1:00 pm EDT, October 19, 2015

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 12×05 sneak peek: Ding dong ditch

Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 5 invites an unexpected dinner guest to the table. Watch as Meredith tries to cope with the sudden reappearance of Penny.

Only on Grey’s Anatomy could one dinner party guest cause such a stir! Not only is Callie’s new girlfriend Penny meeting Arizona for the first time, but she must also face the woman whose husband she is partially responsible for killing. Near the close of season 11, Meredith’s final visit to see Derek resulted in her meeting the woman who took the blame for not paying close enough attention to Derek’s head trauma.

Sticking to her teaching hospital roots, Meredith faces Penny and explains to her that Derek is her “One.” He is the patient who will haunt her career and push her to do better every single day. Little did Meredith know that Penny would return to haunt her so soon in the future.

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Now that all the old feelings about Derek’s final day are stirred up again, Meredith must decide on her next move. Does she confront Penny loudly and force her out of the house. Or does she present the facts and let her friends decide how to feel. After all, Derek was a huge presence in their lives as well.

Regardless of which way Meredith decides to lean on the issue, it is not in her best interest to keep the unwelcome presence in her life for longer than she needs to, it is unhealthy. We bet Arizona will be happy to see Penny gone sooner rather than later.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy season 12, episode 5, “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner,” Thursday, October 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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