8:55 pm EDT, April 29, 2015

Netflix, Ellen DeGeneres team up for ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ television series

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Online streaming beheamouth Netflix has announced that they’ve purchased a new childrens series from Ellen DeGeneres and other producers based on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.

Adorably, Netflix’s press release is a rhyme from top to bottom (see a sample below). The Green Eggs and Ham television series has a 13-episode order and will premiere in 2018.

The big wait between now and the premiere appears to be due to the type of animation the series is employing. Ellen bills it as “never-before-seen” animation, while Netflix’s announcement describes the show as “richly animated.”

Netflix describes their Green Eggs and Ham series with this clever rhyme:

“In this richly animated production,
a 13-episode introduction,
standoffish inventor (Guy, by name)
and Sam-I-Am of worldwide fame,
embark on a cross-country trip
that tests the limits of their friendship.
As they learn to try new things,
they find out what adventure brings.
Of course they also get to eat that famous green and tasty treat!”

According to Deadline, the series’ producers met with Dr. Seuss’ widow who offered her blessing and notes about the series. “With a 45-minute pitch in place, Stern and Kleeman drove down to San Diego to meet with Dr. Seuss’ widow Audrey Geisel,” says Deadline. “The two were taken to Dr. Seuss’ house where they were given five minutes with Geisel. She ended up hearing the full 45-minute pitch and giving them her blessing, along with notes, which the project’s producers incorporated.”

Deadline says they’ve heard Netflix is spending over $5 million per episode, which adds to the excitement surrounding the show’s visuals. The producers are said to have only gone to Netflix with this project because they believed the streaming site was the only place who would give them the budget and the long development window.

Green Eggs and Ham is a Dr. Seuss classic, so we’re sure readers of all ages will check out the series when it premieres in a few years.

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Here’s Ellen making the announcement on tomorrow’s episode of her daytime talk show:

Source: Deadline

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