Godzilla was a huge hit this weekend and a sequel is already being planned.

According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are already developing a Godzilla sequel.

It was likely always the plan to make this Godzilla into a new franchise, but the reveal comes after a very successful opening weekend. The current weekend estimates have the film grossing $93 million in the US and $103 million internationally.

The $93 million US opening isn’t the biggest of 2014, but it’s close. Currently the only film to open higher is Captain America: The Winter Soldier which brought in $95 million in its opening weekend, an April record. Godzilla beat the $91 million opening weekend from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 two weeks ago.

There are no announced plans for Godzilla 2 (or whatever it ends up being titled). In the past, Godzilla director Gareth Edwards has talked about what he would do if there did end up being a sequel, so presumably he would return to direct. He has said that if were to make a sequel he would use the same restraint that he did for this movie. This restraint has been a point of criticism from critics and audiences alike. Many have complained that there is not enough Godzilla in Godzilla, but Edwards has talked about learning restraint from studying Spielberg movies.

By the nature of the franchise, the possibilities for the Godzilla sequel are endless. It’s possible that some of the characters from this movie could make an appearance or even lead the way again, but it’s equally possible that Godzilla could pop up at another time in history. It’s possible that other monsters from the series’ history could pop up, or there could be a completely original story that Edwards may want to focus on with whoever ends up writing the screenplay.

Are you glad there will be a ‘Godzilla’ sequel?

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