10:00 pm EST, December 17, 2012

‘Gossip Girl’s’ series finale just finished airing – What did you think?

After six seasons, the Upper East Side has said goodbye one last time. What are your thoughts on the how the series ended?

Gossip Girl‘s penultimate conclusion left us in a whirlwind. The first hour included a retrospective look back on the entire series, delving behind the scenes with exclusive pictures and interviews with cast and crew. It was warm, sweet and fuzzy, as many of the actors reflected on the impact the show has had on six years of their lives. Personally, we loved hearing Ed Westwick’s British accent that’s been buried underneath that Chuck Bass swagger all this time.

As promised, the question of all questions was answered tonight: “Who is Gossip Girl?” It’s been on our minds since the pilot episode! Either you were scratching your head totally confused, or pumping your fist in the air shouting, “I knew it!” Was the identity of Gossip Girl who you predicted? Does it make sense that it was that person?

Even the cast was surprised by the perpetrator, not knowing GG’s true identity before the finale. Executive producer Stephanie Savage told E!, “Everyone has had many theories over the years.”

We were able to flash back to the infamous party scene that Dan always ruminated about, the one that landed him a piece in The New Yorker way back when. And finally, finally we’ve gained some closure about which couples really end up together after years of guessing. (Chair! Chair!) Are you satisfied with the final couplings? Did any of them take you by surprise?

We even got a sneak peek at The CW’s new series, The Carrie Diaries, a sort of prequel to Sex and The City. Will you watch the show?

Tell us in the comments what you thought of the scandals, romances, and shockers of Gossip Girl‘s season finale “XOXO”!

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