Traditionally a single-player-only experience, Sony has announced God of War: Ascension will include multiplayer for the first time in series history.

According to Game Informer, one of the modes that will be included is called Execution. In this mode, two teams of two battle it out against each other similar to Domination modes in other games.

Unfortunately, game director Todd Papy said players will not be able to control Kratos in this mode, fearing he would be the only character players would choose. “Nobody wants to be Robin, and we would have had a bunch of Robins,” Papy said during a demonstration of the mode.

Players will instead worship either Zeus, Poseidon, Ares or Hades, which will determine their unlock perks and special abilities.

Sony Santa Monica is reportedly planning on featuring seven multiplayer maps: five large environments, including the one Game Informer got its hands on that included a giant Cyclops, and two smaller arenas.

You can check out a live stream of the mode with developer Q&A over at the PlayStation Blog at 8 AM PDT (11 AM EDT).

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