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‘Gotham’ 2×02 ‘Knock, Knock’ review: Meet the Maniax

Gotham season 2, episode 2, “Knock, Knock,” focused on Theo Galavan’s misfit group of Arkham escapees who have formally named themselves!

After the Gotham season 2 premiere, we were excited to see where the writers were going to take the new storylines. And so far, they haven’t disappointed. This week “Knock, Knock” followed Theo and Tabitha Galavan as they prepared the group from Arkham to start their work terrorizing the city. Theo wanted to make sure it’s done correctly, making sure that the group names themselves, comes up with a leader, and knows how to really bring fear into the city. Theo has also taken the mayor prisoner and plans to use him to control the city from within.

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Gotham 2x02 Jerome Valeska

First Jerome, Dobkins, Helzinger, and Robert Greenwood abducted a group of citizens, marked them each with a letter from “Maniax!” and then threw them over the Gotham Gizette building. Not only have they made sure that everyone knows their name, they show that they’re crazy enough to attack random people. Meanwhile, Barbara worked with Tabitha and learned how to use a whip, but she insisted she be used further.

Gotham 2x02 Aaron Helzinger

Even though it seemed like Jerome was already leading the group, Theo wanted to make an official leader. Greenwood thought he also deserved to be the leader, sine he’d killed more people. When Theo suggested they play Russian Roulette to decide, neither Jerome or Greenwood backed down. However, Greenwood only took one turn while Jerome pointed the gun to himself fearlessly multiple times in a row. No one argued Jerome’s right to lead after that.

Gotham 2x02 Arnold dobkins

Next, the Maniax stole a truck loaded with gasoline and targeted a busload of teenage cheerleaders. Again, they showed they weren’t afraid to go after the innocent by attacking kids. Jerome also enjoyed torturing the cheerleaders by making them chant while he doused them with gasoline. However, the cops showed up early and ruined the plan when Dobkins couldn’t get the lighter to work. Gordon had just enough time to move the bus out of the way before it caught on fire. Dobkins was caught, but before he could talk, Tabitha used a sniper to take him out.

Gotham 2x02 Barbara Kean

Finally, Barbara got her chance to work with the group. She called Gordon at the GCPD and he tried to get her to come in. When he realized she was actually calling from within the building, he went after her, not realizing it was a setup. Barbara lured Gordon out to the alley where Helzinger jumped him. Meanwhile, Jerome and Greenwood took over the GCPD, shooting down many of the officers including commissioner Essen. Jerome also shot Greenwood for stealing his line, told Essen that he was going to make a mark on the city, and made a video to send to the media.

Gotham 2x02 Robert Greenwood

It was interesting to see the Maniax working together as a group of villains. It seems pretty clear who will be around for the long haul and who are the weaker links. Barbara is also blossoming as an evil character. We hope this storyline is played out for a while, and that Barbara and Jerome work together soon.

We’re a bit worried that the Maniax won’t last, as they’re being killed off rather quickly! It should also be interesting to see what Theo has planned, as he controls the Mayor’s office. But really, it’s the Maniax who are more fun to watch at this point.

We also look forward to seeing what happens at the GCPD now that Essen has been murdered. Who will take over as commissioner? Surely not Bullock or Gordon, so it must be someone we haven’t met yet. And will Leslie be able to continue working there after this great scare? She’s never been one to back down, but she came very close to death while Gordon was off chasing after Barbara.

What did you think of ‘Gotham’ season 2, episode 2, ‘Knock, Knock’?

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