Ever since the Gotham season 3 winter finale there has been a big question mark over what was going to happen to Penguin, and now we know!

In the Gotham season 3 winter finale the show changed in a big way when Nygma carried out his plan to kill Penguin. After learning that his best friend was behind Isabella’s murder, Nygma sought the ultimate revenge. With Penguin usually able to outwit any of his opponents it seemed impossible that he would actually die.

And yet, Nygma shot Penguin before pushing him into the water. Though people never seem to really die on this show it looked like the worst had happened. Really, how is Penguin supposed to come back from that?

In Gotham season 3, episode 15, “How the Riddler Got His Name,” it wasn’t immediately clear what had happened to Penguin. Nygma was still living in Penguin’s mansion and the city was looking for its missing mayor. No one except Nygma knew what had happened to Penguin by the water. Then Nygma started to take hallucinogens so that he could see visions of his best friend and talk to him about his journey to becoming the Riddler.

The hallucinations that Nygma sees are of a Penguin that’s been drowned, is wet, and very angry about being killed. It seems like Penguin really is dead and the only way that we’re going to be seeing him is through Nygma. Except that the only way Nygma sees Penguin is by taking the drugs. So Penguin’s not really a ghost.

It’s not until the very end of the episode that fans learn what actually happened to Penguin. After he was shot, he apparently washed ashore where he was found by Ivy Pepper. She took him in and took care of him while he healed from his gun shot. According to Ivy he mostly slept the whole time and was very boring.

Now that he’s awake, Penguin is ready to go after Nygma. So somehow Penguin not only survived being shot but also nearly drowning. It’s not really very plausible but we’ll take it anyways.

It’s interesting that Ivy was the one to find Penguin and now I’m curious to see if they will build a friendship. Don’t forget that Nygma met Penguin after he had been shot and was in the woods hiding. Perhaps Penguin will take another fledgling villain under his wing. Unless he’s worried she might turn on him too.

Unfortunately, the exchange between Ivy and Penguin is super short so we don’t learn much. There’s still a lot to be learned and it’s unclear how soon we’ll see the king of Gotham back in action. It’s to his best advantage to let his enemies continue to believe that he’s dead until he’s ready to strike. So it could be a little while until he’s out of the shadows and back in action.

There’s much to decide in the meantime: Will he go back to being mayor? Will he fight back for the position of mob boss? Who can he really trust now that Butch, Tabitha, Barbara, and Nygma have tried to kill him?

Whatever Penguin does decide to do, I know that he’ll make it interesting!

What do you think Penguin’s next move should be on ‘Gotham’?

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