Listen to all the songs from Glee season 5, episode 20, titled “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project,” featuring songs by Bastille, Estelle and more.

Next week the fifth season of Glee will officially come to a close and will be the last episode before we get a significant time jump in season 6. At the moment all of our characters are at different turning points in their lives and we can only expect the outcomes to influence how the final season will be structured.

Almost a month ago Ryan Murphy teased that “something big happens, and the final season is the aftermath of that.” We don’t know yet what big event he could be referring to but maybe the songs from this week’s finale will give us some clues.

Preview all the songs from ‘Glee’ season 5, episode 20 below:

We missed Blaine’s voice in the last episode so we are beyond over the moon to hear him in “All Of Me” by John Legend. Blaine and Kurt are always having some sort of issue with each other whether it be professionally or in their relationship. Hopefully this serenade will be the perfect way for the couple to end the season on a high note.

We can’t forget about Brittany’s return to the show this episode as well as her song with Mercedes in the upbeat, party track “Shakin’ My Head.” Brittany will be performing with the backup dancers in this performance so we’re excited to see her back to dancing in a song where her moves can really be showcased.

Finally, we always feel like a broken record when we talk about Lea Michele but her voice in “Glitter In The Air” is as flawless and emotional as you would expect from her. Lea even took to Twitter last week to say that this was her “all time favorite song” so we have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty special performance.

Which song are you most excited to see performed this week?

Glee season 5, episode 20 airs Tuesday, May 13 at 8 p.m. eastern/pacific on Fox.

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