It could happen! Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly recently spoke about the network and included some interesting details about Glee coming back for a fifth (and maybe sixth) season. is reporting that Reilly was happy with where season 4 of Glee has gone in terms of the storyline and likes the “consistency” of the show:

“The New York concept has worked very well. Cutting back and forth has been seamless and both worlds have been dynamic.”

He goes on to add that he wishes there were a more consistent schedule for the show (remember all the hiatuses that left Gleeks hanging for weeks on end):

“I [just] wish we were able to program it more consistently this fall.”

Reilly also had some interesting comments about the possibility of Glee season 5:

“We’re going to negotiate now for the fifth season and beyond.”

“And beyond”? Does that mean we may have more than one season renewal? With the show on the decline over recent years in regards to viewership, one has to wonder if a multi-season renewal would come with the bad news of the series ending.

Maybe we’ll find out that Glee will be renewed for season 5 and season 6, with the sixth season being its last? Or could “and beyond” mean that they’ll figure out if the fifth season is in fact the last?

What are your thoughts about Fox’s comments about the future of Glee?

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