9:40 am EDT, August 9, 2018

Grant Gustin responds to body shamers over new suit on ‘The Flash’

Grant Gustin had a strongly-worded message for those body-shaming him for his appearance in his costume for season 5 of The Flash.

The Flash will be embarking on its fifth season on The CW this fall, and as we’ve come to expect with every new season, Barry Allen and his iconic Flash suit are getting a bit of a new look. A test photo (that has now been removed from Instagram) was leaked that showed Grant Gustin in the season 5 Flash suit, and while some focused on the suit’s similarity to Barry’s suit in the comics, others chose to focus on and criticize Grant Gustin’s physique.

Gustin is a naturally skinny man, and some chose to attack the actor for being too thin to properly play the role of Barry or “fill out” the suit. And while many Flash fans came to the actor’s defense, as Comic Book Movie reported, Gustin himself chose to speak out against the body shamers on his Instagram.

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Gustin reminded everyone the leaked photo was one he wasn’t aware was being taken, and that it was a photo of a suit that was still being tweaked to be just right for the new season. He assured everyone that he loves the suit designed for him, and that it will look great once it’s finally fully completed and we get to see it in season 5.

But more importantly, he addressed those individuals coming after him for being “too thin.” Gustin explained that it’s taken him a while to be happy with his naturally thin frame and his weight has always been something he’s struggled to accept, but he’s finally happy with his body. What’s more, he loves being able to be a superhero so that other kids with bodies like his can see a representation of their body type onscreen and feel like they, too, can be a superhero.

He also addressed the idea that while it might seem more socially acceptable to speak negatively about a man’s body than a woman’s, that body shaming is harmful and wrong regardless of who the target is.

While it’s frustrating that he’s still having to face body shaming five seasons into his run as The Flash, we’re glad Gustin took the time to address this very important issue. And for what it’s worth, we just can’t wait to see what amazing upgrades Barry is going to get with his season 5 suit.

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