A new set of promotional stills were released Gossip Girl’s 6×04, “Portrait of a Lady Alexander” and we’ve got details on what to expect in next week’s episode!

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In “Portrait of a Lady Alexander,” Chuck continues to search his father’s twisted past and find out more about his previous dealings. We know the episode’s title comes from a trip that Bart once took to a woman with the same name (as Chuck finds out from a former bodyguard). While doing more digging, Chuck lands among the elite of Manhattan at an event where one person can, hopefully, give him the real truth about Bart.

When Serena and Steven finally decide to be truthful with one another about their romantic pasts, neither is expecting to hear what comes out about their former lovers.

The Spectator is feeling the heat now that Dan decided to publish elsewhere, so Nate must make the decision of whether to keep it in business or not.

Georgina is pressuring Dan to choose a girl to date that will boost his image in the right direction, though Dan is swayed towards other options.

And of course, there will be more scheming on the part of Chuck and Blair after they agree to work together to uncover Bart’s spotty past.

So what’s the real scoop on Serena and Steven’s old flames? Warning: Spoilers ahead, do not read if you don’t want to know!

It turns out, Steven is disgusted to find out that Serena used to date Nate, his daughter Sage’s now-boyfriend. And it gets better: Steven used to date Serena’s mom! Lily even confirms the romance to be true. It wouldn’t be the first time Lily and Serena have dated within the family before (Rufus and Dan, anyone?)

The photos show Blair decked out in an equestrian-inspired digs and a very dapper-looking Nate. No one knows how to throw a party like the Upper East Side!

What do you think about Serena and Lilly’s similar love interests, or the possible reincarnation of Chair?

Photos by: The CW

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