connor goes missing. Denver holds him hostage at a hidden location where he is mistreated, threatened, and coerced. As the Keating crew scrambles to find him Annalise has dinner with Wallace Mahoney’s wife who reveals that Wes isn’t Wallace’s son, but Charles’.

When it comes down to it Connor is arrested for the murder of Wes, but as he is being taken away he gives them information. The location of the copy of Annalise’s phone. It holds a message from Wes where he talks about how he killed Sam. The only option they have now is to introduce another suspect, a lesson taught by Annalise at the beginning of the show. The Keating gang, divergently, decides to pin it all on Wes.

We see Wes in a flashback struggling with the hitman who injects him with a lethal chemical, slowly killing him as he cries out for help. Annalise, however, slowly turns the boy who was the best of them all into a monster who killed himself so he wouldn’t go to jail. Annalise retrieves Connor, convincing Denver to put everything on Wes.

Oliver, in a passionate move, asks Connor to marry him. Laurel plots her own scheme as she, Asher, and Michaela corner Charles Mahoney at a bar. Charles asks Michaela to go home with him, while he waits for her at a cab Laurel runs after him, ready to take his lie. It is in the final moments that she runs into the unknown hitman, a family friend, Dominique. For the audience, it is all brought full circle as we learn that Laurel’s father orchestrated Wes’ death. Everyone in the show is left none the wiser.

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’?

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