We’ve already seen one tribute episode this season on Glee with the controversial Britney Spears episode. Ryan Murphy is now saying that there will be two more tribute episodes coming this season plus a very special Valentine’s Day wedding!

Talking to The Hollywood Report, Ryan Murphy said that there will be two more tribute episodes but that he is not ready to talk about them yet:

“We’re working on two tribute episodes. I’m not ready to announce yet because it’s not clear, but fun stuff.”

Could these tributes have something to do with Madonna and Elton John? When a feud erupted between the two legends this summer, Murphy went to Twitter saying:

“A big GLEE goal this year: a Madonna/Elton John mashup. #gayhatchetburying”

Murphy also dished that we would be seeing a very special wedding this season on Valentine’s Day, though wouldn’t say much else than that. We can only presume this is the Will and Emma wedding, right?

Finally, Murphy also gave a couple interesting details about the upcoming Christmas episode that will be directed by Adam Shankman, saying that it’s “very emotional”:

“We’ve taken characters that you wouldn’t expect should be together and put them together.”

Murphy noted that the Christmas episode is created in a Love Actually fashion.

Lots of interesting details about what’s to come on this season of Glee. Do any of these exciting tidbits stick out to you? If you could choose two tribute episodes for Glee to do this year, which ones would they be and why?

Glee returns to Fox next week on Thursday, November 8 at 9/8c following The X Factor.

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