Sadly, Gotham season 3 is about to go on a another hiatus until the springtime. But before it does, here are a few teases from its winter finale.

The episode gets very dark (literally and figuratively)

Like we saw in the last episode, Jerome caused a massive explosion at the city’s power plant when he blew up Dwight. This means that the whole city is without power and has been plunged into darkness. Jerome’s goal is that the darkness will cause even more people to join his followers in living out their darkest fantasies.

The city becomes its darkest yet, literally and figuratively. It almost seems impossible that the GCPD will be able to take back the city from Jerome’s followers!

Clowns just want to have fun

As shown in some of the promos for the episode, Jerome takes to a circus. Except that it’s not like the circus that we’re used to seeing. Instead, Jerome and his followers turn it into their own deranged amusement park filled with games we never want to see in real life. It’s truly terrifying and if you have any issues with clowns you definitely don’t want to see this.

Jerome’s face

After last week’s episode, fans had a lot to say about Jerome’s face. If seeing Jerome’s face messed up last week disturbed you, prepare yourself for what happens this week!

Bruce makes some decisions about his future

Although he doesn’t know it yet, Bruce has slowly been laying the ground work for his future as a vigilante. His training with Alfred comes in great use in this episode and he even surprises some of those around him with the skills he shows off. However, he makes another big stride in tonight’s episode towards his future and he does it all on his own.

Another of the other Indian Hill escapees returns

Although Jerome was the last of the Indian Hill escapees to make his appearance, he isn’t the only one still kicking around the city. One that we haven’t seen in a while comes back in the episode. The return is certainly ominous of what’s to come when Gotham starts airing again in the spring.

What do you think will happen on ‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 13, ‘The Gentle Art of Making Enemies’?

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