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10 essential ‘Greek’ references we must see in the reunion movie

By Kristen Kranz | Edited by Karen Rought

We were beyond excited to learn that Freeform is preparing a Greek reunion movie, and it got us thinking about all the incredibly Greek-y things that we HAVE to see in this revisit.

Greek had so many things about it that were just, well, Greek, that the announcement of the reunion movie had us thinking back to all the most essential Greek references we can’t wait to see make it into the reunion. These are just 10 things we came up with off the top of our heads. Make sure to remind us of all the other Greek references that you want to see in the comments.

10 ‘Greek’ references we HAVE to see in the reunion movie

1. An awesome theme party of some sort

Greek Casino Night Casey Rusty Cappie Ashleigh

If there’s one thing Greek never disappointed with, it was the imaginative theme parties that the fraternities and sororities put on. There was Casino Night at Omega Chi, Kappa Tau’s absolutely legendary End of the World party, the military mixer, oh, and who can forget the volcano that rained beer? Parties were a part of Greek‘s DNA, and we would be beside ourselves if they let this reunion movie go by without one hell of a themed bash to rule all the themed mixers that came before.

2. The Kappa Tau pulling off a classic prank or heist

Some of our favorite memories from Greek‘s four seasons were of the Kappa Tau pulling elaborate pranks or heists. The more complicated the plan, the more fun it was to watch. They always had fun concocting ways out of trouble or just doing whatever they could to piss off the Omega Chi. If there’s any way to work a complicated KT plot into the mix, we are so here for it.

3. Some sort of reference to Rusty’s devotion to physics

Greek Rusty Dale Physics

Rusty and physics were such an integral part of the show that we can’t imagine him finding happiness in a world outside of it. If the reunion movie has all our favorites coming back to Cyprus for a big game or a Greek system alumni mixer, we need to know that Rusty and science are still mad for each other.

4. At least one ‘For the children’ reference from Beaver

It may have taken him a little longer than some, but Beaver was pretty close to getting that teaching certificate that would allow him to teach kindergarten. He may not have the soundest morals when it comes to college-level academics, but his child-like demeanor would make him great with kids.

5. The Amphora society

Greek Amphora Society Evan Chambers Cappie

We may not have figured out what Amphora was until the later seasons of the show, but Evan and Cappie’s membership in the secret society was the path to them finding common ground again. They needed to air their grievances, and once they did, we appreciated the few bromantic moments we got from them. Even better was when they pretended to still hate each other to keep up the Amphora rouse. Good times were had in those shaggy brown robes. Good times.

6. The Omega Chi acting smug, only to be put in their place

The Omega Chi being snooty and privileged was a running theme throughout the series. They thought they were better than everyone, but somehow, someway, Calvin or someone would remind them of their place, and they’d become better humans. If we were lucky enough to see our old Omega Chi brothers Evan and Calvin show up to Cyprus years after graduation and put some newbies in their places, we’d totally be game for that.

7. Dale… being Dale

Greek Dale Kettlewell confederate flag

Dale Kettlewell has always been true to himself. He may have taken some wild roads on his quest to learn more about himself, but Dale has always been Dale. Any reunion would feel woefully incomplete without Dale Kettlewell. He, more than anyone else, learned who he was in college. He did more exploring of his psyche and motivations than anyone, and, in turn, was one of the most unpredictable and lovable characters on the show. A reunion without Dale would be a sad affair indeed.

8. A cameo by Pussywillow the Cat… even if she is burnt a little bit.

If you remember correctly, there was a stuffed animal that the ZBZ used for a myriad of different purposes that may have had an accident or two along the way. Yes, we’re talking about Pussywillow the cat. We need to at least see her briefly in the background or on a shelf in the ZBZ house, as she played a substantial role in so many great Casey and Ashleigh scenes.

9. At least one reference to Franny and/or the IKI

Greek Franny Morgan IKI

Franny, Franny, Franny. She was hard to love, but she made an impression. If any reunion went without some reference to Franny’s reign of terror at ZBZ or her defecting to start a new chapter of IKI, it wouldn’t feel complete. She was a huge part of the series, and if she doesn’t show up herself to remind us, we at least have to get a good IKI joke or two.

10. An appearance by the Plain White T’s

Lastly, what would a Greek reunion be without the Plain White T’s? They appeared more than once at parties and dances throughout the series and provided the bouncy theme song for the show. It wouldn’t be a Cyprus Rhodes Greek event without the Plain White T’s in the house. They’re a Greek staple.

What do you want to see in the ‘Greek’ reunion movie?

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