Tonight’s TGIT on ABC included Grey’s Anatomy 13×11, Scandal 6×02, and How To Get Away With Murder 3×11. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×11 ‘Jukebox Hero’ – Sonya Field

Grey’s Anatomy took us back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, we still had to wait for news on Alex. Meredith spent most of the episode running around trying to figure out where Alex is. She was pretty sure he had taken the plea deal but had no idea what jail he had been taken to.

Meanwhile, her co-workers were standing by Weber and making a rebellion against the new doctor Eliza, who was brought in to help them teach better. This meant actively trying to keep them out of their operating rooms so she couldn’t observe. Even Arizona, who had seemed to be crushing on her a bit, gave Eliza the cold shoulder.

The trouble brewing in the hospital brings Weber and Bailey head to head. It looks like there’s a civil war beginning amongst the staff.

Finally, at the end of the episode Meredith is surprised to find Alex sleeping in her bed.

‘Scandal’ 6×02 ‘Hardball’ – Brittany Lovely

Secret meetings, interrogations, and girl-talk over wine leads to three Scandal revelations. First, Olivia chats up the new director of the FBI while her team steals evidence. Although her bonding is a ruse, it leads to Director Webster asking Fitz to turn their professional relationship into a classified case.

Second, Olivia devotes all of her energy on pinning Vargas’ murder on Cyrus. Fitz remains unconvinced and calls Mellie and Cyrus into the East Wing to “save America,” and Cyrus offers up an interesting proposal — the Office of the Vice President.

Finally, in an episode of flashbacks, Mellie and Marcus’ relationship goes from innocent flirtation to hot and heavy to ice cold. That chill is a direct result of Liv’s intervention. No wonder she always wears great coats. Turns out Liv spoon-fed Marcus his job at the White House. Mellie tries to quit Liv, until she realizes no man compares to the sweet feeling of the carpet in the Oval office.

The final two minutes: Liv’s team recovers lost footage from Jennifer Field’s camera. Vargas screams at Cyrus for some unnamed action and threatens to put him in jail. The investigation into Vargas’ death is now in the hands of the justice department.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 3×11 ‘Not Everything’s About Annalise’ – Matthew Howland

Someone killed Wes. Someone even confessed. But at this point there is not enough evidence to arrest Frank, who claims his motive for killing was revenge for Laurel’s pregnancy. Even when instructed to look at the security tapes of him picking up Wes at the station, Atwood refuses to charge Frank. However, Bonnie is certain that they do have enough evidence to book Frank for the crime, she just needs to unearth it.

Bonnie turns to Michaela, Connor, and Asher, reassuring them that Annalise is innocent and that she needs their help. So Michaela “enlists” Oliver to hack the D.A. to get the evidence Atwood is withholding that could incriminate Frank. In a surprising turn of events, Oliver discovers that Atwood does indeed have evidence, but not against Frank. Against Annalise. It’s Rebecca’s body. Of course, that is just the beginning of what they have on her. There is only one option: make an immunity deal and blame Frank for all of the unsolved crimes. But when a request is made, Atwood only has two words for Bonnie’s plea: “No deal.”

Laurel must tell a lie. She informs the police that not only did Frank know she was pregnant, but she saw him at the scene of the crime, running out of the storm door before the explosion. Frank is arrested, not as the sole murderer, but as Annalise’s co-conspirator. However, as the final flashback shows, Wes gets out of Frank’s car and starts walking home. As Wes walks away, Frank makes a call to Bonnie instructing him to continue following the boy who died in a fire.

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Scandal,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’?

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