9:00 pm EDT, October 26, 2015

Indian Hill revealed on ‘Gotham’ 2×06: The Joker’s origin?

Gotham has slowly been building up to the darker workings behind Wayne Enterprises, and they were finally revealed tonight!

On Gotham 2×06, “By Fire,” Bridgit began to develop into Firefly when she learned her calling. Not only does she like working with fire, as her brothers taught her, but she also wants to help those who are helpless. Just like she was forced into doing things she didn’t want by the Pike brothers, Bridgit feels bad for the women she finds being sold into slavery.

So she decides to bust them out, but in doing so she is cornered by the Gotham City Police Department. Bridgit panics and makes an awful decision to use her flame thrower, even though gas has leaked out of her tank. She accidentally sets herself on fire and is almost killed. Where she’s sent next will probably have her wishing that she had died.

Fans might remember that in last season, Maroni traded a toxic waste dump in Arkham called Indian Hill to Falcone. On the ground level, it seems worthless. But just below the surface Wayne Enterprises has an experimental lab where they are keeping some of Gotham’s more interesting residents.

Gotham 2x06 Mr Freeze

As Bridgit is wheeled down the hallway she gets to look inside some of the rooms — and what she see’s is downright creepy. Interestingly, we see one man who seems to be surrounded by frigid air reminding us of Mr. Freeze. The character is supposed to be introduced this season so it would certainly make sense for him to be there.

What has us most excited about the introduction of Indian Hill is that it could mean the return of Jerome Valeska as The Joker. In the comics, The Jokers origins usually involve him falling into toxic waste and he is always tied to Arkham. Plus, the writers of Gotham have already teased that fans should be seeing Jerome again this season. If his body was taken from the morgue, perhaps a little toxic waste therapy at Indian Hill could revive him.


It’s definitely within the realm of possibilities when you look at a tease from Ben Mckenzie this year at NYCC. Gordon was told that Bridgit wasn’t going to make it when it’s very clear that she’s alive. So it’s possible that Jerome’s body could have been moved and experimented on.

Even if they don’t turn Jerome into the Joker, it looks like some very interesting storylines will be coming out of Indian Hill. It makes us wonder when Bruce will find out about it and what his course of action will be.

Will he try to shut it down and that’s how the villains-to-be escape? Or will the rest of Gotham remain blissfully unaware of the nightmares below Arkham. And who the heck technically owns this land now that Falcone is gone? We can’t wait for all of our questions to be answered!

What do you think will happen with Indian Hill on ‘Gotham’?

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