Gotham season 3, episode 18, “Light The Wick,” has Gordon racing to find out what weapon the Court of Owls is going to unleash on the city. Here’s a few non-spoiler teasers ahead of the episode!

Lee knows something is going on…

Lee starts to digging into what happened to Gordon’s uncle. She’s suspicious that something is going on and thinks Gordon has to do with it. Clearly, she’s still upset about Mario’s death and feels like Gordon is all to blame. And yet all her friends at the GCPD are helping Gordon, even though despair seems to follow him everywhere he goes.

Selina is in a coma

After being pushed out of the window by fake Bruce, Selina is in the hospital. No one really knows what happened to her. But when Ivy hears she knows something is up, Selina would never fall like that. So Ivy goes to see Selina after finding out she’s at the hospital. The doctors aren’t convinced that she’s going to wake up, but Ivy believes she can do it with the help of her friendly plants.

An old foe becomes an ally, kind of

A familiar face pops back up in the episode. Kathryn is holding Hugo Strange against his will and forcing him to continue his work for her. The weapon that she wants to use against Gotham is still in development and she need his help to complete it. But Hugo is only out to help himself and ends up kind of helping Gordon. Not enough as so to risk his own safety with the court, but just enough so that he can ask Gordon for help later on down the road.

Bruce continues his training

The Shaman keeps training Bruce and tries to teach him how to shut down his emotions. On the one hand its definitely helping Bruce get better, but on the other hand it’s playing into the courts plans.

What do you think will happen on ‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 18, ‘Light The Wick?’

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