Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×12, Scandal 6×03, and How To Get Away With Murder 3×12. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×12 ‘None of Your Business’ – Sonya Field

Finally, it was revealed that the reason Alex didn’t go to jail was because DeLuca had the charges dropped by saying he was the one that started the fight. No one knew he was going to do it, and no one knew why until DeLuca admitted to Alex it was for Jo.

Meanwhile, the rest of the hospital is at odds with each other. The doctors are still resisting working with Eliza, which leads to Meredith being suspended. Alex does get his job back, but even he questions Bailey. Catherine scolds April for trying to protect Weber, and Eliza tells Bailey she’s making things worse.

Maggie is dealing with the new problem of her mother being in town, and it becomes clear that they’re not doing well. Her mother also finds out she has cancer, but because of a fight doesn’t tell Maggie.

‘Scandal’ 6×03 ‘Fates Worse Than Death’ – Brittany Lovely

Automa-TOM is back! Turns out Cyrus’ hunky agent is even more hellbent on getting Cyrus into the Oval than Liv is about getting Mellie there. In a series of flashbacks to the campaign trail, Cyrus crosses paths with Tom one night in D.C. He mentions offhand that there is a woman, Jennifer Fields, who is playing the Liv to Vargas’ Fitz. She threatens the campaign, which in Tom’s mind is synonymous with threatening Cyrus.

However, when Fields turns up in Vargas’ office battered and bruised, Frankie unleashes his wrath on Cyrus. But was Fields and subsequently Vargas’ murder all an act of revenge by a scorned lover?

Cyrus tries to ensure that Tom calls off his personal mission, but it takes more than denouncing their love in a crypt to deprogram this robot. A showdown between the two leaves Tom towering over Cyrus, holding a gun to his head. Cyrus walks away with his life, but he is far from free. There are fates worse than death.

Turns out the only person in his corner at the end of the day is the man he betrays over and over again — Michael. Tom confesses to killing Vargas under Cyrus’ orders and with that David Rosen arrests the President-elect.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 3×12 ‘Go Cry Somewhere Else’ – Matthew Howland

In a flashback, Frank is instructed by Bonnie to follow Wes, though he is ordered not to hurt him. Wes, however, knows he is being followed. Making a desperate call, Wes discloses his real name to whoever awaits on the other line: Christophe.

After having an emotional breakdown at Wes’ memorial, Laurel goes to great lengths to see if she can view Wes’ body. There is only one problem — Wes’ body is missing. She meets with Frank, begging to hear what Wes’ last words were. When the accused is unable to answer, Laurel stands convinced it wasn’t he who committed the crime.

While Laurel deals with her own loss, Annalise remains busy trying to clear her name. Annalise’s mother and father visit her in prison. During their short stay, Mama Ophelia offers to take the blame for the fire because she believes she did it due to her newly-revealed dementia.

All attempts, even from Bonnie, to get Annalise out on bail are to no avail. Until Annalise ensures her own freedom by provoking another inmate. The inmate attacks her, effectively freeing Annalise for her own safety.

Lastly, the final minutes of the episode reveal three of the most shocking twists of the latter half of season 3: Oliver saved a copy of Annalise phone that he erased. Annalise lies and tells her mom that she is free. And finally, it was really Nate who was the last to see Wes alive.

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Scandal,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’?

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